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Formerly Owned by (partial or full) Huffington Post Source Sep 4, 2011
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Owned by (partial or full, past or present) Founded/Co-Founded by Arianna Huffington Person Jul 2, 2007

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May 25, 2011 How Can Congress Debate a Secret Law?

QUOTE: Legal scholars, law professors, advocacy groups, and the Congressional Research Service have all written interpretations of the Patriot Act and Americans can read any of these interpretations and decide whether they support or agree with them. But by far the most important interpretation of what the law means is the official interpretation used by the U.S. government and this interpretation is - stunningly -classified.

Huffington Post
May 24, 2011 Members of Congress Get Abnormally High Returns From Their Stocks

QUOTE: "In the course of performing their normal duties, members of Congress have access to non-public information that could have a substantial impact on certain businesses, industries or the economy as a whole. If used as the basis for common stock transactions, such information could yield significant personal trading profits," they wrote.

Huffington Post
Apr 07, 2011 College Professor Rankings In Texas Spark National Debate

QUOTE: While one faculty member at Texas A&M earned more than $500,000 each year, the average counterpart at its College Station campus made around $120,000... Academia is clubby, professors' performances hard to gauge, and parents and students can easily become financially indentured in their quest for a small piece of the American Dream... "We see an enormous variation in what people do and what they get paid to do it."

Huffington Post
Sep 30, 2009 Credit Rating Agency Analysts Covering AIG, Lehman Brothers Never Disciplined

QUOTE: Analysts at the three biggest credit rating agencies who gave positive, investment-grade ratings to AIG and Lehman Brothers up until their collapse have not been fired or disciplined...

Huffington Post
Jun 25, 2007 Fred Thompson: The Philip Morris Candidate

QUOTE: If Fred Thompson is elected president, he will be the first federally registered lobbyist to become Commander in Chief. ... Thompson's prospective presidential bid stands out in another respect: No campaign has been so dominated by staffers and advisers who have worked on behalf of Philip Morris, one of the world's leading tobacco conglomerates and a leading force in promoting cigarette smoking.

Huffington Post
Jun 23, 2007 HuffPost Exclusive: More Lobbyists On McCain Staff Than Any Other 08 Candidate

QUOTE: John McCain, who made his name attacking special interests, has more lobbyists working on his staff or as advisers than any of his competitors, Republican or Democrat ... All the campaigns pale in comparison to McCain's, whose rhetoric stands in sharp contrast to his conduct.

Huffington Post