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August 2009: 'Several studies suggest that making it harder for sex offenders to find a home or a job makes them more likely to reoffend. Gwenda Willis and Randolph Grace of the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, for example, found that the lack of a place to live was ‚Äúsignificantly related to sexual recidivism‚ÄĚ. Candace Kruttschnitt and Christopher Uggen of the University of Minnesota and Kelly Shelton of the Minnesota Department of Corrections tracked 556 sex offenders on probation and found less recidivism among those with a history of stable employment.'


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Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) University of Minnesota Organization Aug 7, 2009
Cooperation (past or present) Colleague/Co-worker of (past or present) Candace Kruttschnitt Person Aug 7, 2009

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Aug 06, 2009 Unjust and ineffective: Sex laws

QUOTE: Many people assume that anyone listed on a sex-offender registry must be a rapist or a child molester. But most states spread the net much more widely