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Tom Hayden

Self Description

October 2004: 'Tom Hayden changed America", the national correspondent of The Atlantic, Nicholas Lemann, has written. He created the blueprint for the Great Society programs, according to presidential assistant Richard Goodwin. He was "the conscience of the Senate", said Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Walters. According to the Los Angeles Times, when he retired in September 1999 from the state legislature, he received the longest farewell of any legislator in memory.

Tom Hayden was born December 11, 1939. He has lived in Los Angeles since 1971. He is married to the actress Barbara Williams, with whom he has a son Liam. Tom has two grown children from an earlier marriage to Jane Fonda.

Tom was elected to the state Assembly in 1982 and the state Senate in 1992, seven consecutive victories on the west side of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. He also ran "protest" campaigns for Governor and Mayor of Los Angeles during the 90s.'

Third-Party Descriptions

September 2004: Tom Hayden, a former California state senator, a well-known activist and the author of a new book about gangs titled "Street Wars: Gangs and the Future of Violence," went along on the trip. Later, he declared the deportations of gang members equivalent to death sentences, and contended that United States law specifically discouraged deporting anyone who faced the threat of torture or death back home.


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Sep 26, 2004 TATTOOED WARRIORS: The Next Generation; Shuttling Between Nations, Latino Gangs Confound the Law

QUOTE:...many human rights advocates and community leaders worry that the aggressive measures governments are taking against gangs have not solved the problem as much as they have spread it.

New York Times