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Hip-hop tries to break image of violence

Date: November 14, 2002
Author: Alexandra Marks
QUOTE: At the core of their campaign is a conviction that amounts to heresy in some quarters of the rap world: that artistic images do influence behavior, especially when it comes to young people, and that the industry has a responsibility to counter the glorification of guns and street hustling with a realistic message that empowers kids, rather than landing them in jail.

ABSTRACT: Some members of the hip-hop community are trying to transform its image because they believe that violence and hip-hop have begun to go hand in hand, especially since many stars in the industry glorify the gangster lifestyle in their music. New focus on youth education and awareness put forth by prominent hip-hop artists will demonstrate the consequences of leading such violent lifestyles. But some disagree with this movement, stating that there has been no proven correlation between depicted violence and actual violence, thus making it easy to see hip-hop as the problem instead of the violence associated with it.
--- C. Heimbuch-Skaley

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