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John Lennon

Self Description

October 2007: "...While in the Beatles, Lennon displayed an outspokenness that immersed the band in controversy and helped redefine the rules of acceptable behavior for rock stars. He famously remarked in 1965 that the Beatles were "more popular than Jesus" - a statement that was more an observation than a boast, but that resulted in the band's records being burned and removed from radio station playlists in the U.S. He criticized America's involvement in Vietnam, and, as the Sixties progressed, he became an increasingly important symbol of the burgeoning counterculture.

But it was only after the breakup of the Beatles in 1970 that the figure the world now recognizes as "John Lennon" truly came into being. Whether he was engaging in social activism; giving long, passionate interviews that, once again, broadened the nature of public discourse for artists; defining a new life as a self-described "househusband;" or writing and recording songs, Lennon came to view his life as a work of art in which every act shimmered with potential meaning for the world at large. "

Third-Party Descriptions

May 2016: 'The Beatles songsters play next to the “Imagine” mosaic memorial and greet tourists with a repeating loop of classics such as “In My Life,” “Strawberry Fields Forever” and, especially, “Imagine,” which Mr. Lennon wrote to invoke world peace and the musicians play to evoke monetary appreciation for their efforts.'

December 2012: 'A 1971 note from John Lennon to New York Times reporter Craig McGregor addresses this point. McGregor had written a piece called “The Beatles Betrayal,” accusing the group of “ripping off” black artists. Lennon responded:'


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Articles and Resources

Date Resource Read it at:
May 31, 2016 At Strawberry Fields, Feuding Musicians Give Peace a ChanceAt Strawberry Fields, Feuding Musicians Give Peace a Chance

QUOTE: for the past few years peace itself was elusive among the musicians. The idyllic mood had been marred by altercations, vitriolic screaming and performers dueling to sing over one another....Recently, however, something surprising has happened in Strawberry Fields. The musicians have found themselves in an unfamiliar state of near-civility...In essence, the musicians realized that their bad behavior was not only tarnishing their image, but, perhaps more important, threatening their livelihood.

New York Times
Dec 28, 2012 Creativity Springs From Careful Copying (Part 2)

QUOTE: Record companies, book publishers, movie studios and other media corporations are caught up in efforts to equate all copying of their works with theft. In fact, if we genuinely want to promote creativity, we must encourage copying. The idea that people copy because they lack creativity is powerfully harmful, and it runs counter to the history of copyright.

Bloomberg News