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October 2003: Journalist.


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Sep 08, 2016 Why Donald Trump and Pam Bondi Probably Won’t Face a Corruption Investigation: The Supreme Court’s McDonnell decision seems to have put a chill on prosecutors.

QUOTE: Why is a charity giving money to aid a pol with whom the foundation’s head has pending legal business?....Reading through the court’s language in McDonnell, the easier hurdle is “official acts.” The justices were not certain that McDonnell’s various phone calls and luncheons represented official acts...

May 28, 2014 Chilling Effect: How the attacks on a University of Virginia law professor are bad for academia, and all of us.

QUOTE: The effort to intimidate or—more charitably—“educate” professor Laycock is misdirected toward an academic career that has been protective of gay rights and gay marriage and only, in the two instances cited, collides with them through a larger vision of religious liberty. The groups who don’t like that anti-LGBT movements get intellectual cover from Laycock’s legal arguments are free to say so, loudly, passionately, and publicly. But using a FOIA request to try to get dirt on him, to imply that he is doing something unsavory with those groups, is simply a smear tactic...

Sep 26, 2013 Public Nuisance: What happens when calling 911 could cost you your home.

QUOTE: the Women’s Rights Project of the American Civil Liberties Union and Briggs’ lawyer sued the borough of Norristown on behalf of Briggs, arguing that its disorderly behavior ordinance—and hundreds of similar laws around the country—unconstitutionally punish protected First Amendment speech, fall most heavily of victims of domestic violence, and recast those victims as a public nuisance.

Nov 08, 2011 Which Way Privacy? The Supreme Court asks whether the government can put a GPS device on your car without a warrant.

QUOTE: The warrant expired after 10 days, but the police nevertheless used the GPS to monitor everywhere he drove, every 10 seconds, for 28 days....Jones tried to have his conviction set aside, arguing that warrantless GPS surveillance violated his Fourth Amendment right to be free of unreasonable government searches and seizures. The government replied that GPS tracking is no different from police observing activity in public spaces and roadways, which is not protected under the Constitution.

Dec 08, 2010 LAWA Land: The Supreme Court hears about Arizona's other controversial immigration law.

QUOTE: The Supreme Court busies itself today with that law's Mini-Me, the 2007 Legal Arizona Workers Act, which goes much further than federal immigration law in sanctioning state employers who hire illegal workers. Both today's case and the one the court will inevitably hear about SB 1070 test the same general proposition: Does federal immigration law pre-empt—or preclude—the states from passing their own, tougher immigration laws?

Oct 11, 2008 A Guantánamo Homecoming: It will be harder to tune them out when they are not just nameless men behind barbed wire.

QUOTE: When the Bush administration fenced off a dusty little patch of lawlessness in Cuba, the idea was that breaking the law abroad would somehow preclude us from breaking it at home. But last week revealed—yet again—that the worst of Guantánamo was always destined to spill over into the United States...The case of 17 Uighurs—Chinese Muslims from western China's Xinjiang region—is one of the blackest chapters of the story.

Apr 02, 2008 Yoo Talkin' to Me? Plausible deniability, and other reasons why warfare by midlevel legal memoranda is a really bad idea.

QUOTE: What's going to happen to John Yoo is pretty much what has happened to every other lawyer who ever offered a plausible-sounding legal opinion about how to break the laws in pursuing the war on terror. Nothing. He was just doing his job. The worst thing that will happen to Yoo may be that he has to teach the dreaded 8:30 a.m. Friday class at Berkeley next year. It's the lawyers who wrote the "no" memos who lost their jobs.

Jun 20, 2007 Gag Order: A Nebraska judge bans the word rape from his courtroom.

QUOTE: Last fall, [Nebraska district judge, Jeffre] Cheuvront granted a motion by defense attorneys barring the use of the words rape, sexual assault, victim, assailant, and sexual assault kit from the trial of Pamir Safi—accused of raping Tory Bowen in October 2004.

May 31, 2007 Raging Caging: What the heck is vote caging, and why should we care?

QUOTE: Vote caging is an illegal trick to suppress minority voters (who tend to vote Democrat) by getting them knocked off the voter rolls if they fail to answer registered mail sent to homes they aren't living at (because they are, say, at college or at war).

May 17, 2007 Nixon Rides Again: It's only illegal when the president agrees it's illegal.

QUOTE: The story isn't who picked on a sick guy or even who did or didn't break laws. The story is who gets to decide what's legal. And the president's now-familiar claim, a la Richard Nixon, is that it's never illegal when he does it.

May 01, 2007 The Right To Remain Silent: Silence is about the only right the Guantanamo prisoners have left.

QUOTE: It's not simply that the detainees have fewer and fewer rights. It's become almost impossible to determine what rights they do have, beyond the right to wait for some vestigial other right to be snatched away.

Feb 10, 2007 Sudden death: American support for the death penalty is diminishing—except on the Supreme Court

QUOTE: Our newfound national queasiness over the death penalty extends from the methods of execution to growing fears that we're executing the wrong guys.

Dec 01, 2006 Fa-la-la-la-lawsuit. Fa-la-la-la-lawsuit.

QUOTE: most Americans are woefully unaware of the legal liability they assume when they agree to host a holiday gathering.

Nov 29, 2006 Benchwarming: The Supreme Court melts down over greenhouse gasses.

QUOTE: In 1998, during Clinton's presidency, the Environmental Protection Agency determined that the CAA gave it the authority to regulate carbon dioxide. In 1999, environmentalist groups petitioned the agency to regulate CO2 emissions from new cars and trucks, because they contribute to global warming. But in 2003, now under the Bush administration, the EPA denied this request....Massachusetts and 11 other states, plus three cities and a host of environmental and health organizations, filed suit challenging this decision.

Sep 08, 2006 Liberty for Sale: Richard Posner takes a hard look at the cost of the administration's policies.

QUOTE: Judge Richard Posner is such a welcome voice in the national conversation about balancing freedom against security.

Sep 06, 2006 Checked and Imbalanced: The president tries for a do-over in his Gitmo speech.

QUOTE: Today's speech was largely a political event; a way of repackaging old demands and new admissions that would bolster Bush's positioning of himself as a bold wartime president, even while decorously conceding that the courts and Congress might be involved in this war as well.

Aug 12, 2006 Teen Terror: Are Teenagers Like Fundamentalist Terrorists?

QUOTE: The annual crop of Columbine wannabes flourished yet again this year. And where they may once have been charged with conspiracy or attempted assault, they are now charged as terrorists. Which probably rules out college.

Jun 04, 2006 The Online Laws of Love

QUOTE: is defending a lawsuit over "date bait" -- the creation of fake flirty e-mails to keep paying customers from canceling their accounts. And Yahoo Personals is defending a class-action suit accusing it of creating phony profiles to "generate interest, public trust and give the site a much more attractive and functional appearance."

Washington Post
Nov 04, 2005 The Dangling Conversation: The one-sided "debate" about judges.

QUOTE: The main attraction of the right wing's relentless attack on the judiciary is that its oversimplified theory of judicial restraint solves its oversimplified problem of unconstrained judges. You have to drill down a lot deeper to see that unconstrained judges are making mischief at either end of the political spectrum, and more urgently, that hogtying judges is not an end in itself.

Aug 05, 2005 Ivory Powers

QUOTE: A commonly cited reason for giving federal judges mandatory term limits is that they become too isolated and too "out of touch" to do their jobs well.


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