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September 2004: Journalist.


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Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) Washington Post Source Mar 17, 2011

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Mar 17, 2011 U.S. drones kill 25 in Pakistan; army protests

QUOTE: A missile strike by unmanned U.S. Predator planes Thursday reportedly killed at least 25 suspected Islamist insurgents and tribal supporters... (Gen. Ashfaq Kayani) said it was “highly regrettable” that a meeting of peaceful citizens was “carelessly and callously targeted with complete disregard for human life.”

Washington Post
Aug 24, 2009 Karzai Opponent Alleges 'Widespread' Voter Fraud

QUOTE: The allegations of fraud, combined with the slow pace of vote tabulation and the cumbersome process for investigating complaints, are raising political tensions as the nation [Afghanistan] waits to see whether its second presidential election will produce a result that Afghans can trust.

Washington Post
May 10, 2009 Taliban-Style Justice Stirs Growing Anger: Sharia Being Perverted, Pakistanis Say

QUOTE: distinction between the Taliban version of Islam -- often described as narrow-minded, intolerant and punitive -- and what might be called the mainstream Pakistani version of Islam, which is generally described as moderate and flexible.

Washington Post
Jul 08, 2008 Advocates Speak Up for Illegal Day Laborers Cheated of Wages

QUOTE: Although few immigrant day laborers realize it, they have the same right as any worker to sue employers for unpaid back wages, even if they are here illegally. In recent months, advocacy groups in the Washington region have been helping such workers file administrative claims and lawsuits, and in some cases they have won.

Washington Post
Mar 04, 2008 Latinos Looking Over Shoulder: Pr. William Begins Checking Suspects' Immigration Status

QUOTE: Police officials pledged to enforce the law fairly and to not stop and question individuals based on their racial or ethnic appearance, but many Hispanic residents said they feared they would be stopped without reason and deported for such violations as driving without a valid license or having a broken taillight.

Washington Post
Feb 18, 2008 Desiring a Fair Vote, Doubting It Will Be: Pakistanis Expect Rigging by Government

QUOTE: The [Pakistani word] is "dhandali" -- rigging -- a wide-ranging practice that includes blatant acts such as stuffing ballot boxes and hiring thugs to intimidate voters at polling stations, as well as more subtle techniques such as extorting loyalty from public employees and using official vehicles and funds to promote pro-government candidates.

Washington Post
Sep 09, 2007 Turban Searches Rile Sikh Community: Turban Searches Rile Sikh Community

QUOTE: ...Sikhs were allowed to wear turbans through airport detectors when other passengers had to remove their hats. If the machine did not beep, the traveler could continue. If it beeped, the turban would be screened with a wand, patted down, or removed and examined in a private screening area. Under the new rules, even if there is no alarm, a TSA screener can ask to examine a turban.

Washington Post
Jul 10, 2007 Persecuted Gays Seek Refuge in U.S.: Foreigners' Abuse Increasingly Seen as Grounds for Asylum

QUOTE: Harassment and abuse of gay men and lesbians is becoming increasingly accepted as grounds for legal asylum in the United States, even at a time of conservative judicial activism...

Washington Post
Jun 27, 2007 Deportees' Bittersweet Homecoming: Migration is Boon, Bane for Honduras

QUOTE: The current debate over immigration reform in the United States, where an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants live, has caused hope and anxiety here, because it holds out both the promise of legalizing tens of thousands of Hondurans now in the United States and the threat of a harsher crackdown near the border, which about 90,000 Hondurans attempt to cross illegally each year.

Washington Post
May 25, 2007 Worker Visas Intensify Debate on Immigration: Skilled Foreigners Embraced, Envied

QUOTE: as the emotionally charged issue of immigration consumes the U.S. Senate and the nation this month, skilled foreign professionals are almost as contentious a part of the restructuring debate as impoverished illegal immigrants who sneak across the Mexican border to harvest crops or hang drywall. In many ways, the proposed legislation favors high-skilled immigrants and the industries that employ them.

Washington Post
May 08, 2007 For Some Muslim Wives, Abuse Knows No Borders: Traditional Pressures Can Persist in U.S.

QUOTE: Domestic abuse is hardly unique to Muslim immigrant communities; it is a sad fact of life in families of all backgrounds and origins. Yet, according to social workers, Islamic clerics and women's advocates, women from Muslim-majority cultures face extra pressure to submit to violent husbands and intense social ostracism if they muster the courage to file charges or flee.

Washington Post
May 07, 2007 Afghan News Media Find Foes on All Sides: Violence, Politics, Imperil Press Freedom

QUOTE: In recent months, the Afghan press...has come under attack from all quarters of this conflicted and confused society. The greatest physical danger comes from the insurgents, who regularly attempt to use local journalists as conduits for their declarations but also target them for kidnappings and bombings.

Washington Post
Aug 14, 2006 Muslims in India 'Targeted With Suspicion': Residents of Thriving Bombay District Describe Rising Tension in Wake of Train Bombings

QUOTE: in the wake of the devastating July 11 train bombings in Bombay...residents here say they feel fingers of suspicion and hate pointing at all Muslims, not just jobless slum youths and bearded students from Islamic radical groups.

Washington Post
Apr 22, 2006 Afghans' Uneasy Peace With Democracy: In Discord Over Convert's Trial, Muslims Say They Identify With Islamic Law First

QUOTE: Ask most Afghans about the potential conflicts between Islam and democracy, such as those exposed by the Rahman case, and they vigorously deny the questions' premise. Many point out that Afghanistan now has a freely elected president and parliament, an independent judiciary and press, and a new constitution that says no laws shall contradict the principles of Islam.

Washington Post
Jul 17, 2005 Torture's Echoes: What Chile Can Teach Us About Ourselves

QUOTE: Stretching laws to permit abusive treatment of prisoners, employing doctors to probe the limits of pain, finding exceptional justification for practices routinely condemned in other countries -- all this can corrode the moral authority of a government and the norms of a free society. That's what happened in Chile during its 17 years of dictatorship.

Washington Post
Aug 17, 2004 U.S. Knew All About Private Jail in Kabul, American Tells Court: Seized Material Is Said to Show 'Constant Contacts'

QUOTE: Jonathan "Jack" Idema, the American accused of illegally detaining and torturing prisoners in a private jail in Afghanistan, testified in court Monday that he could prove U.S. and Afghan authorities were fully aware of his actions...

Washington Post