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Self Description

August 2006: "The Hastings Center is an independent, nonpartisan, and nonprofit bioethics research institute founded in 1969 to explore fundamental and emerging questions in health care, biotechnology, and the environment.

The Center's research projects are diverse; recent topics range from genetic paternity testing to newborn screening to palliative care. The work is carried out by interdisciplinary teams that convene at the Center's home, overlooking the Hudson River, to frame and examine issues that inform professional practice, public conversation, and social policy."

Third-Party Descriptions

July 2006: ""What constitutes an ethical right of conscience in medicine, and what are the limits?" asked Nancy Berlinger of the Hastings Center, a bioethics think tank. "This keeps getting harder and harder for us.""


RoleNameTypeLast Updated
Owner of (partial or full, past or present) Bioethics Forum Source Aug 24, 2007
Organization Executive (past or present) Nancy Berlinger Person Jan 17, 2008
Founded/Co-Founded by Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Daniel Callahan Ph.D. Person Nov 13, 2008
Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) Dr. Jeffrey P. Kahn Ph.D. Person Dec 20, 2011
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Dean Leo P. Martinez Esq. Person Apr 18, 2010
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Dr. Thomas H. Murray Ph.D. Person Jan 22, 2007
Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) Prof. Karen Musalo Esq. Person Nov 10, 2007
Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) Prof. Paul Root Wolpe Ph.D. Person Nov 13, 2011

Articles and Resources

Date Resource Read it at:
Nov 13, 2008 The New Old Age: Rationing Health Care

QUOTE: The biggest change in the last 40 years, Mr. Callahan said to me, is that there are no limits. There's nothing we can't do for an old person, and there's a lot of pressure to do it. This is considered progress, and its considered ageism to be skeptical. But we can't go on this way. It's unaffordable. And it's the hardest dilemma in our society because theres no good way to deal with it other than saying no.

New York Times
Sep 19, 2008 McCain Equates Embryos and Fetuses in Stem Cell Statement

QUOTE: though the bill was unanimously approved in the House and Senate, its sponsors were criticized for failing to make clear that "fetal farming" doesn't exist....For McCain to revive the language of "fetal farming," say bioethicists, was misleading.

Jan 16, 2008 Forced Rectal Exam Stirs Questions

QUOTE: Under what circumstances can a patient in an emergency room be forced to submit to a procedure that doctors deem to be medically necessary? That question — and the notion of informed consent — is at the heart of a civil case that is about to go to trial in March in State Supreme Court in Manhattan.

New York Times
Jul 16, 2006 A Medical Crisis of Conscience: Faith Drives Some To Refuse Patients Medication or Care

QUOTE: Around the United States, health workers and patients are...sparking...bitter debate over religious freedom vs. patients' rights..."What constitutes an ethical right of conscience in medicine, and what are the limits?"

Washington Post