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Self Description

June 2016: "Sidney Stone Blumenthal (/ˈbluːmənθɔːl/; born November 6, 1948) is an American journalist, activist, writer and former political aide. He is a former aide to President Bill Clinton; a long-time confidant to Hillary Clinton; and a journalist, especially on American politics and foreign policy. He was editor of several departments and wrote for several publications including The Washington Post, Vanity Fair, and The New Yorker. After 2000, he published several essays critical of the administration of President George W. Bush. He is the father of Max Blumenthal, a journalist and political activist."

Third-Party Descriptions

June 2016: "Blumenthal was barred from working for the State Department in 2009 because he regularly blasted Barack Obama during the 2008 election. But that didn't stop him from regularly lobbying Clinton with information about who could head a new government in Libya, suggestions that she recirculated to her staff, according to reporting from the New York Times."


RoleNameTypeLast Updated
Member of (past or present) Democratic Party / Democratic National Committee (DNC) Organization Jun 26, 2016
Family Member Max Blumenthal Person Jun 26, 2016
Opponent (past or present) President George W. Bush Person Jun 26, 2016
Advisor/Consultant to (past or present) Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton Person Jun 26, 2016
Advisor/Consultant to (past or present) Subordinate of (past or present) President William ("Bill") Jefferson Clinton Person Jun 26, 2016

Articles and Resources

Date Resource Read it at:
Jun 22, 2016 Is Donald Trump right about Hillary Clinton?

QUOTE: ...Trump raised valid questions about Clinton's foreign policy positions, fund-raising practices and email quandary -- but he did so in his vintage over-the-top fashion, with so many personal insults that many will ignore or forget the substance of his criticism.

CNN (Cable News Network)