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October 2003: Law Professor, co-author of "The Rights and Responsibilities of the Modern University" (

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Apr 20, 2007 Colleges walk fine line with troubled students: The tragedy at Virginia Tech has prompted calls for more security and less privacy.

QUOTE: It's an issue colleges have confronted before: the extent to which they should be expected to foresee and take responsibility for their students' actions. The debate arises in the wake of student suicides or assaults that parents may believe could have been prevented. It pits safety against the protections of privacy and disability law – and can leave schools unsure how to act. This week's shootings at Virginia Tech...

Christian Science Monitor
Oct 26, 2003 In College and in Despair

QUOTE: "If a student says, `I'm going to jump,' we will err on the side of protecting them, rather than respecting their confidentiality..."

New York Times