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April 2010: Journalist.


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Employee/Contractor/Fellow/Freelancer (past or present) New York Times Source Jul 16, 2016
Employee/Contractor/Fellow/Freelancer (past or present) Washington Post Source May 6, 2005

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Jul 16, 2016 Philando Castile, Fatally Shot in His Car, Was a Magnet for Minor Traffic Stops

QUOTE: In a 13-year span, Philando Castile was pulled over by the police in the Minneapolis-St. Paul region at least 49 times, an average of about once every three months, often for minor infractions....The episode, to many, is a heartbreaking illustration of the disproportionate risks black motorists face with the police... growing national debate over racial bias in law enforcement.

New York Times
Jun 15, 2011 Lead Poisoning in China: The Hidden Scourge

QUOTE: thousands of workers, villagers and children in at least 9 of mainland China’s 31 province-level regions have been found to be suffering from toxic levels of lead exposure, mostly caused by pollution from battery factories and metal smelters. The cases underscore a pattern of government neglect seen in industry after industry as China strives for headlong growth with only embryonic safeguards.

New York Times
Apr 22, 2011 China Curbs Fancy Tombs That Irk Poor

QUOTE: Some local governments would like those who succeed not to lord it over others, at least when it comes to paying final respects... “Of course, if we cannot change the fact of the disparity between the rich and poor, the least we can do is lessen the impact of it on society and lessen the advertising of it.”

New York Times
Aug 11, 2010 Chinese Hospitals Are Battlegrounds of Discontent

QUOTE: SHENYANG, China — Forget the calls by many Chinese patients for more honest, better-qualified doctors. What this city’s 27 public hospitals really needed, officials decided last month, was police officers.

New York Times
Jun 09, 2010 Views of North Korea Show How a Policy Spread Misery

QUOTE: North Koreans are used to struggle and heartbreak. But the Nov. 30 currency devaluation, apparently an attempt to prop up a foundering state-run economy, was for some the worst disaster since a famine that killed hundreds of thousands in the mid-1990s.

New York Times
Apr 27, 2010 China Moves to Tighten Data Controls

QUOTE: China is on the verge of requiring telecommunications companies and Internet service providers to halt and report leaks of what the government deems to be state secrets, the latest in a series of moves intended to strengthen the government’s control over private communications.

New York Times
Jan 14, 2008 Europe Takes Africa’s Fish, and Migrants Follow

QUOTE: A vast flotilla of industrial trawlers from the European Union, China, Russia and elsewhere, together with an abundance of local boats, have so thoroughly scoured northwest Africa’s ocean floor that major fish populations are collapsing. That has crippled coastal economies and added to the surge of illegal migrants who brave the high seas in wooden pirogues hoping to reach Europe.

New York Times
Nov 15, 2007 African Crucible: Cast as Witches, Then Cast Out

QUOTE: In parts of Angola, Congo and the Congo Republic, a surprising number of children are accused of being witches, and then are beaten, abused or abandoned. Child advocates estimate that thousands of children living in the streets of Kinshasa, Congo’s capital, have been accused of witchcraft and cast out by their families, often as a rationale for not having to feed or care for them.

New York Times
Oct 14, 2007 As Angola Rebuilds, Most Find Their Poverty Persists

QUOTE: The government’s critics argue that progress would be quicker if public officials were not so busy enriching themselves. In 2003, the weekly newspaper Angolese Samanario published a list of the wealthiest people in Angola. Twelve of the top 20 were government officials; five were former government officials.

New York Times
May 28, 2002 Musharraf Pledges to Rein in Militants: New Vow On Kashmir Fails to Sway India

QUOTE: ...Pakistan's president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, tonight tried to stave off the threat of war with India, promising once again to keep Pakistani militants out of Indian-controlled Kashmir. India said he failed to keep a similar pledge four months ago...

Washington Post
Dec 29, 2001 Cleaning Up Russia's Culture of Corruption: Putin Targeting All Who 'Feed Off' Small Business

QUOTE: As part of his campaign to reform Russia's economy, President Vladimir Putin has declared that corrupt and overlapping bureaucracy is choking the growth of small businesses, which breathed life into other post-communist economies.

Washington Post