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Self Description

January 2002: "In 1945, representatives of 50 countries met in San Francisco at the United Nations Conference on International Organization to draw up the United Nations Charter. The Organization officially came into existence on 24 October 1945, when the Charter had been ratified by China, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and a majority of other signatories....The purposes of the United Nations, as set forth in the Charter, are to maintain international peace and security; to develop friendly relations among nations; to cooperate in solving international economic, social, cultural and humanitarian problems and in promoting respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; and to be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations in attaining these ends."

Third-Party Descriptions

December 2012: "Three years ago, we debunked an email claiming that Obama wanted to ban the possession of guns through a United Nations treaty. But this year, the message started popping up again in our inbox. The truth is that the treaty in question pertains to international exporting and importing, and it’s still in the discussion stage among various countries. The State Department, however, has said it wouldn’t support anything that conflicts with the Second Amendment or covers domestic transfer of firearms."

November 2012: "UNITED NATIONS — More than 130 countries voted on Thursday to upgrade Palestine to a nonmember observer state of the United Nations, a triumph for Palestinian diplomacy and a sharp rebuke to the United States and Israel."

November 2011: "Governments must impose greater transparency on the use of middlemen, agents and brokers, including public disclosure of what they are paid and the details of the specific work they have undertaken. Much of this could be addressed by passing a robust version of the International Arms Trade Treaty currently being negotiated at the United Nations."

September 2011: 'Ban said today that the two countries should accept the recommendations of a UN report that examined the incident. The report found Israel had used "excessive and unreasonable" force to stop the flotilla approaching Gaza, but that it was justified in maintaining a naval blockade on the Palestinian enclave.'

July 2011: 'At the same time, as the Guardian reported on Sunday, the United Nations (UN) and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) “barely acknowledge” the pervasive sexual violence against men that occurs in modern war.'

December 2010: "CANCÚN, Mexico — The United Nations climate change conference began with modest aims and ended early Saturday with modest achievements. But while the measures adopted here may have scant near-term impact on the warming of the planet, the international process for dealing with the issue got a significant vote of confidence."

May 2010: 'In fact, captured Somali pirates present the Western world with a perfect storm of legal complications: As the legal scholar Ruth Wedgewood put it, they leave us "tangled in a postmodern confusion over the law of armed conflict, human rights law, solipsistic views of national criminal jurisdiction and, above all, a stunning lack of common sense." It is simply illogical to treat them as domestic criminals or to try them in national courts: They should be considered a special category of international terrorist, not as domestic criminals. On the other hand, there are no international courts or international prisons equipped to cope with them: Last month the U.N. Security Council called upon the secretary general to look into the idea of creating some, but of course any U.N. system would take months or years to come into being.'

May 2010: "UNITED NATIONS -- U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has refused to comply with numerous orders from a new U.N. personnel tribunal to hand over confidential documents and other sensitive information needed to resolve legal claims by U.N. employees of unfair treatment, according to court documents."

October 2009: "There are no hard figures on nepotism and favoritism at the United Nations, but the ranks of the U.N. Secretariat and U.N. agencies include scores of children and grandchildren of the organization's luminaries and foreign diplomats. Many top U.N. jobs in peacekeeping, political affairs and other areas are reserved for politically connected officials from powerful governments, including the United States."

June 2009: "The document, a draft declaration of U.S. nuclear facilities to the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency, contained descriptions of sensitive civilian sites, including the locations of facilities that store enriched uranium and other materials used in nuclear weapons. It was available for about a day on a Government Printing Office Web site before inquiries by news organizations prompted its hasty removal."

November 2008: "But some legal experts in Germany said that the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and an existing United Nations mandate to combat Somali piracy already provided all the legal cover necessary for muscular action against the pirates."

July 2008: "The tone of the meetings underscored the political complexities of gaining full support for international small-arms agreements from the United States. The American view has balanced recognition of the dangers of illegal proliferation with the government’s own arms-distribution practices and with the American gun lobby’s resistance to the United Nations’ proposals."

July 2008: "On Thursday, the prosecutor’s office said it had prepared its second case involving war crimes in Darfur, a region of Sudan. Now analysts, diplomats, aid workers and United Nations officials are bracing for the increasing likelihood that Mr. Moreno-Ocampo will ask the judges for an arrest warrant for the president, Omar Hassan al-Bashir."

July 2008: "The Hague - Is the United Nations responsible if its peacekeepers fail to prevent genocide? No, decided a Dutch court Thursday in a case likely to be appealed."

June 2008: "UNITED NATIONS -- The State Department has urged the United Nations to retain a Rwandan general as the second-highest-ranking U.N. peacekeeper in the Darfur region of Sudan, even though he has been indicted for allegedly committing war crimes in Rwanda during the mid-1990s, according to U.S. and U.N. officials."

June 2008: "When Israel withdrew from the occupation of southern Lebanon in 2000, the United Nations Security Council stated that the withdrawal was complete despite its holding onto the disputed area because Shabaa, the United Nations said, was part of the Syrian Golan Heights occupied by Israel."

June 2008: "Following a two-hour meeting that touched on Iran and a host of issues including climate change and trade, Bush and his European counterparts indicated they were prepared to go beyond current United Nations sanctions to try to ensure Iran does not develop a nuclear weapon."

November 2007: "A new United Nations report warns that progress toward prosperity in the world’s poorest places will be reversed unless rich countries promptly begin curbing emissions linked to global warming while also helping poorer ones leapfrog to energy sources that pollute less than coal and oil."

November 2007: But it turns out that none of the 103 children are orphans in the traditional Western sense — foundlings with no place to go. Almost all were living with family members in villages, relatively well fed and cared for, according to the United Nations. The bewildered children cried as foreign reporters flocked to the orphanage in Abéché, Chad, where they were being temporarily housed late last week until they could be reunited with their families.

October 2007: In December, the United Nations took up a resolution calling for the abolition of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for children and young teenagers. The vote was 185 to 1, with the United States the lone dissenter.

September 2007: The World Bank and the United Nations announced Monday that they were setting up a system to help developing nations recover assets stolen and sent abroad by corrupt leaders that amount to an estimated $40 billion a year.

August 2007: U.N. officials blame the general for forcing an estimated 230,000 people from their homes since January and creating the worst humanitarian disaster Congo has experienced since the peak of its decade of civil war. Displacement camps filled with sick, hungry and injured people are scattered across the east once again, and U.N. officials warn that Congo is on the brink of another all-out conflict.

July 2007: UNITED NATIONS -- Pakistani peacekeepers serving under the U.N. flag 'aided and abetted' a network of Kenyan businessmen smuggling gold from a mine in eastern Congo, providing them with food, housing, transportation and security, according to the findings of a confidential U.N. investigation.

July 2007: 'Efforts to preserve Iraqi children's fragile educational progress are fundamental to help children survive the crisis,' said the UN mission in Iraq in a May report that painted a rather bleak picture of education in Iraq.

March 2007: JOHANNESBURG, March 23 — Modern South Africa came about, historians agree, in part because of the United Nations’ unrelenting stance against apartheid. The United Nations affirmed that South African racism was not merely an internal political problem, but a threat to southern Africa. It banned arms shipments to South Africa. It demanded fair treatment of black dissidents.

January 2007: Historically a province of Serbia, Kosovo has been run by the United Nations since 1999. That year, a 78-day air campaign by NATO forced out the Serb-dominated Yugoslav army, ending its brutal war against guerrillas fighting for self-rule for the province's ethnic Albanian majority. Many members of Kosovo's Serb minority have since fled Albanian retribution.

June 2005: The House disregarded strong White House objections and voted yesterday to withhold half of the country's dues from the United Nations if the world body does not cut its bureaucracy, redirect its budget and tighten its accountability.


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Supported by (past or present) Basel Action Network (BAN) Organization Dec 12, 2005
Research/Analysis Subject CorpWatch Organization May 28, 2008
Research/Analysis Subject Inner City Press (ICP) Organization Feb 24, 2008
Founder/Co-Founder of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Organization Aug 15, 2007
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Organization Jan 10, 2006
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) International Court of Justice (ICJ) Organization Mar 29, 2005
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) Organization Jul 3, 2007
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) International Independent Investigation Commission Organization Jan 14, 2011
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) International Labor Organization (ILO) Organization Dec 26, 2006
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) International Labour Organization (ILO) Organization Jan 10, 2009
Successor to League of Nations Organization Dec 26, 2006
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Organization Jan 2, 2013
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Organization Feb 24, 2008
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Organization Feb 18, 2008
Financial Recipient from (past or present) Supported by (past or present) United Nations Foundation Organization Aug 3, 2007
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA) Organization Mar 25, 2010
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) Organization Jan 2, 2013
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) Organization Nov 12, 2007
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Organization Apr 2, 2008
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) World Food Progam (WFP) Organization Aug 2, 2011
Owned by (partial or full, past or present) World Food Programme (WFP) Organization Jul 16, 2003
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Organization Aug 15, 2007
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Organization Executive (past or present) Kofi A. Annan Person
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Ban Ki-moon MPA Person Jan 29, 2007
Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) Prof. M. Cherif Bassiouni LL.B,LL.M,SJ.D Person Oct 13, 2007
has/had as a Representative John R. Bolton Esq. Person Sep 22, 2005
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali Person May 23, 2005
Organization Executive (past or present) Peter Thomas Burns Person
Advised by (past or present) Prof. Arthur Caplan Person Jan 25, 2006
Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) Gen. Romeo Dallaire Person May 23, 2005
Advised by (past or present) Ben Emmerson QC Person Oct 20, 2013
Organization Executive (past or present) Jean-Marie Guehenno Person Jul 25, 2007
Organization Executive (past or present) Gary Haugen Esq. Person
Advised by (past or present) Prof. Christof Heyns Esq. Person Oct 20, 2013
has/had as a Representative Richard C. Holbrooke Person Nov 21, 2005
Organization Executive (past or present) John Holmes Person Dec 17, 2007
Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) David A. Kay Person Jul 25, 2007
has/had as a Representative Jeane Kirkpatrick Person Aug 14, 2007
Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) Prof. Richard E. Lapchick Person Dec 8, 2008
Organization Executive (past or present) Juan E. Méndez Esq. Person Jul 14, 2006
has/had as a Representative John D. Negroponte Person Jan 13, 2006
has/had as a Representative Benjamin Netanyahu Person Jun 6, 2011
Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) William A. Orme Jr. Person Dec 31, 2006
Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) Gov. Deval Patrick Esq. Person Jun 9, 2007
has/had as a Representative Ambassador Susan E. Rice Ph.D. Person Jun 17, 2011
has/had as a Representative Governor William "Bill" Blaine Richardson Person Dec 15, 2005
Organization Executive (past or present) Terje Roed-Larsen Person
Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) Pedro Sanchez Person
Organization Executive (past or present) Robert H. Serry Person Feb 27, 2010
has/had as a Representative Adlai Ewing Stevenson Person Oct 12, 2006
Organization Executive (past or present) Richard "Dick" Thornburgh Esq. Person Sep 9, 2006
has/had as a Representative Andrew Young Person Aug 21, 2006

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Dec 27, 2012 Viral Spiral 2012: The constant battle against crackpot claims, paranoid conspiracy theories and malicious lies.

QUOTE: old viral emails, unfortunately, never die — and new ones spread like a highly contagious disease. These overwhelmingly anonymous messages are, by and large, bogus. Many not only twist the facts but also peddle pure fabrications, urging recipients to forward these “shocking” revelations to all their friends. And despite all good common sense, people do pass along these malicious attempts to deceive, often in the same amount of time it would take to check their tenuous hold on veracity.
Nov 29, 2012 U.N. Assembly, in Blow to U.S., Elevates Status of Palestine

QUOTE: More than 130 countries voted on Thursday to upgrade Palestine to a nonmember observer state of the United Nations....The new status will give the Palestinians more tools to challenge Israel in international legal forums for its occupation activities in the West Bank, including settlement-building...

New York Times
Nov 15, 2012 Police Killing in Kenya Deepens Aura of Menace

QUOTE: a spectacularly dysfunctional national police force. “On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give our police a 2,” said Macharia Njeru, the chairman of Kenya’s new police oversight board, citing corruption allegations, human rights abuses, extrajudicial killings, failed inquiries and lost public trust.

New York Times
Nov 11, 2011 Arms and the Corrupt Man

QUOTE: Governments protect corrupt and dangerous arms dealers as long as they need them and then throw them behind bars when they are no longer useful.

New York Times
Sep 03, 2011 Turkey to challenge Gaza blockade at International Court of Justice: Turkish announcement appears to rebuff attempts by UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon to end its row with Israel

QUOTE: Turkey is to challenge Israel's blockade on Gaza at the International Court of Justice....Ban said today that the two countries should accept the recommendations of a UN report that... Israel had used "excessive and unreasonable" force to stop the flotilla approaching Gaza, but that it was justified in maintaining a naval blockade on the Palestinian enclave.

Guardian Unlimited
Jul 20, 2011 Stopping wartime sexual abuse - of men

QUOTE: the United Nations (UN) and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) “barely acknowledge” the pervasive sexual violence against men that occurs in modern war....of roughly 4,000 NGOs addressing wartime sexual violence, only 3% mentioned male victims (and usually only in passing).

CNN (Cable News Network)
May 25, 2011 Irish Church's Forgotten Victims Take Case to U.N.

QUOTE: An estimated 30,000 women were sent to church-run laundries, where they were abused and worked for years with no pay... No one has taken responsibility for what happened in the laundries.

New York Times
May 11, 2011 A Rite of Torture for Girls

QUOTE: (Infibulation) is one of the most pervasive human rights abuses worldwide, with three million girls mutilated each year in Africa alone... The challenge is that this is a form of oppression that women themselves embrace and perpetuate.

New York Times
May 02, 2011 Tugging at Threads to Unspool Stories of Torture

QUOTE: The Center for Victims of Torture… has treated 20,000 torture victims from around the world… Iraqis at the center have described being kidnapped, beaten, given electric shocks, raped and burned… The torturers… have included the Iraqi Army, American forces, Saddam Hussein’s henchmen, Al Qaeda in Iraq, and the sectarian groups.

New York Times
Apr 24, 2011 Flying the Flag, Fleeing the State

QUOTE: Thanks to a system of ship registration called “flags of convenience,” it is all too easy for unscrupulous ship owners to get away with criminal behavior. They have evaded prosecution for environmental damage like oil spills, as well as poor labor conditions, forcing crews to work like slaves without adequate pay or rest.

New York Times
Apr 15, 2011 Qaddafi Troops Fire Cluster Bombs Into Civilian Areas

QUOTE: “It’s unconscionable that Libya is using these indiscriminate weapons, especially in civilian populated areas… Cluster munitions are inaccurate and unreliable weapons that pose unacceptable dangers to civilians.”

New York Times
Apr 14, 2011 Colleagues Rebuke Gaza Report’s Author

QUOTE: (Three members of the United Nations panel say: “Had we given in to pressures from any quarter to sanitize our conclusions, we would be doing a serious injustice to the hundreds of innocent civilians killed during the Gaza conflict, the thousands injured, and the hundreds of thousands whose lives continue to be deeply affected by the conflict and the blockade.”

New York Times
Apr 08, 2011 Why humanitarian wars can go so wrong

QUOTE: The big democracies usually stand idly by during the worst atrocities, including the Holocaust and the genocide in Rwanda… Western democratic leaders have powerful political incentives to do humanitarianism on the cheap… These governments were more worried about the safety of their own soldiers than about protecting Bosnian civilians.

Washington Post
Apr 04, 2011 Religion Does Its Worst

QUOTE: As for the killing itself — whether by infiltrated Taliban insurgents or not — it was a heinous crime against innocent people and should be denounced throughout the Islamic world, in mosques and beyond... Already, Muslims are victims in 14 percent of religious discrimination cases when they make up 1 percent of the population.

New York Times
Mar 30, 2011 Opposition Forces in Ivory Coast Make Major Gains

QUOTE: Residents reported gunfire exchanges, and the French government said its ambassador’s motorcade had been fired on by Mr. Gbagbo’s forces, “suggesting once more that Laurent Gbagbo no longer respects anything, that he is pursuing his policy of blind violence, and that he doesn’t hesitate to threaten human life, Ivorian and foreign alike,” a statement from the French foreign ministry said.

New York Times
Mar 29, 2011 Only 14, Bangladeshi girl charged with adultery was lashed to death

QUOTE: Activist and journalist Shoaib Choudhury, who documents such cases, said sharia is still very much in use in villages and towns aided by the lack of education and strong judicial systems... The Supreme Court also outlawed fatwas a decade ago, but human rights monitors have documented more than 500 cases of women in those 10 years who were punished through a religious ruling. And few who have issued such rulings have been charged.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Mar 27, 2011 Advertise on Libyan Rebels March Toward Qaddafi Stronghold

QUOTE: Musa Ibrahim... argued that Western powers were now attacking the Libyan Army in retreat, a far cry from the United Nations mandate to establish a no-fly zone to protect civilians. “Some were attacked as they were clearly moving westbound,” he said. “Clearly NATO is taking sides in this civil conflict. It is illegal. It is not allowed by the Security Council resolution. And it is immoral, of course.”

New York Times
Mar 10, 2011 Insurgents Kill Most Civilians, Military Says

QUOTE: About 88 percent of civilian casualties in Afghanistan over the past two years were caused by insurgents, while about 12 percent were the fault of American and coalition forces.

New York Times
Mar 04, 2011 Modern-day slavery: A problem that can't be ignored

QUOTE: Driving the global people trading business is ruthless greed, vast returns on investment and crucially, government ineffectiveness… The commodity here is not drugs or contraband; it is human beings. And usually the most vulnerable in society. Those unable to defend themselves, those who innocently trust the intentions of others, those who can easily be made to disappear.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Mar 01, 2011 The Hidden Victims of Wartime Rape

QUOTE: But in its ongoing effort to eradicate rape during conflict, the United Nations continues to overlook a significant imperative: ending wartime sexual assault of men and boys as well.

New York Times

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