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May 2014: 'That sounds nice, but according to the Daily Progress, the FOIA request seeks, “among other things, university-funded travel expenses and cellphone records for the past two-and-a-half years.” The students wrote that the request merely seeks “a full, transparent accounting of the resources used by Professor Laycock which may be going towards halting the progress of the LGBT community and to erode the reproductive rights of women across the country.” So the first question is whether the best way to “teach” Laycock that his work is sometimes cited by opponents of gay rights and contraceptive choice is by way of a FOIA request and a letter campaign accusing him of aiding and abetting religious bigotry. The more urgent question is what part of a “public dialogue” opens with a FOIA request of personal cellphone records? Or as UCLA law professor Stephen Bainbridge puts it, “You don’t start a dialogue with FOIA requests.”'

September 2006: '“Leaking can be a mechanism for board members to change the dynamics and the atmospherics to get more leverage against the C.E.O.,” said Stephen Bainbridge, a U.C.L.A. law professor.'


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Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA ) Organization Sep 11, 2006

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May 28, 2014 Chilling Effect: How the attacks on a University of Virginia law professor are bad for academia, and all of us.

QUOTE: The effort to intimidate or—more charitably—“educate” professor Laycock is misdirected toward an academic career that has been protective of gay rights and gay marriage and only, in the two instances cited, collides with them through a larger vision of religious liberty. The groups who don’t like that anti-LGBT movements get intellectual cover from Laycock’s legal arguments are free to say so, loudly, passionately, and publicly. But using a FOIA request to try to get dirt on him, to imply that he is doing something unsavory with those groups, is simply a smear tactic...

Sep 07, 2006 A Board in Need of an Emily Post

QUOTE: The talk yesterday among advisers to corporate America was this: Should what happens in the boardroom stay in the boardroom?...experts argued there could be times and places when there might be some justification for nonfinancial information to be leaked to the news media, including times when the board is struggling with a strong, imperialistic chief executive.

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