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Self Description

June 2014: "Founded in France in 1887, the International Herald Tribune has been,for 125 years, the newspaper of choice for the international community. It has now been rechristened the International New York Times. In this digital age, we believe that the International Herald Tribune can have a new role as an aggregator of some of the world’s most compelling journalism. As a digitally native news media, we are filtering, translating and republishing some of the most interesting and surprising ideas that are driving debates all over the world and that readers would have difficulty finding otherwise. Opinion writing, video, photography, social media ; all these forms of telling stories are to be showcased as part of this global conversation.

Given our French heritage and Paris location, we will be dedicating a space to highlight both the best articles emanating from the French media and looking at how the international media writes about France..."

May 2006: "The International Herald Tribune ( is the premier international newspaper for opinion leaders and decision-makers around the globe. It combines the extensive resources of its own correspondents with those of The New York Times and is printed at 29 sites throughout the world, for sale in more than 180 countries. Based in Paris since 1887, the IHT is part of The New York Times Company."

Third-Party Descriptions

June 2014: "In late 2002, the Times Co. completed a deal to buy out The Post Co.’s 50 percent share of the Paris-based International Herald Tribune. The Times renamed it to the International New York Times last year."


RoleNameTypeLast Updated
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) International Herald Tribune (IHT) Source
Owned by (partial or full, past or present) New York Times Company Organization May 16, 2006
Formerly Owned by (partial or full) Washington Post Company Organization Jun 26, 2014
Employee/Contractor/Fellow/Freelancer (past or present) Thomas Fuller Person
Employee/Contractor/Fellow/Freelancer (past or present) Amelia Gentleman Person Apr 22, 2006

Articles and Resources

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Mar 11, 2012 Cry, the Beloved Constitution (Op-Ed)

QUOTE: Both liberals and conservatives have the American Constitution in the cross hairs. They assault the Constitution in their different ways, each with damaging effects on our nation. Conservatives attack the courts on one hand and seek to have them advance their activist agenda on the other. Liberals, when it suits them, embrace rights that have not been enumerated in the Constitution and cry for restraint only when their pet bills come under fire. The result is a national jurisprudence whetted by political appetite, with our democratic values as the victims.

International Herald Tribune (IHT)
Feb 21, 2011 Women Still Face Barriers in Hong Kong

QUOTE: Fewer women stay in the work force long enough to attain top-earning positions. Many who do stay say that social pressures, and their employers, make it tough for them to advance... Yet social attitudes remain traditional, casting women squarely in the role of homemaker and mother — even when they are also breadwinners.

New York Times
Jul 09, 2009 European Publishers Call on E.U. to Protect Copyright

QUOTE: Leading European newspaper and magazine publishers on Thursday called on the European Commission to strengthen copyright protection... The publishers said widespread use of their work by online news aggregators and other Web sites was undermining their efforts to develop an online business models...

New York Times
Jul 01, 2008 Bloggers take aim at Google

QUOTE: Was Google's network of online services manipulated to silence critics of Barack Obama? That was the question buzzing on a corner of the blogosphere over the past few days, after several anti-Obama bloggers were unable to update their sites, which are hosted on Google's Blogger service.

International Herald Tribune (IHT)
Nov 30, 2006 In Croatia, another wary struggle with Holocaust: Museum attempts to confront toll of Jasenovac camp

QUOTE: As histories of the Holocaust go, that of the concentration camp at Jasenovac probably ranks among the most the 61 years since the camp was closed, successive governments have written and rewritten history. Communist and nationalist rulers, Serbs and Croats, each pursuing their own ideological goals, have apportioned blame differently and alternately exaggerated or downplayed the number of those killed.

Boston Globe
May 12, 2006 AIDS Groups in India Sue to Halt Patent for U.S. Drug

QUOTE: Two patients-rights groups asked Indian authorities to stop Gilead Sciences, a California biopharmaceutical company, from patenting the antiretroviral drug Viread...cheaper versions will become illegal, and the drug will become too costlyfor patients here and in other developing countries...

New York Times
Mar 30, 2006 Doctor in India Jailed for Telling Sex of a Fetus

QUOTE: An Indian law passed in 1994 bars doctors from using ultrasound tests on pregnant women to determine the sex of the fetus...

New York Times
Jun 25, 2003 Abercrombie & Fitch Settles Investigation

QUOTE: Abercrombie & Fitch, the trendy retailer for the college set, has agreed to pay $2.2 million...California accused it of illegally requiring employees to buy and wear its clothes.

New York Times
Jun 23, 2003 Studies of Dietary Supplements Come Under Growing Scrutiny

QUOTE: ...a California judge handed down a $12.5 million false-advertising judgment against the maker of an ephedra-based weight-loss pill..."The statements of 9 percent decrease in weight are false and misleading and were known or should have been known by defendant to be so,"

New York Times
Jun 17, 2003 Medical Concern Will Halt Sales of Artery Device Linked to Deaths

QUOTE: Guidant of the country's largest makes of medical devices...pleaded guilty to 10 felonies and admitted it had concealed thousands of problems linked to the product, including 12 deaths.

New York Times
Jun 06, 2003 For frequent fliers, more miles and fewer seats

QUOTE: 'They just start to collect [frequent flier] miles," he said. "It's only when they try to redeem them that they realize there are problems.'

International Herald Tribune (IHT)
May 16, 2003 Microsoft defends use of special fund

QUOTE: The head of Microsoft Corp.'s European operations said Thursday that countries throughout Europe were the target of a special fund designed to capture deals with governments and large institutions.

International Herald Tribune (IHT)
May 14, 2003 How Microsoft Warded Off Rival

ABSTRACT: Microsoft's strategy to dissuade governments across the globe from choosing cheaper alternatives to the Windows computer software systems and thwarting competition exposed.

New York Times