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Lakeland Industries, Inc.

Self Description

April 2012: "Our mission is to create and manufacture a wide variety of technologically advanced protective clothing that saves lives and protects workers both in private and public employment from fire, hazardous chemicals and diseases throughout the world.

Among leading companies designing and manufacturing protective garments for industry, municipalities, and the burgeoning healthcare field, Lakeland Industries' products have established and maintained their global reputation for overall quality. Indeed, our products have long been recognized as the field's gold standard for quality - that essential, expected and deserved constituent of any protective wear...

Lakeland is reaching out to world markets with its broadening array of protective products, and producing them at international sites as well as domestic ones. We became slightly Canadian with the establishment of Lakeland Protective Wear Inc. in Burlington, Ontario. A year later we opened a new factory in Celaya Mexico, a move that augmented our manufacturing network and tripled our production capacity. Recently, we entered China, again increasing our production while lowering costs...

Reliable Protective Wear Across Three Generations

Lakeland Industries Inc. is a multidivisional, publicly-held producer of quality, high-performance protective garments for industry in both domestic and worldwide markets.

Headquartered in Ronkonkoma, New York since 1982, its more than $95.7 million in sales last year is hard evidence of growth and recognition, factors attributable directly to its ongoing research and development programs."

Third-Party Descriptions

April 2012: "Other companies seem to be all for bribes were it not for U.S. laws prohibiting them. For example, Lakeland Industries (LAKE), a Long Island, New York, manufacturer of industrial safety garments, recently said its inability to pay bribes, due to the fact that it, unlike its competitors, follows U.S. laws, has lowered the company's sales. Undoubtedly, accounting laws are also forcing the company to report lower profits than it would like as well."


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