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Northrop Grumman Corporation

Self Description

March 2004: "Northrop Grumman Corporation is a global defense company headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif. Northrop Grumman provides technologically advanced, innovative products, services and solutions in systems integration, defense electronics, information technology, advanced aircraft, shipbuilding and space technology. With more than 120,000 employees, and operations in all 50 states and 25 countries, Northrop Grumman serves U.S. and international military, government and commercial customers.

Seven business sectors comprise Northrop Grumman...:
Electronic Systems...
Information Technology...
Mission Systems...
Integrated Systems..
Newport News...
Ship Systems...
Space Technology..."

Third-Party Descriptions

July 2016: "The system has been reported as a Northrop Grumman Remotec Andros, which is a remotely-controlled bomb disposal robot commonly used by police, military and other first responders around the world. It is wheeled, weighs around 220 kg (485 pounds), and mounts various sensors and a robotic arm with grippers."

April 2011: "The Blue Button initiative is already spawning private sector applications. Northrop Grumman has developed a smartphone app giving veterans access to their health records and the ability to receive wellness reminders on their phone. HealthVault, a health care management site from Microsoft, also permits Blue Button users to tap into their medical information service. The ability to access these kinds of services could save lives in emergencies."

May 2009: "Nearly all of the largest military companies — including Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon — have major cyber contracts with the military and intelligence agencies."

February 2007: Despite Deepwater's problems, the Northrop-Lockheed partnership received a rating of 'good' from a Coast Guard evaluator last May and had its term extended by 43 out of a possible 60 months.


RoleNameTypeLast Updated
Status/Name Change from TRW Incorporated Organization Jul 27, 2006
Organization Executive (past or present) James G. Roche Person Oct 24, 2007

Articles and Resources

Date Resource Read it at:
Jul 10, 2016 Police used a robot to kill -- The key questions

QUOTE: While there are links to the discussion on the future of killer robots, known as LAWS (lethal autonomous weapons systems), there are also three important differences to keep in mind.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Apr 23, 2011 Show Us the Data. (It’s Ours, After All.)

QUOTE: Companies are accumulating vast amounts of information about your likes and dislikes... The more they know, the more money they can make... Not only should our data be secure; it should also be available for us to use for our own purposes.

New York Times
Jul 16, 2009 Scavenging Hazardous 'E-Waste' for a Few Redeemables

QUOTE: Agbogbloshie is one hotspot in a growing mountain of hazardous electronic waste, according to environmentalists...

Washington Post
May 30, 2009 Cyberwar: Contractors Vie for Plum Work, Hacking for U.S.

QUOTE: The exotic nature of the work is enabling the companies to attract top young talent that once would have gone to Silicon Valley. And the race to develop weapons that defend against, or initiate, computer attacks has given rise to thousands of “hacker soldiers” within the Pentagon who can blend the new capabilities into the nation’s war planning.

New York Times
Nov 20, 2008 Hurt by Losses, Pension Funds Criticize Rules

QUOTE: Stung by outsize investment losses, some of the nation’s biggest companies are pushing Congress to roll back rules requiring them to put more money into their pension funds, just two years after President Bush signed a law meant to strengthen the pension system....With cash now in short supply for companies, they are asking Congress to excuse them from having to replenish the required amounts.

New York Times
Jun 01, 2007 The corporate takeover of U.S. intelligence: The U.S. government now outsources a vast portion of its spying operations to private firms -- with zero public accountability.

QUOTE: The federal government relies more than ever on outsourcing for some of its most sensitive work, though it has kept details about its use of private contractors a closely guarded secret. Intelligence experts, and even the government itself, have warned of a critical lack of oversight for the booming intelligence business.

May 31, 2007 401(k) Fee Suits Over High Cost to Employees on the Rise

QUOTE: Litigation concerning excessive administrative fees charged to employees by their 401(k) plans is heating up and adding a new twist...more recent suits focus on those [fees--Ed.] charged for annuities.

National Law Journal, The (NLJ)
Mar 13, 2007 Strike at Big Shipyard Is Yet Another Effect of Katrina

QUOTE: The walkout here is believed to be the first major strike related to Hurricane Katrina, which continues to disrupt many aspects of life up and down the Gulf Coast. Few places were as hard-hit as this small industrial town, where the water crept halfway up downtown and the beachfront was wiped out, and workers spoke Monday of losing homes, cars and a way of life to the storm.

New York Times
Feb 08, 2007 Coast Guard Failed to Properly Oversee Contracts, Officials Say: Questions Rise About Contractors Handling National Defense Business

QUOTE: Even as contractors built patrol boats with buckling hulls and a large new cutter with structural flaws, a U.S. Coast Guard review gave their performance high marks last year, extended their deal for nearly four years and paid them a multimillion-dollar bonus, government investigators said.

Washington Post
Dec 14, 2005 Is the Pentagon spying on Americans? Secret database obtained by NBC News tracks ‘suspicious’ domestic groups

QUOTE: ...the U.S. military has stepped up intelligence collection inside this country since 9/11, which now includes the monitoring of peaceful anti-war and counter-military recruitment groups....the Pentagon now collects domestic intelligence that goes beyond legitimate concerns about terrorism or protecting U.S. military installations, say critics.

Feb 19, 2004 Recruiting Uncle Sam

QUOTE: Before government officials can begin negotiating jobs in the private sector, they must recuse themselves from making decisions that could have a financial impact on their potential employers....But the defense companies are so huge and the rules so elastic that loopholes exist.

Washington Post