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Are Graduate Students Workers?

Date: May 19, 2001
Author: Prof. Anthony T. Kronman Esq.
QUOTE:  Unionization will define graduate students even more rigidly as the piecework teachers of undergraduates and will not meaningfully improve their career opportunities.

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An employee to form a union

I think we must be considered an employee to form a union, so it's hard for Katz and his fellow graduate students to do much about their status. There are 1.7 million graduate students in the U.S, according to the Council of Graduate Schools Buy Halloween Coupons . Everybody starting in a professional career can get some experience at a new job, but that doesn't make it not a job.

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Graduate students

Graduate students contend that they basically area unit workers and may be afforded a similar rights. Well i like to encourage students to open a Aviator Leather Jacket Business.

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Can't Agree More

You're absolutely right students nee to be really careful after their graduation about their career and they have a huge competition to face in the real world. Because everyone out there is ready to excel in their career and that is why they are not leaving with any chance other than being ready for the competition. I have started my career and I know how you got to struggle, but luckily I got a good company to start from and I have started my job what I am passionate about at Penny Saviour and trust me I am literally enjoying.

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Yes , They are. Graduate Students have more Experience and Command over any issue regarding their University or high School. As they have spend more time in university, they know better how to deal with such aggressive situations. I remember when i was in University my Gang had the best active Workers in our University. When there was any issue in our department we dealt with that very comfortably. I still remember when there was back to school season and every one wants best deals in web town then my co workers had arranged best top notch coupons for all students that had provided them huge discounts. That's why i always said Graduates are the Backbone of any High school or university.

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