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Roger Bowler

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April 2010: "Roger Bowler founded the Hercules open source project about 11 years ago, and more recently he started TurboHercules in an attempt to make money from his work. The French company's software is an emulator that allows IBM's mainframe z/OS operating system to run on commodity servers."


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Cooperation (past or present) Opponent (past or present) IBM Corporation (International Business Machines) Organization Apr 21, 2010

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Apr 15, 2010 Has IBM turned its back on open source?

QUOTE: Consider the case of IBM versus TurboHercules, a tiny open source company trying to make a living selling mainframe emulator software. TurboHercules and its supporters claim that IBM is using its considerable patent muscle to stifle competition and browbeat the little company and, by extension, the open source community. IBM sees TuboHercules as a knockoff artist seeking to cash in on billions of dollars of Big Blue R&D and characterizes it as a Microsoft proxy.