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September 2001: English government's radio and television news and entertainment network. Provides international news, analysis and information in English and 42 other languages.

Third-Party Descriptions

January 2009: 'A string of politicians, including International Secretary Douglas Alexander, Communities Secretary Hazel Blears and opposition spokesmen, have urged the corporation to reconsider its position. Their comments drew criticism from BBC Trust chairman Sir Michael Lyons who said some were "coming close to constituting undue interference in the editorial independence of the BBC".'


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Employee/Contractor/Fellow/Freelancer (past or present) Clark Boyd Person Dec 6, 2008
Employee/Contractor/Fellow/Freelancer (past or present) Heather Brooke Person Jun 1, 2009
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Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Sir Michael Lyons Person Jan 30, 2009
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Employee/Contractor/Fellow/Freelancer (past or present) Kathryn Westcott Person

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Jul 15, 2003 Can Africa handle AIDS drugs?

QUOTE: Dr Gallo warned against irresponsibly doling out antiretrovirals - the drugs which can prevent HIV developing into AIDS....donors would be courting the risk of creating new strains.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Jul 14, 2003 Chechnya's forgotten refugees

QUOTE: "When young women in the prime of life blow themselves up, it's terrible. But they've been driven to desperation.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Jul 07, 2003 Turkey angry over US arrests

QUOTE: The Turkish media almost universally condemned the arrests as an insult to Turkish pride and a long alliance with Washington.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Jun 20, 2003 Do sanctions against Burma work?

QUOTE: There is mounting international outrage at the Burmese military rulers' detention of pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Jun 11, 2003 International court dispute resurfaces

QUOTE: The thorny question of whether American peacekeepers should be exempt from prosecution by the International Criminal Court (ICC) raises its head again in a UN Security Council debate due on Thursday.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Jun 07, 2003 Women 'face pension poverty'

QUOTE: Many women are risking poverty in later life because of inadequate pensions, according to the Economic and Social Research Council.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
May 12, 2003 Author seeks damages over soap

QUOTE: Ms Bradford accused the TV station of "stealing my ideas, my imagination, my hard work and my ability as a writer".

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
May 08, 2003 Where are Iraq's women?

QUOTE: Iraq, some women fear, is in danger of becoming a man's world. Efforts to establish an interim government that reflects the country's diverse ethnic and religious character are gathering pace. But where are the women - who make up the majority of the population - in this process?

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Apr 23, 2003 Iranian actress escapes lashing

QUOTE: A well-known Iranian actress has been given a suspended sentence of 74 lashes for kissing a man during an awards ceremony.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Apr 10, 2003 Thai fashion police ban skimpy tops

QUOTE: Scantily-clad women have been banned from taking part in Thailand's Songkran water festival this weekend.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Apr 09, 2003 Fans may meet cost of hooligans

QUOTE: "The costs outside grounds are running into millions and the pressure is on to charge that against football clubs."

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Apr 09, 2003 Army examines Kenya rape claims

QUOTE: Military police have flown to Kenya to investigate claims British troops raped and abused local women.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Mar 14, 2003 SA maids fired over Aids

QUOTE: Domestic workers in South Africa found to be HIV-positive are being sacked by their employers.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Mar 03, 2003 Iranians arrested for net dating

QUOTE: Dozens of young Iranians have been detained for "unlawful actions" after using a website to arrange dates, officials say.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Feb 20, 2003 Asia's sex trade is 'slavery'

QUOTE: A United Nations official has described the trafficking of women and children across Asia as "the largest slave trade in history".

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Feb 04, 2003 E-mail vetting blocks MPs' sex debate

QUOTE: A new e-mail vetting system at the House of Commons is stifling debate among MPs over serious parliamentary business such as the Sexual Offences Bill, it is claimed.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Oct 28, 2002 Western firm fined for Lesotho bribe

QUOTE: it was the first time a Western company had been convicted of bribing a "Third World official"

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Sep 19, 2002 Wireless hitchhikers branded as thieves

QUOTE: Phone maker Nokia has come down strongly against warchalking. It has condemned as theft the placing of chalk symbols on walls and pavements at places where people can use wireless net access.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Jul 08, 2002 Nigerian women fights stoning

QUOTE: An Islamic court in northern Nigeria has begun hearing an appeal from a woman convicted of adultery and sentenced to death by stoning under controversial Sharia, or Islamic, law.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Jul 01, 2002 CNN Navigates Raw Emotions in Its Coverage From Israel

QUOTE: "To say we have two parties that are equal and therefore deserve fair treatment doesn't work when one side is blowing up children in nightclubs and the other one is trying to defend itself."

New York Times

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