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Alan F. Shugart

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November 1999: The office prospered and quickly expanded, taking cases around the country. But it did not come into its own until 1984, when, for the first of several times, it filed a lawsuit against a Silicon Valley company called Seagate Technology, run by a man named Alan Shugart.

June 2005: "Back in 1990, Alan Shugart took on one of Silicon Valley's most detested antagonists: Attorney William Lerach. At the time, Shugart was CEO of disk-drive maker Seagate Technology (STX ), which Lerach's law firm had repeatedly sued for securities fraud, seemingly on the basis of little more than an unexpected drop in its stock price."


RoleNameTypeLast Updated
Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) IBM Corporation (International Business Machines) Organization Jul 27, 2006
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Founded/Co-Founded by Seagate Technology Organization Jul 2, 2005
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Founder/Co-Founder of Shugart Associates Organization Jul 27, 2006
Opponent (past or present) William S. Lerach Esq. Person Jul 27, 2006

Articles and Resources

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Jun 30, 2005 Payback Time for Bill Lerach?

QUOTE: The king of shareholder lawsuits against Silicon Valley firms may be caught up in a federal probe of allegedly improper payments to plaintiffs

Nov 18, 1999 STOLEN SECRETS: Technological breakthroughs are so valuable in Silicon Valley that some company executives are willing to do almost anything to get them

QUOTE: Some of Silicon Valley's most successful companies and executives have been accused of breaching confidentiality agreements, stealing secret documents, manuals and source codes, and taking proprietary software by hiring away the engineers who created it for competitors. Relatively few cases, though, have ever made it to criminal court, because they are expensive and difficult to prove.

San Francisco Chronicle
Nov 15, 1999 PHANTOM RICHES: Beneath the glitter of booming Silicon Valley, executives have been accused of lying about their products and doctoring their books, leaving devastated investors in their wake

QUOTE: ...tens of thousands of investors like him have filed lawsuits accusing Dawson and other Silicon Valley executives of securities fraud, insider trading and legal and ethical misconduct.

San Francisco Chronicle