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May 2008: 'But not all people of faith agree with the idea of blanket elimination of "enhanced interrogation techniques." Some argue that rules may have to be suspended temporarily under extreme circumstances. Others have begun suggesting that elements of "just war" theory can justify certain techniques, according to Jean Bethke Elshtain, professor of social and political ethics at the University of Chicago Divinity School. As in the case where a military target is hit legitimately although civilians nearby might be harmed, the idea is that the intention is not to harm the person but to ultimately save lives.'


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Employee/Freelancer/Contractor (past or present) University of Chicago Organization Dec 16, 2008

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May 08, 2008 Faith groups mount campaign against torture: They're protesting Bush administration policies. But polls show Americans are split on the issue.

QUOTE: More than 175 religious organizations have joined the National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT). Their aim is to build a moral consensus among Americans on the issue and to bring government policies in line with US law and international norms.

Christian Science Monitor
Apr 15, 2003 Just War Against Terror :Ethics And The Burden Of American Power In A Violent World


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