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May 2016: "The audit did note that former Secretary of State Colin Powell had also exclusively used a private email account, though it did not name any other prior secretaries who had done so. But the failings of Clinton were singled out in the audit as being more serious than her predecessor."

June 2008: "Europe this month rolled out new restrictions on makers of chemicals linked to cancer and other health problems....In 2002, then-Secretary of State Colin L. Powell directed the staffs of American Embassies in Europe to oppose the measure. He cited talking points developed in consultation with the American Chemistry Council, a manufacturers trade group."

June 2008: "Even so, al-Assaf was cited by name as one of four corroborating sources for the mobile weapons-lab assertion in the October 2002 National Intelligence Estimate. That report, which assessed Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, was delivered to Congress on the eve of the congressional vote authorizing an Iraq invasion. Secretary of State Colin Powell, in his February 2002 Security Council speech, also cited four human sources for his assertion that the mobile labs were capable of producing biological weapons. (The main source for the mobile weapons-lab claim, an Iraqi exile with the code name Curveball, was found to be a fraud who had never worked on any Iraqi weapons program. In addition, investigations by Congress and the intelligence community later disclosed that the DIA's notice on al-Assaf was lost, because it was not properly recorded in the computer systems of other intelligence agencies, including the CIA.)"

June 2007: Former secretary of state Colin L. Powell said yesterday that he would close down the U.S. military prison for enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, 'this afternoon' because it has become a major problem in 'the way the world perceives America.'

October 1999: At the Presidents' Summit for America's Future in 1997, Gen. Colin L. Powell whetted the imagination of many community leaders when he pledged to help children get what they needed to grow into healthy, productive adults. But the four-star general, credited by many for victory in the Persian Gulf war, is learning a lesson in humility. Critics say the charity that he serves as chairman, America's Promise -- the Alliance for Youth, has inflated its results, at one point saying it had reached millions more children than its goal, and has taken credit for corporate contributions and activities in which it had little involvement.


RoleNameTypeLast Updated
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) America's Promise - The Alliance For Youth Organization Oct 13, 2006
Director/Trustee/Overseer (past or present) Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) Organization Oct 13, 2006
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Joint Chiefs of Staff, The (JCS) Organization Jun 13, 2008
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) State Department/Department of State (DOS) Organization Feb 28, 2005
Supervisor of (past or present) Richard L. Armitage Person Nov 21, 2007
Subordinate of (past or present) President George Herbert Walker Bush Person Oct 13, 2006
Succeeded by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton Person Jun 1, 2016
Family Member Michael K. Powell Person Feb 5, 2006

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May 25, 2016 State Department email audit faults Hillary Clinton

QUOTE: Hillary Clinton and her team ignored clear guidance from the State Department that her email setup broke federal standards and could leave sensitive material vulnerable to hackers, an independent audit has found. Her aides twice brushed aside concerns, in one case telling technical staff “the matter was not to be discussed further.”

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
Jun 18, 2011 Is Omar Hassan al-Bashir Up to Genocide Again?

QUOTE: As is the case in most violent conflicts across the globe, civilians (men, women, children babies, elderly) suffer most grievously. This is particularly true in Sudan because of Bashir’s propensity for targeting an entire population of a region and not just those engaged in fighting his troops.

New York Times
Aug 06, 2009 Tomgram: John Feffer, Their Martyrs and Our Heroes

QUOTE: Given the plethora of suicide missions in the Western tradition, it should be difficult to argue that the tactic is unique to Islam or to fundamentalists.

Jul 10, 2009 U.S. Inaction Seen After Taliban P.O.W.’s Died

QUOTE: After a mass killing... of Taliban prisoners of war by the forces of an American-backed warlord during the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, Bush administration officials repeatedly discouraged efforts to investigate the episode...

New York Times
Nov 01, 2008 Nuclear Deterrence in the Age of Nuclear Terrorism An attack on one of the great cities of the world is almost inevitable. But with better detection technologies, a new international alliance could st

QUOTE: Given current policies and practices, a nuclear terrorist attack that devastates one of the great cities of the world is inevitable. In my judgment, if governments do no more and no less than they are doing today, the odds of such an event within a decade are more than 50 percent.

Technology Review
Jun 12, 2008 Chemical Law Has Global Impact: E.U.'s New Rules Forcing Changes By U.S. Firms

QUOTE: Europe this month rolled out new restrictions on makers of chemicals linked to cancer and other health problems, changes that are forcing U.S. industries to find new ways to produce a wide range of everyday products.

Washington Post
Jun 11, 2008 Spies, Lies and the White House: Buried in a Senate report, new revelations about pre-war deception

QUOTE: A previously undisclosed CIA report written in the summer of 2002 questioned the "credibility" and "truthfulness" of an Al Qaeda detainee who became a key source for the Bush administration's claims about links between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.

Jun 11, 2007 Powell Calls for Closure of Military Prison at Guantanamo

QUOTE: Former secretary of state Colin L. Powell said yesterday that he would close down the U.S. military prison for enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, "this afternoon" because it has become a major problem in "the way the world perceives America." ....

Washington Post
May 26, 2007 Largess To Clintons Lands CEO In Lawsuit: Case Is a Window On Couple's Ties

QUOTE: Gupta's generosity toward the Clintons has proved so controversial within his firm -- a major provider of database-processing services -- that it prompted a shareholder lawsuit complaining that hiring the former president was a "waste of corporate assets."

Washington Post
Apr 30, 2007 Why genocide is difficult to prosecute: Protesters in 35 nations and more than 280 US cities rallied Sunday for protecting those being killed in the Darfur war.

QUOTE: The word genocide raises deep legal and moral conundrums in a globalizing world, experts say: The term has gained popular usage in a media age to describe mass atrocities, as in Darfur, Rwanda, Bosnia. Yet prosecutors and world courts are ever more cautious about leveling the charge, even when it may apply – since it raises a requirement to intervene.

Christian Science Monitor
Mar 13, 2007 Don't Ask: The increasing incoherence of the military's gay exclusion policy.

QUOTE: For years, the Pentagon has defended its ban on gays and lesbians by repeating the mantra that "homosexuality is incompatible with military service." But as evidence has mounted that gays serve openly in dozens of countries including the United States without harming unit cohesion, the military has grown increasingly incoherent in defending the "don't ask, don't tell" gay exclusion.

Sep 09, 2006 Report Details Errors Before War

QUOTE: the report fueled political accusations yesterday that the Bush administration lied to justify invading Iraq, but the documents' nearly 400 pages contain several examples of how bad information wound up accepted as truthful in intelligence assessments at the time.

Washington Post
Aug 20, 2006 An Army of Some

QUOTE: Iraqi soldiers are underpaid, underequipped and frequently AWOL. And then there's the problem of serving a government that hardly exists in a country that's tearing itself apart.

New York Times
May 25, 2006 New Stamp To Honor WWII Envoy: Bingham Defied Policy To Help Jews Escape

QUOTE: ...Hiram Bingham IV, a blue-blood American diplomat in France, defied U.S. policy by helping Jews escape the Nazis in the early years of World War II. Bingham's actions cost him his Foreign Service career but won him the undying gratitude of the more than 2,000 refugees he helped save by issuing them travel visas and false passports...

Washington Post
May 08, 2006 Bush's Appointees Not As Diverse as Clinton's

QUOTE: President Bush's crop of political appointees includes fewer women and minorities than did President Bill Clinton's at comparable points in their presidencies...Women made up about 37 percent of the 2,786 political appointees in the Bush administration in 2005, compared with about 47 percent in the Clinton administration in 1997...

Washington Post
Jan 09, 2006 The Bush Bombshell: Did the president propose to take out Al Jazeera?

QUOTE: Bush mooted the idea of taking out the headquarters of Al Jazeera in Doha, Qatar....puts Blair in a good light, in that he dissuaded the president from any such course of action and was assisted in this by Colin Powell, who was then secretary of state.

Nov 12, 2005 Asterisks Dot White House's Iraq Argument

QUOTE: President Bush and his national security adviser have answered critics of the Iraq war in recent days with a two-pronged argument: that Congress saw the same intelligence the administration did before the war, and that independent commissions have determined that the administration did not misrepresent the intelligence. Neither assertion is wholly accurate.

Washington Post
Oct 06, 2005 Senate Supports Interrogation Limits: 90-9 Vote on the Treatment of Detainees Is a Bipartisan Rebuff of the White House

QUOTE: Forty-six Republicans joined 43 Democrats and one independent in voting to define and limit interrogation techniques that U.S. troops may use against terrorism suspects, the latest sign that alarm over treatment of prisoners in the Middle East and at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is widespread in both parties.

Washington Post
Aug 13, 2005 Race for Ownership Of Nationals Isn't Open to Everyone: Approved Team Buyers Likely To Have League Connections

QUOTE: ...the auction of the Washington Nationals by its owners -- Major League Baseball's 29 other teams -- could result in an equally surprising outcome. Money, of course, will play a huge part in the decision... But... Teams get sold to the people the commissioner likes.

Washington Post
Jul 24, 2005 U.S. Diplomat Visits Darfur. Take Three

QUOTE: It's true that sometimes even superficial events can have an impact...But the sameness of these events underscores how they are designed mainly for the pictures and images. Policy implementation is another matter.

Washington Post

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