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May 2010: 'One of Google’s founders, Sergey Brin, acknowledged the mistake last week at the company’s annual conference for developers in San Francisco. “We screwed up, and I’m not making excuses about it,” Mr. Brin said. “Trust is very important to us, and we’re going to do everything we can to preserve it.”'

July 2008: 'If only. Although Google is rolling back its price increase slightly and is phasing in the higher price over five quarters, the outline of the original decision remains largely unchanged. At a T.G.I.F. in June, the Google co-founder Sergey Brin said he had no sympathy for the parents, and that he was tired of “Googlers” who felt entitled to perks like “bottled water and M&Ms,” according to several people in the meeting. (A Google spokesman denies that Mr. Brin made that comment.) On Monday, Google began the first phase of its new day care plan, letting go of the outside day care firm it had been using.'

March 2008: "Long before Google went public, I remember Sergey Brin, the company’s co-founder, telling me that he was worried that the dotcom crash meant that people couldn’t afford to create good Web sites for Google to search. This thinking eventually led the company to develop AdSense, which sells ads on for sites big and small. This move, indeed helped fuel the subsequent explosion of blogs and other new sites."


RoleNameTypeLast Updated
Founder/Co-Founder of Google Organization Sep 21, 2004
Student/Trainee (past or present) Stanford University Organization Aug 13, 2007
Colleague/Co-worker of (past or present) Larry Page Person Aug 13, 2007

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May 21, 2010 Sure, It’s Big. But Is That Bad?

QUOTE: “The government is finally onto the notion that they have to start asking questions about Google,” he said. “Google started off saying they were going to treat everything on the Web neutrally. That is the basis on which they secured dominance. And now they’ve changed the rules.”

New York Times
Mar 12, 2010 Apple’s Spat With Google Is Getting Personal

QUOTE: Google and Apple had worked together to bring Google’s search and mapping services to the iPhone...Mr. Jobs, Mr. Schmidt and their companies are now engaged in a gritty battle royale over the future and shape of mobile computing and cellphones, with implications that are reverberating across the digital landscape.

New York Times
Jul 05, 2008 On Day Care, Google Makes a Rare Fumble (Talking Business)

QUOTE: Google first began offering day care three and a half years ago, and perhaps it is only coincidence that this occurred not long after a woman named Susan Wojcicki returned to the company from maternity leave. Ms. Wojcicki is a figure of significant stature at Google; hers was the garage that Mr. Brin and Google’s other founder, Larry Page, rented while starting up Google. Today she is the company’s vice president for product measurement, though as I discovered in talking to unhappy Google parents this week, not many Googlers seem to know what her exact duties entail. Everybody, however, knows that she’s Mr. Brin’s sister-in-law.

New York Times
Mar 18, 2008 Google’s Thin-Skinned Lawyers

QUOTE: Freedom of expression can be defined by what happens to the person with the most repugnant expression. Google may well find itself in a fight with someone printing information about the company or one of its executives that it strongly objects to. At that moment, in the middle of some drawn out battle, someone may be tempted to cut off the AdSense money to the offending site. At that moment, it could hold up the legal agreement as justification for that action.

New York Times
May 30, 2007 Open-source search engine gangs up on Google

QUOTE: Led by Wikipedia's co-founder Jimmy Wales, hundreds of software engineers - ranging from fledgling teenage coders to retired, respected software gurus - are combining in an unlikely attempt to overturn Google's domination of the search market. Their weapon? The transparency provided by open source software.

Mar 16, 2006 In Game of Click and Mouse, Advertisers Come Up Empty

QUOTE: pays only when people click on the links. After analyzing where and when each click came from, auditing firm ClickFacts Inc. estimated that 35 percent of the referrals that Radiator paid Google for stemmed from bogus traffic. Likewise, 17 percent of the leads that came from Yahoo search results were illegitimate.

Washington Post
Aug 31, 2004 Lessons from Google's IPO

QUOTE: After more than more than three months of filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, public miscues, pricing changes and enough legalese to make a lawyer dizzy, Google's initial public offering is one for the record books.