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Ambassador Robert E. White

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March 2001: 'A cable to the State Department in 1978 from the United States ambassador to Paraguay at the time, Robert E. White, quoted the chief of staff to the dictator Alfredo Stroessner as saying an American installation in the Canal Zone was "employed to coordinate intelligence information" among South America countries. "Obviously," the cable said, "this is the Condor network, which all of us have heard about over the last few years."'


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Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Center for International Policy (CIP) Organization Sep 4, 2011

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Mar 06, 2001 New Files Tie U.S. to Deaths of Latin Leftists in 1970's

QUOTE: [A recently declassified State Department] cable appeared to open new avenues of inquiry about the American role in Condor, a shadowy operation to stamp out the Latin American left that, among other things, dispatched death squads to kill critics at home and overseas.

New York Times