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January 2006: Administration officials, already racing to fix other glitches in the new drug program, yesterday pointed the finger back at drugmakers, saying there are a variety of legal ways to assist low-income patients. If a drug company's patient assistance program ends, 'that's the manufacturer's decision,' said Mark McClellan, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. He said drugmakers could continue their patient assistance programs as long as they remain separate from Medicare or contribute money to charities that help poor patients.

January 2006: Dr. Mark B. McClellan, administrator of the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said on Saturday that he was working closely with states to address their concerns and to help individual patients. 'We are filling close to a million prescriptions a day, including hundreds of thousands for low-income beneficiaries,' Dr. McClellan said. 'Many, many people are getting the prescriptions they need.'

November 2005: A report by the independent Government Accountability Office also said senior FDA officials, including then-Commissioner Mark B. McClellan, were actively involved in the politically sensitive decision -- one of four aspects of the agency's actions that the investigators called 'unusual.'


RoleNameTypeLast Updated
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Organization Jan 8, 2006
Organization Head/Leader (past or present) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Organization

Articles and Resources

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Jul 12, 2007 Some Chronically Ill Adults Wait for Medicare

QUOTE: “[The study] shows how unfair our system is,” said Louise Russell, a research professor at the Institute for Health at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J.“These people were not getting care...

New York Times
Aug 03, 2006 Scaling Back Changes to Medicare Payments

QUOTE: Under intense pressure from health care lobbyists and lawmakers, the Bush administration says it will scale back and delay proposed changes in Medicare payments to hospitals that would have created clear winners and losers.

New York Times
May 13, 2006 GOP Wavers On Penalties In Medicare Drug Plan

QUOTE: key Republicans are examining ways to remove or reduce financial penalties the Bush administration plans to charge people who try to join the program after the enrollment cutoff...

Washington Post
May 04, 2006 Study Finds Medicare Operators Often Give Bad Information

QUOTE: an independent review has found that Medicare's telephone operators frequently give callers false or incomplete information...investigators for the Government Accountability Office placed 500 calls to 1-800-MEDICARE and found that about one-third resulted in faulty information or none at all.

Washington Post
Mar 17, 2006 Medicare Rates to Be Posted

QUOTE: Within a few weeks, the Bush administration plans to publish the prices Medicare pays for common medical procedures, a move that advocates for the poor say will pressure hospitals to give uninsured patients the discounts provided to people with insurance.

Washington Post
Mar 13, 2006 Pharmacists Say Drug Plan Threatens Their Income

QUOTE: Pharmacists say they have been losing money under Medicare's new prescription drug benefit...many independent pharmacies might have to shut their doors because they were not being paid adequately or promptly under Medicare.

New York Times
Feb 04, 2006 Generic Drugs Hit Backlog At FDA: No Plans to Expand Review Capabilities

QUOTE: "The branded industry has to be delighted by this backlog," said Jake Hansen, vice president for government affairs for Barr Laboratories Inc., a maker of generic drugs. "If they can't stop competition in the courts, stopping it as applications go through the regulatory process is just as effective..."

Washington Post
Jan 27, 2006 Drugmakers to Cut Off Some Free Prescriptions: Seniors, Disabled Face Big Financial Crunch

QUOTE: Several of the nation's largest drug manufacturers say they will no longer provide free or discounted medications to low-income elderly and disabled patients because they should be covered by the new Medicare drug benefit.

Washington Post
Jan 08, 2006 States Intervene After Drug Plan Hits Early Snags

QUOTE: Low-income Medicare beneficiaries around the country were often overcharged, and some were turned away from pharmacies without getting their medications, in the first week of Medicare's new drug benefit. The problems have prompted emergency action by some states to protect their citizens.

New York Times
Jan 06, 2006 Medicare Officials' Attendance at Lavish Contractor Meetings Probed

QUOTE: Medicare officials responsible for overseeing $300 million awarded annually to private contractors regularly attended conferences sponsored by the groups at lavish beach and mountain resorts..."appeared to be more of a party than a diligent working meeting."

Washington Post
Nov 15, 2005 Review of 'Plan B' Pill Is Faulted: Report Calls FDA Actions 'Unusual'

QUOTE: Senior Food and Drug Administration officials were told that the application to sell the "morning-after pill" without prescription was going to be rejected before the staff completed its scientific review...

Washington Post
Jun 08, 2005 Drug Safety Panel Is Criticized: Efforts to Protect Consumers at Risk, Say Senator, FDA Official

QUOTE: drug safety board established by the Food and Drug Administration...will actually set back efforts to improve the safety of the medications Americans take and will not make it any easier to take dangerous drugs off the market...

Washington Post
May 12, 2005 Memo May Have Swayed Plan B Ruling: FDA Received 'Minority Report' From Conservative Doctor on Panel

QUOTE: ...critics of the agency said it had ignored scientific evidence and yielded to pressure from social conservatives. The agency denied the charge, but an outspoken evangelical conservative doctor on the panel subsequently acknowledged in a previously unreported public sermon that he was asked to write a memo to the FDA commissioner soon after the panel voted 23 to 4 in favor of over-the-counter sales of the contraceptive, called Plan B.

Washington Post
Mar 08, 2005 Report Says Medicaid Overpays for Drugs

QUOTE: Federal health officials are not enforcing a law that requires drug companies to cut their prices on drugs bought for poor people under Medicaid...

New York Times
Aug 11, 2004 Health Plan That Cuts Costs Raises Doctors' Ire

QUOTE: The that 'we have a health care financing system where the incentives are totally misaligned.'...'Often financial incentives are set up to reward more office visits and more complications,' Dr. McClellan said.

New York Times
Oct 22, 2003 Lax System Allows Criminals To Invade the Supply Chain

QUOTE: At a time when more Americans are relying on medication, their chances of receiving a drug that is fake, diluted or mislabeled have never been so great.

Washington Post
Jul 11, 2003 FDA Eases Rules On Touting Food As Healthful

QUOTE: The FDA action follows years of lobbying by the food industry for broader discretion in making claims that their products can help promote good health and reduce the risk of particular diseases.

Washington Post
Jul 10, 2003 F.D.A. Announces Label Requirement for Artery-Clogger

QUOTE: If people eat foods high in trans fat and there is no warning label and then they have a heart attack at some point, there has to be legal liability.

New York Times
Apr 14, 2003 Internet Ads Promising Cures or Protection

QUOTE: Entrepreneurship may be the pulse of the American economy, but federal health officials warn that consumers should be wary of claims like these and unswayed by companies that seem to be playing on fear.

New York Times
Nov 25, 2001 Administration Revising Its Drug Discount Proposal

QUOTE: The lawsuit against the administration was filed by the National Association of Chain Drug Stores and the National Community Pharmacists Association. The organizations said their members would suffer financial harm because most of the discounts would be extracted from them. In addition, drugstores said they would lose Medicare customers if they did not cut prices to the levels specified in the federal program.

New York Times