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Partisan Politics at Work Criticized: Federal Employees Used as a 'Prop' in Bush Reelection Campaign in Violation of Hatch Act, Union Charges

Date: October 5, 2004
Author: Christopher Lee
QUOTE: ...federal employees cannot engage in political activity while on duty, use their official authority to influence an election, solicit money for a partisan candidate or run as a candidate for partisan office.

ABSTRACT: Congress passed the 1939 Hatch Act to keep politics out of the federal workplace, to ensure that taxpayer resources are not used to serve partisan campaigns, and to protect employees from being coerced into voting for a particular candidate. In the midst of the 2004 presidential campaign, federal union officials have voiced concern that the agency responsible for enforcing the Hatch Act has not been aggressive in pursuing violations that favor President Bush. A White House spokesperson called the allegations unfounded.

--- Patrick Clark

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