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Katharine Viner

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July 2016: "Katharine Viner (born 1971) became the first female Editor-in-Chief at The Guardian on 1 June 2015 succeeding Alan Rusbridger. Viner is a British journalist and playwright who headed The Guardian's web operations in Australia, moved to New York in September 2014 to take up responsibility for The Guardian's online presence in the United States, and was shortly after selected for the editor-in-chief's position."


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Employee/Contractor/Fellow/Freelancer (past or present) Guardian Unlimited Source Jul 12, 2016

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Jul 12, 2016 How technology disrupted the truth

QUOTE: Social media has swallowed the news – threatening the funding of public-interest reporting and ushering in an era when everyone has their own facts. But the consequences go far beyond journalism....It seemed that journalists were no longer required to believe their own stories to be true, nor, apparently, did they need to provide evidence. Instead it was up to the reader – who does not even know the identity of the source – to make up their own mind. But based on what? Gut instinct, intuition, mood? Does the truth matter any more?

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