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VHA Inc. (Voluntary Hospital Association)

Self Description

August 2006: "Based in Irving, Texas, VHA Inc. is a health care provider alliance of more than 2,400 not-for-profit health care organizations. We help members deliver safe, effective and cost-efficient care through both national and local support. VHA has 18 regional offices in 48 states as well as offices in Washington D.C.

Founded in 1977, we are dedicated to the success of not-for-profit, community-based health care. To help our members meet the needs of their communities, our mission is to improve members’ clinical and economic performance. We deliver on our mission by providing industry-leading supply chain management services and facilitating the development of member networks to drive sustainable results."

Third-Party Descriptions

August 2006: "...Voluntary Hospital Association, a consortium of nonprofit community hospitals."


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Aug 29, 2006 Operating Room: No Place for a Tantrum

QUOTE: doctors yelling at nurses or berating residents, and nurses sniping at their colleagues...such tantrums and insults negatively affect patients by impairing communication and teamwork and creating distractions that can lead to errors.

Washington Post