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Dr. Jill Levenson Ph.D., MSW

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May 2011: "Jill Levenson, an associate professor of psychology at Lynn University in Florida, who has written extensively about sex offender registries, has noted that Department of Justice figures suggest that only 13 percent of new sex crimes are committed by known sex offenders, and that such crimes are at least six times more likely to be committed by other types of offenders who do not appear on any sex offender registry."

August 2009: "Jill Levenson, of Lynn University in Florida, says half of registered sex offenders have trouble finding jobs. From 20% to 40% say they have had to move house because a landlord or neighbour realised they were sex offenders. And most report feeling depressed, hopeless or afraid."


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Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) Lynn University Organization Aug 7, 2009

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May 20, 2011 States Seeking New Registries for Criminals

QUOTE: Lawmakers around the country are pushing for online registries, like those used for sex offenders, to track the whereabouts of people convicted of a wide variety of crimes, from arson and drunken driving to methamphetamine manufacturing and animal abuse....Critics say that while the registries are attractive to politicians who want to appear tough on crime, they often do little more than spread fear and encourage vigilantism.

New York Times
Aug 06, 2009 Unjust and ineffective: Sex laws

QUOTE: Many people assume that anyone listed on a sex-offender registry must be a rapist or a child molester. But most states spread the net much more widely