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Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) New York Times Source Aug 20, 2006

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Oct 05, 2013 No way to run a country: The Land of the Free is starting to look ungovernable. Enough is enough

QUOTE: ...Republicans are setting a precedent which, if followed, would make America ungovernable. Voters have seen fit to give their party control of one arm of government—the House of Representatives—while handing the Democrats the White House and the Senate. If a party with such a modest electoral mandate threatens to shut down government unless the other side repeals a law it does not like, apparently settled legislation will always be vulnerable to repeal by the minority. Washington will be permanently paralysed and America condemned to chronic uncertainty.

Mar 10, 2011 Bank Customers Win One (Soon)

QUOTE: In practice, however, banks that receive garnishment orders routinely freeze a customer’s account up to the amount of the debt, even if the account contains protected funds. Unfreezing an account often requires a lawyer and invariably involves delays, which can be devastating for low-income beneficiaries.

New York Times
Mar 10, 2011 It’s Not Over in Wisconsin

QUOTE: Stripping the unions of their rights was never about the budget, especially once the unions had agreed to significant concessions on pensions and health care. It was always about politics.

New York Times
Feb 19, 2011 The Unemployed Need Not Apply

QUOTE: The message — “the unemployed need not apply” — has at times been explicitly stated in job announcements. In other cases, unemployed job seekers have reported verbal rejections after a recruiter or employer learned they were not currently working.

New York Times
Sep 20, 2010 In an Ugly Human-Trafficking Case, Hawaii Forgets Itself

QUOTE: According to a federal indictment, the workers’ passports were taken away. They were set up in cramped, substandard housing — some lived in a shipping container... In an astounding display of amnesia and misplaced sympathy, Hawaii rallied around the defendants.

New York Times
Apr 02, 2010 About That Webcam

QUOTE: A Pennsylvania town has been roiled by a local high school using cameras in school-issued laptops to spy on students. Almost as shocking is the fact that the federal wiretap law that should prohibit this kind of surveillance does not cover spying done through photography and video in private settings.

New York Times
Jun 08, 2009 Alternative Testing on the Rise: Va. Expands Costly 'Portfolio' Tests to More Categories of Challenged Students

QUOTE: The federal government approved Virginia's reading portfolio for beginning English learners in 2007 after protests by local school boards that the regular grade-level test was unfair. The 2002 federal law requires public schools to test students in reading and math in grades three through eight and once in high school. Schools that fail to reach target pass rates for all groups of students, including those with disabilities and English learners, face possible sanctions.

Washington Post
Mar 21, 2008 Socialized Compensation

QUOTE: The ongoing bailout of the financial system by the Federal Reserve underscores the extent to which financial barons socialize the costs of private bets gone bad...Compared to the cold shoulder given to struggling homeowners, the cash and attention lavished by the government on the nation’s financial titans provides telling insight into the priorities of the Bush administration.

New York Times
Mar 18, 2008 The Court Considers Gun Control

QUOTE: The appeals court made two mistakes. First, it inflated the Second Amendment into a sweeping right to own guns, virtually without restriction or regulation. Defenders of gun rights argue that if the Supreme Court sticks with the interpretation of the Second Amendment that it sketched out in 1939, it will be eviscerating the right to own a gun, but that is not so. Americans have significant rights to own and carry guns, but the scope of those rights is set by federal, state and local laws.

New York Times
Mar 05, 2008 A Clean, Fair Fight

QUOTE: The Senate is considering two bills, one to outlaw so-called vote caging and another to rein in duplicitous robo-calls. Congress should pass both bills well before Election Day.

New York Times
Mar 02, 2008 Editorial: A Verdict for Workers, for a Change

QUOTE: The decision is noteworthy because it suggests that this court could be pulling back from what has often seemed like a knee-jerk inclination to rule for corporations over workers and consumers.

New York Times
Feb 20, 2008 Not the Price of Doing Business

QUOTE: ...a former Democratic state senator...asked the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission for permission to pay his legal bills from his campaign coffers. The request is unacceptable on its face. When people contribute to a candidate...[it] is unlikely that they are expecting their dollars to help their preferred candidate fend off federal corruption charges.

New York Times
Feb 08, 2008 ‘An Intolerable Fraud’

QUOTE: These and other charities have collected hundreds of millions of dollars from kind-hearted Americans and squandered an unconscionable amount of it on overhead and expenses — 70 percent or 80 percent, or more...It’s all legal. There is very little regulation in the charity game...

New York Times
Jan 28, 2008 Vetoing History’s Responsibility

QUOTE: President Bush’s threat to veto a bill intended to improve health care for the nation’s American Indians is both cruel and grossly unfair.

New York Times
Aug 28, 2007 Off the Books

QUOTE: Early reports suggest that George W. Bush plans to raise roughly $500 million for his presidential library, which will likely be based at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and possibly include a public-policy institute. According to The New York Daily News, "Bush loyalists have already identified wealthy heiresses, Arab nations, and captains of industry as mega' donors." It's a strange wrinkle in the law: The president can raise half a billion dollars--even while he's still in office--without any obligation to disclose any of it.

New Republic, The (TNR)
Jul 03, 2007 Soft on Crime

QUOTE: Judging from [President Bush's] decision yesterday to commute the 30-month sentence of I. Lewis Libby Jr. — who was charged with perjury and convicted — untarnished ideals are less of a priority than protecting the secrets of his inner circle and mollifying the tiny slice of right-wing Americans left in his political base.

New York Times
Jul 01, 2007 Judging Pay: A Senate bill addresses the 'constitutional crisis' of an underpaid federal judiciary.

QUOTE: JOHN G. ROBERTS JR. wants a raise. In a report issued on New Year's Day, the chief justice of the Supreme Court argued long and hard that federal judges should earn more money. Underpaying jurists, he said, is threatening the independence of the judiciary and creating a "constitutional crisis."

Washington Post
Jun 30, 2007 Questions About a Governor’s Fall

QUOTE: It is extremely disturbing that Don Siegelman, the former governor of Alabama, was hauled off to jail this week. There is reason to believe his prosecution may have been a political hit, intended to take out the state’s most prominent Democrat, a serious charge that has not been adequately investigated.

New York Times
Jun 24, 2007 The Fat of the Land: Whom to help -- wealthy cotton growers, or just about everyone else in the world?

QUOTE: A PROPOSAL making its way to the House floor would hurt everyone from the average American taxpayer to the struggling African farmer. It would enrich a small number of big businesses in a few dozen congressional districts.

Washington Post
Jun 20, 2007 Editorial: Well, We Found 140,000

QUOTE: The post-Watergate law requiring the preservation of presidential records has proved to be no match for the Bush White House’s stealthy use of back-channel e-mails via the Republican National Committee’s computer system. .... Claims by the White House and the R.N.C. that they’re trying their best to comply are increasingly hard to believe, and we strongly urge Congress to continue the search.

New York Times

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