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June 2009: "Nancy Keenan, president of"

October 2006: 'There's this climate that they feel [Roe] could be overturned, and that's what they're doing with the South Dakota ban,' says Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America. But the chilly reception the ban has gotten in a antiabortion state may be an indication that more extreme abortion opponents are overreaching, she says. 'Their true agenda is now uncloaked. ... And American people are saying enough is enough.'

December 2005: 'Samuel Alito wrote the blueprint 20 years ago on how to dismantle and eventually overturn Roe,' said Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, referring to a memo Alito wrote in 1985 in which he mentioned passing restrictions on abortion as a way to mitigate the effects of Roe v. Wade . 'If he is confirmed, Alito could cast the decisive vote that allows additional attacks on women's reproductive freedom from the states to stand.'

April 2005: "Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, countered that the bill is "a bureaucratic nightmare" and is part of a multi-track strategy by conservatives that includes packing the judiciary with judges sympathetic to their views."


RoleNameTypeLast Updated
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) NARAL Pro-Choice America Organization Oct 14, 2006
Opponent (past or present) Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr., Esq. Person Oct 14, 2006

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Jun 02, 2009 Slaying Raises Fears on Both Sides of Abortion Debate

QUOTE: the fatal shooting of the country's most prominent provider of late-term abortions reignited a national debate about reproductive rights. Supporters of the right to legal abortion worried Monday that the killing of George Tiller could foretell fresh protests and violence even as many abortion opponents fretted that his death could hurt their image and cause.

Washington Post
Oct 12, 2006 South Dakota's stark abortion choice: A proposed ban on the ballot would be the nation's strictest since the 1973 Supreme Court ruling upholding the practice.

QUOTE: South Dakota voters are poised to weigh in on a landmark bill, passed by the legislature in March and referred to the ballot by a petition drive, that would outlaw all abortions except to save a mother's life. While the law, if approved, will almost certainly be challenged in court...

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 26, 2006 Senate Removes Abortion Option for Young Girls

QUOTE: The Senate passed legislation Tuesday that would make it a federal crime to help an under-age girl escape parental notification laws by crossing state lines to obtain an abortion...could result in criminal charges against close relatives or clergy members who interceded to help in a time of personal crisis.

New York Times
Dec 27, 2005 S.D. Makes Abortion Rare Through Laws And Stigma: Out-of-State Doctors Come Weekly to 1 Clinic

QUOTE: As national leaders on both sides of the abortion debate focus on the upcoming Supreme Court nomination hearings of Samuel A. Alito Jr., they are watching states such as South Dakota pass more and more restrictions that might be upheld by a newly constituted, more conservative Supreme Court.

Washington Post
Apr 29, 2005 Bush Backs Abortion Measure: He Urges Senate to Enact House Bill on Parental Notification

QUOTE: President Bush is urging the Senate to take up a bill passed by the House this week that makes it a federal crime -- complete with possible fines and jail sentences -- for doctors or other adults to help patients under 18 evade parental-notification requirements by crossing state lines for an abortion.

Washington Post