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Open Book Alliance

Self Description

May 2010: "The mass digitization of books promises to bring tremendous value to consumers, libraries, scholars, and students. The Open Book Alliance will work to advance and protect this promise. And, by protecting it, we will assert that any mass book digitization and publishing effort be open and competitive. The process of achieving this promise must be undertaken in the open, grounded in sound public policy and mindful of the need to promote long-term benefits for consumers rather than isolated commercial interests.

The Open Book Alliance will counter Google, the Association of American Publishers and the Authors’ Guild’s scheme to monopolize the access, distribution and pricing of the largest digital database of books in the world. To this end, we will promote fair and flexible solutions aimed at achieving a more robust and open system."

Third-Party Descriptions

May 2010: 'AT&T is Google’s staunchest foe in the battle over “net neutrality,” a term used by Google and others who fear that telecommunications providers might throttle bandwidth for certain Internet services, discouraging innovation. Microsoft provides e-mail and other services in competition with Google and has a rival search engine, Bing, which controls 11.8 percent of the market in the United States. (Google has 64.4 percent, and Yahoo 17.7 percent, according to comScore.) Microsoft is also a paying member, along with and Yahoo, of the Open Book Alliance, a group founded by Mr. Reback to oppose the Google Books settlement.'

May 2010: "Gary Reback said his Open Book Alliance, whose members include Microsoft, Yahoo and Amazon, think Google has unfairly precluded competition in the digital book market through a settlement that gives it first dibs on millions of titles."


RoleNameTypeLast Updated
Member (past or present) Organization May 9, 2010
Opponent (past or present) Google Organization May 9, 2010
Member (past or present) Microsoft Corporation Organization May 9, 2010
Member (past or present) Yahoo! Organization May 9, 2010
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Gary Reback Esq. Person May 9, 2010

Articles and Resources

Date Resource Read it at:
May 21, 2010 Sure, It’s Big. But Is That Bad?

QUOTE: “The government is finally onto the notion that they have to start asking questions about Google,” he said. “Google started off saying they were going to treat everything on the Web neutrally. That is the basis on which they secured dominance. And now they’ve changed the rules.”

New York Times
May 09, 2010 Consumer Watchdog targets Google

QUOTE: Too big to fail turned out to be wrong for banks and other corporations. But don't tell that to Google, which has quickly expanded into making smartphones, mapping streets of the world, streaming videos, connecting friends and selling digital books....Federal regulators have launched a handful of investigations of the Internet behemoth -- which dominates Web search -- to ensure it doesn't unfairly hurt competitors and consumers in its feeding frenzy of online businesses. So far, there hasn't been a full antitrust review of the variety that hobbled Microsoft, AT&T and Standard Oil.

Washington Post