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Self Description

May 2007: "The Department of Labor fosters and promotes the welfare of the job seekers, wage earners, and retirees of the United States by improving their working conditions, advancing their opportunities for profitable employment, protecting their retirement and health care benefits, helping employers find workers, strengthening free collective bargaining, and tracking changes in employment, prices, and other national economic measurements. In carrying out this mission, the Department administers a variety of Federal labor laws including those that guarantee workers’ rights to safe and healthful working conditions; a minimum hourly wage and overtime pay; freedom from employment discrimination; unemployment insurance; and other income support."

Third-Party Descriptions

June 2016: "Trump’s companies have also been cited for 24 violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act since 2005 for failing to pay overtime or minimum wage, according to U.S. Department of Labor data. That includes 21 citations against the defunct Trump Plaza in Atlantic City and three against the also out-of-business Trump Mortgage LLC in New York. Both cases were resolved by the companies agreeing to pay back wages."

May 2016: "Under the new regulation to be issued by the Labor Department on Wednesday, most salaried workers earning up to $47,476 a year must receive time-and-a-half overtime pay when they work more than 40 hours during a week. The previous cutoff for overtime pay, set in 2004, was $23,660."

August 2011: "At a minimum, the government should preclude the use of the J-1 program as a way to obtain workers at below-market rates. If the program continues, it should be reformed to explicitly incorporate worker protections, including the right to organize, and should be supervised by the Department of Labor."

June 2011: "At long last, the Labor Department, which oversees 401(k) plans, is forcing everyone involved to confront the hard numbers. Starting next year, it is making investment companies itemize all of the various expenses employers are paying and make the underlying mutual fund costs distinct from administrative ones."

May 2011: 'The practice occurs despite a directive from the Department of Labor stating that deducting “overdraft, overdraft fee, or denial fee” from future unemployment payments is “inconsistent” with federal law.'

June 2010: 'The upshot of the Labor Department policy, she said, is that “if you act like a parent, do the work of a parent and raise a child like a parent, then you are a parent for the purpose of the Family and Medical Leave Act.”'

April 2010: "The battle over FedEx truckers is part of a broader union campaign against the practice of misclassifying workers so that they're not eligible for benefits or able to unionize. Some unions are petitioning the Labor Department to crack down on employers who label permanent full-timers as temporary workers. Because of the 1996 loophole, however, the FedEx war must be fought in Congress."

April 2010: "Despite the large role that Talx and other agents play in a program that spent $120 billion last year, the federal Department of Labor has done little to measure their impact."

July 2008: "The Government Accountability Office sharply criticizes the Wage and Hour Division of the Labor Department in two reports to be issued on Tuesday, saying it mishandled many overtime and minimum-wage complaints and delayed investigating hundreds of cases for a year or more."

October 2007: The Department of Labor, which includes MSHA, has not allowed the news media access to its investigation into the August 6 cave-in of the mine in central Utah. Six miners were trapped and are presumed dead.

September 2007: The Department of Labor has reported that 53 percent of the 2.5 million farm workers in the United States are illegal immigrants, though growers and labor unions say as much as 70 percent of younger field hands are illegal.

May 2007: ...Labor Department officials who oversee the [radiation compensation--Ed.] program say it has been successful, pointing to the large sums distributed: about $2.6 billion in payments in five years, far more than some early estimates. Missing or unreliable records and the murkiness of cancer science, the officials say, make it difficult to satisfy all the claimants.

March 2007: She is challenging Labor Department regulations that say home care attendants, who number 1.4 million, are not covered by federal minimum-wage and overtime laws.


RoleNameTypeLast Updated
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) Organization May 16, 2005
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Organization May 16, 2005
Advised by (past or present) National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health (NACOSH) Organization Jan 26, 2012
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Organization May 16, 2005
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) Office of Workers' Compensation Programs (OWCP) Organization May 14, 2007
Owned by (partial or full, past or present) US Federal Government - Executive Branch Organization May 2, 2004
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Elaine L. Chao Person Nov 7, 2005
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Gail Coleman Person Sep 7, 2004
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Senator Elizabeth Dole Esq., MA Person Feb 24, 2006
Organization Executive (past or present) Cari M. Dominguez Person Jul 17, 2004
Organization Executive (past or present) Edwin G. Foulke Jr., Esq. Person Apr 27, 2007
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) John Fraser Person Sep 7, 2004
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Maggie Gallagher Person Sep 7, 2004
Organization Executive (past or present) Shelby Hallmark Person May 14, 2007
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Alexis M. Herman Person Jul 15, 2006
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Ann McLaughlin Korologos Person Sep 27, 2004
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Lynn Martin Person Jun 25, 2009
Organization Executive (past or present) Robert Monks Person
Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) Howard F. Rosen M.A. Person Jul 28, 2007
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) George P. Schultz Ph.D. Person Dec 2, 2008
Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) Walter Shapiro Person Jun 5, 2007
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) George Pratt Shultz Person Jan 9, 2006
Organization Executive (past or present) David M. Walker CPA Person Feb 18, 2007

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Jun 09, 2016 Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills (USA TODAY exclusive)

QUOTE: Donald Trump often portrays himself as a savior of the working class who will "protect your job." But a USA TODAY NETWORK analysis found he has been involved in more than 3,500 lawsuits over the past three decades — and a large number of those involve ordinary Americans, like the Friels, who say Trump or his companies have refused to pay them. At least 60 lawsuits, along with hundreds of liens, judgments, and other government filings reviewed by the USA TODAY NETWORK, document people who have accused Trump and his businesses of failing to pay them for their work.

May 17, 2016 White House Increases Overtime Eligibility by Millions

QUOTE: “For the past 40 years, overtime protections have been increasingly weakened,” Mr. Biden added, noting that more than 60 percent of salaried workers qualified for overtime in 1975 based on their salaries, but only 7 percent do today.

New York Times
Oct 06, 2011 Fired IT workers fight back against H-1B visa abuse: Hindi-only meetings and mass firings of experienced U.S. workers for cheaper foreign labor just as tech job demands grow

QUOTE: Skilled IT workers in the United States are fired and replaced with low-paid overseas employees and holders of H-1B visas....the story of Molina is a bit different than the usual outsourcing horror stories we hear all too often. Workers at Molina are fighting back with a lawsuit...

Aug 24, 2011 America’s Sweatshop Diplomacy (Op-Ed)

QUOTE: the J-1 visa Summer Work Study program, which allows foreign students to work in the United States for a few months, is meant to promote “lasting and meaningful relationships” between the students and Americans....Hershey’s business strategy is a microcosm of the downsizing and subcontracting that so many American companies have pursued during the past few decades in search of ever cheaper labor.

New York Times
Jun 10, 2011 Revealing Hidden Costs of Your 401(k) (Your Money)

QUOTE: the costs are embedded in the expenses of many of the mutual funds you pick. In a practice known as revenue sharing, fund companies refund some of the expenses to the service provider running your plan to pay for its administrative costs....people with higher balances and higher expense ratios on their investments end up subsidizing their fellow workers.

New York Times
May 11, 2011 Prepaid Cards Subject Jobless to Host of Fees

QUOTE: A report out this week from the National Consumer Law Center lays out a host of ways in which banks nibble away at jobless benefits with fees the center called “junk.”

New York Times
Apr 02, 2011 Unpaid Interns, Complicit Colleges

QUOTE: Instead of steering students toward the best opportunities and encouraging them to value their work, many institutions of higher learning are complicit in helping companies skirt a nebulous area of labor law... Unpaid interns also lack protection from laws prohibiting racial discrimination and sexual harassment.

New York Times
Mar 15, 2011 Hidden workforce challenges domestic economic recovery

QUOTE: These workers are not counted in the Labor Department’s monthly unemployment rate, yet they say they are willing to work. Since the recession began, their numbers have grown by 30 percent, to more than 6.4 million, amounting to a hidden labor force that could stymie the turnaround... Workers are counted as unemployed only if they are actively job-hunting. Otherwise, they are considered outside of the labor force altogether.

Washington Post
Jun 21, 2010 Gay Workers Will Get Time to Care for Partner’s Sick Child

QUOTE: President Obama will soon expand the rights of gay workers by allowing them to take family and medical leave to care for sick or newborn children of same-sex partners...

New York Times
Apr 28, 2010 The fight over FedEx and the right to organize

QUOTE: In 1996, as the Senate considered reauthorization for the Federal Aviation Administration, a few words were slipped in allowing FedEx alone to be classed as an express carrier under the jurisdiction of the RLA. This gave FedEx a cost advantage over unionized rivals UPS and DHL and, for that matter, any start-up that might come along. It has also enabled FedEx not only to keep its drivers from unionizing...

Washington Post
Apr 03, 2010 Critics Say Firm Weakens Safety Net as It Fights Jobless Claims

QUOTE: Talx Corporation, has come to dominate a thriving industry: helping employers process — and fight — unemployment claims....critics say the company has undermined a crucial safety net. Officials in a number of states have called Talx a chronic source of error and delay. Advocates for the unemployed say the company seeks to keep jobless workers from collecting benefits.

New York Times
Nov 08, 2009 Swine flu: Without paid sick leave, workers won't stay home: Many workers choose to work if they don't have paid sick leave. Now, partly because of swine flu, 15 states are considering laws to make paid sick leave mandatory.

QUOTE: Nearly half of all American workers do not have paid sick leave, and half of these are more likely to go to work feeling unwell – or send an ill child to school – rather than take an unpaid day off.

Christian Science Monitor
Oct 19, 2009 Which Side Is Government On? Millions of contract workers whose salaries are ultimately paid by government live in poverty. Uncle Sam should demand high standards, not pay as little as possible.

QUOTE: In 2007 the Labor Department found in 80 percent of its SCA [Service Contract Act]investigations that employers [contracted by the federal government] underpaid wages or benefits or both. And wages are so low in many service jobs, especially where few workers belong to unions, that prevailing wages are often only sub-poverty wages.

American Prospect
Oct 01, 2009 America's High-Tech Sweatshops: U.S. companies may be contributing unwittingly to the exploitation of workers imported from India and elsewhere by tech-services outfits

QUOTE: While many [tech-service] outfits operate legally and provide high-quality talent, there is growing evidence that others violate U.S. laws and mistreat their recruits.

Aug 16, 2009 Bad economy sparks more complaints of wage theft

QUOTE: Complaints of wage theft have risen as the economy tumbled. Allegations range from underpayment to not getting paid at all.

Mar 24, 2009 Labor Agency Is Failing Workers, Report Says

QUOTE: The federal agency [the Labor Department’s Wage and Hour Division] charged with enforcing minimum wage, overtime and many other labor laws is failing in that role, leaving millions of workers vulnerable, Congressional auditors have found.

New York Times
Jul 15, 2008 Department Is Criticized on Disputes Over Wages

QUOTE: The Government Accountability Office sharply criticizes the Wage and Hour Division of the Labor Department in two reports to be issued on Tuesday, saying it mishandled many overtime and minimum-wage complaints and delayed investigating hundreds of cases for a year or more.

New York Times
Jul 06, 2008 Employers Fight Tough Measures on Immigration

QUOTE: Business groups have resisted measures that would revoke the licenses of employers of illegal immigrants. They are proposing alternatives that would revise federal rules for verifying the identity documents of new hires and would expand programs to bring legal immigrant laborers.

New York Times
Jun 30, 2008 Is retiring early unpatriotic?

QUOTE: "This is an intergenerational issue," says the author of "Forgive Us Our Debts: The Intergenerational Dangers of Fiscal Irresponsibility." "This idea of 'getting what's mine as soon as possible' really doesn't think about future generations." Yarrow notes that when people work longer, they not only continue to pay taxes and produce additional goods and services to spur the economy, but also slow the growth of the national debt.
May 31, 2008 Administration Moves to Avert a Late Rules Rush

QUOTE: While the White House called the deadlines “simply good government,” some legal specialists said the policy would ensure that rules the administration wanted to be part of Mr. Bush’s legacy would be less subject to being overturned by his successor. Moreover, they said, the deadlines could allow the administration to avoid thorny proposals that are likely to come up in the next few months, including environmental and safety rules that have been in the regulatory pipeline for years.

New York Times

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