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August 2016: 'Startups in the hyper-competitive food delivery space dispute the notion that their prices are anything other than above board. “We are 100% dedicated to price parity,” April Conyers, a Postmates spokeswoman, tells Quartz. “We are the most transparent company in the space.” After DoorDash was criticized for undisclosed markups that were atypical in the takeout industry, CEO Tony Xu told Bloomberg, “We don’t start a business by doing what everyone else does.”'


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Organization Head/Leader (past or present) DoorDash Organization Aug 21, 2016

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Aug 15, 2016 Postmates has failed to make Uber-for-anything cheap, and is quietly misleading customers about it

QUOTE: On-demand startups are falling short of their founding promise to make instant-anything cheap, and they don’t want customers to know. That’s made prices on many of these platforms not just expensive, but also outright misleading.