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Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) New York Times Source Jan 18, 2011

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Jan 18, 2011 Former Haitian Dictator to Face Charges

QUOTE: The charges filed on Tuesday seemed to be a modest list for a man who is widely blamed for one of the darkest chapters in the country’s history — and whose government has been accused of kidnapping, torturing and murdering thousands of political opponents. But the case against Mr. Duvalier represents a bold step by a country with a long history of impunity, and one where leaders have rarely faced prosecution.

New York Times
Aug 03, 2010 After Haiti Quake, the Chaos of U.S. Adoptions

QUOTE: Leading the way was the Obama administration, which responded to the crisis, and to the pleas of prospective adoptive parents and the lawmakers assisting them, by lifting visa requirements for children in the process of being adopted by Americans.

New York Times
Aug 18, 2009 Mexico Drug Fight Fuels Complaints

QUOTE: Mexico’s fight against drug traffickers generated a sixfold increase in human rights complaints against the Mexican military between 2006 and 2008, and it is unclear that any of those complaints resulted in prosecutions, according to a State Department report on the effort.

New York Times
Aug 09, 2009 Obama Arrives in Mexico for Start of Summit

QUOTE: Too many Mexicans, the Canadian government complained, are fraudulently claiming political asylum in Canada, overwhelming the system. So Canada announced last month that it would begin requiring Mexican citizens to secure visas before entering the country, a decision that elicited outrage in Mexico. The Mexicans struck back with an announcement that Canadian diplomats and government officials would now require visas to enter Mexico.

New York Times
Apr 22, 2009 After Losing Freedom, Some Immigrants Face Loss of Custody of Their Children

QUOTE: crackdowns against illegal immigrants thrust local courts into transnational custody battles and leave thousands of children in limbo.

New York Times
Nov 21, 2005 Mildewed Police Files May Hold Clues to Atrocities in Guatemala

QUOTE: ...human rights investigators are calling it a treasure hidden in plain sight. In Guatemala, a nation still groping for the whole truth about decades of state-sponsored kidnapping and killing, the documents promise a trove of new evidence for the victims, and perhaps the last best hope for some degree of justice.

New York Times
Sep 26, 2005 In Mexico's Murders, Fury Is Aimed at Officials

QUOTE: Víctor Javier García still has a dozen marks ... from the burning cigarettes the police used to torture him into falsely confessing to being a serial killer.

New York Times
Sep 26, 2004 TATTOOED WARRIORS: The Next Generation; Shuttling Between Nations, Latino Gangs Confound the Law

QUOTE:...many human rights advocates and community leaders worry that the aggressive measures governments are taking against gangs have not solved the problem as much as they have spread it.

New York Times
May 10, 2003 In Grip of AIDS, South African Cries for Equity

QUOTE: With a death toll of at least 600 people a day, the struggle by AIDS patients' for recognition and public medical care is widely held to be as pivotal to the future of this new democracy as the fight against apartheid was under the white-minority government that fell out of power nearly a decade ago.

New York Times
Apr 15, 2003 Mugabe's Recruits Flee Brutal Zimbabwean Past

QUOTE: Human rights groups and Western diplomats accuse President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe of turning the [National Youth Service] recruits into violent thugs and unleashing them on political opponents.

New York Times
Mar 22, 2003 South African Commission Ends Its Work

QUOTE: Marking the formal end of its work, South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission warned the government today against issuing a blanket amnesty to perpetrators of the crimes of apartheid, and urged businesses to join with the government in delivering reparations to the millions of blacks...

New York Times
May 11, 2001 Pachuca Journal: New Model for the Mentally Ill

QUOTE: mental health advocates call a "revolution in care," were made after reports about filthy and unsafe conditions in Mexican hospitals were exposed by a human rights group...

New York Times