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President's Council on Bioethics, The

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RoleNameTypeLast Updated
Status/Name Change from National Bioethics Advisory Commission Organization May 4, 2005
Owned by (partial or full, past or present) US Federal Government - Independent Agencies Organization May 4, 2005
Member (past or present) Prof. Amy Gutmann Ph.D. Person Nov 30, 2011
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Prof. Michael Sandel Person Oct 5, 2009

Articles and Resources

Date Resource Read it at:
Mar 09, 2007 The Brain on the Stand

QUOTE: The influence of what some call neurolaw is clearly growing. Neuroscientific evidence has persuaded jurors to sentence defendants to life imprisonment rather than to death; .... Should courts be in the business of deciding when to mitigate someone’s criminal responsibility because his brain functions improperly, whether because of age, in-born defects or trauma? As we learn more about criminals’ brains, will we have to redefine our most basic ideas of justice?

New York Times
Aug 26, 2006 Stem Cells Without Embryo Loss

QUOTE: the Advanced Cell Technology approach does not seem likely to open the floodgates for federal financing. Mostly it illustrates the great lengths to which scientists must go these days to shape stem cell research to fit the dictates of religious conservatives who have imposed their own view of morality on the scientific enterprise.

New York Times
Jul 16, 2006 A Medical Crisis of Conscience: Faith Drives Some To Refuse Patients Medication or Care

QUOTE: Around the United States, health workers and patients are...sparking...bitter debate over religious freedom vs. patients' rights..."What constitutes an ethical right of conscience in medicine, and what are the limits?"

Washington Post
Mar 12, 2006 A Wrongful Birth?

QUOTE: cases are exposing...the relatively new belief that we should have a right to choose which babies come into the world.

New York Times