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May 28, 2013 WHO calls Middle Eastern virus, MERS, ‘threat to the entire world’ as death toll rises: The SARS-like virus has so far killed 24 people, more than half of those diagnosed.

QUOTE: ...the WHO says that more than half of the people who have been diagnosed with MERS have died. The organization said that 24 of 44 confirmed MERS cases have ended in death. In a move that might complicate finding a vaccine, Dutch scientists have taken the unusual step of patenting the killer virus.

New York Daily News
Dec 26, 2011 Debate Persists on Deadly Flu Made Airborne

QUOTE: The discovery has led advisers to the United States government, which paid for the research, to urge that the details be kept secret and not published in scientific journals to prevent the work from being replicated by terrorists, hostile governments or rogue scientists. Journal editors are taking the recommendation seriously, even though they normally resist any form of censorship.

New York Times
Jul 14, 2011 U.S.: Catching bin Laden justifies CIA vaccination ruse (The Chart)

QUOTE: A senior U.S. official on Thursday acknowledged CIA involvement in a vaccination campaign in Pakistan, but said it was a legitimate piece of the strategy for catching Osama bin Laden....the aid group Doctors Without Borders issued a statement calling the CIA’s involvement, “a dangerous abuse of medical care.”

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jul 01, 2011 The Unselfish Gene

QUOTE: Why is this deep-rooted belief about human selfishness beginning to change? To some extent, the answer is specific to evolutionary biology. But similar ideas challenging the notion that people are born selfish have surfaced in several other fields, such as psychology, sociology, political science, and experimental economics. Together, these ideas are tracing a new intellectual arc in the disciplines concerned with human action and motivation.

Harvard Business Review (HBR)
Jun 28, 2011 DNA tests provide the poop on bad dog owners

QUOTE: among a growing number of apartment complexes implementing PooPrints. That's a program that matches samples of unclaimed dog waste to DNA collected through pets' mandatory mouth swabs in the hope of imposing greater responsibility among pet owners.

CNN (Cable News Network)
May 16, 2011 Nice Guys Finish First

QUOTE: Different interpretations of evolution produce different ways of analyzing the world. The selfish-competitor model fostered the utility-maximizing model that is so prevalent in the social sciences, particularly economics....But if cooperation permeates our nature, then so does morality, and there is no escaping ethics, emotion and religion in our quest to understand who we are and how we got this way.

New York Times
May 27, 2010 Safety Rules Can’t Keep Up With Biotech Industry

QUOTE: the estimated 232,000 employees in the nation’s most sophisticated biotechnology labs work amid imponderable hazards. And some critics say the modern biolab often has fewer federal safety regulations than a typical blue-collar factory.

New York Times
May 14, 2010 Genetically Engineered Distortions

QUOTE: genetic engineering can be used not just to modify major commodity crops in the West, but also to improve a much wider range of crops that can be grown in difficult conditions throughout the world. Doing that also requires opponents to realize that by demonizing the technology, they’ve hindered applications of genetic engineering that could save lives and protect the environment.

New York Times
Apr 21, 2010 Tribe Wins Fight to Limit Research of Its DNA

QUOTE: Seven years ago, the Havasupai Indians, who live amid the turquoise waterfalls and red cliffs miles deep in the Grand Canyon, issued a “banishment order” to keep Arizona State University employees from setting foot on their reservation — an ancient punishment for what they regarded as a genetic-era betrayal....their blood samples had been used to study many other things, including mental illness and theories of the tribe’s geographical origins that contradict their traditional stories.

New York Times
Nov 18, 2009 DNA Testing Firm Goes Bankrupt; Who Gets the Data? (Threat Level)

QUOTE: An Icelandic firm that offers private DNA testing to customers has filed for bankruptcy in the U.S., raising privacy concerns about the fate of customer DNA samples and records, according to the Times of London.

Sep 23, 2009 Is birth control the answer to environmental ills? (60-Second Science)

QUOTE: Who gets to set the limiting number for population growth? Who are the targets of restrained fertility and is this just? And, ultimately, is there an ideal number for human population on this planet?

Scientific American
Sep 16, 2009 Should cheetahs be reintroduced in India? (60-Second Science)

QUOTE: controversial efforts are underway to return the cheetah to India...

Scientific American
Sep 04, 2009 Ethics scrutiny needed for Chinese–European projects: Panel calls for joint advisory body to monitor research.

QUOTE: Biomedical research collaborations between Europe and China need greater ethical oversight to combat unregulated stem-cell therapies and prevent the exploitation of clinical-trial participants.

Sep 02, 2009 Pain-free animals could take suffering out of farming

QUOTE: might "pain-free" be the next sticker slapped onto a rump roast? As unlikely as that may seem, progress in neuroscience and genetics in recent years makes it a very real possibility. In fact, according to one philosopher, we have an ethical duty to consider the option.

New Scientist
Sep 02, 2009 GM crops: Battlefield: Papers suggesting that biotech crops might harm the environment attract a hail of abuse from other scientists. Emily Waltz asks if the critics fight fair.

QUOTE: some scientists say that this activity [attacking papers that criticize genetically modified crops] may be going beyond what is acceptable in scientific discussions, trampling important research questions and stifling debate.

Aug 31, 2009 Keeping genes out of terrorists' hands: Gene-synthesis industry at odds over how to screen DNA orders.

QUOTE: A standards war is brewing in the gene-synthesis industry. At stake is the way that the industry screens orders for hazardous toxins and genes

Aug 20, 2009 Flu shot guidelines criticized: Mathematical model suggests that US experts got their priorities wrong.

QUOTE: The US policy for which groups should be the first to receive influenza vaccines is not the most effective strategy to limit the spread of swine flu, according to a paper published online today in Science.

Aug 20, 2009 A question of sex: Nature explains the science behind the latest gender row in sport.

QUOTE: Here, Nature looks at the science behind the latest gender row [Caster Semenya] to hit sport.

Aug 18, 2009 You Say “Solution,” I Say “Pollution:” Ocean Fertilization is a Fishy Solution to a Whale of a Problem

QUOTE: There are many compelling scientific arguments both for and against geoengineering via ocean fertilization... But even if our best science indicates that ocean fertilization will succeed, there are clear ethical reasons to rule it out...

Science Progress
Aug 11, 2009 Salvia on Schedule: Law, Medicine and a Hallucinogen: Scheduling the mind-altering herb as a controlled substance could slow medical research

QUOTE: As the source of the most powerful natural hallucinogen known, salvia is drawing scrutiny from U.S. authorities who want to restrict this Mexican herb... But neuro­scientists worry that controlling it before studies have determined its safety profile is premature and could hamper research of the drug's medicinal value.

Scientific American
Jul 23, 2009 Scientists Breed Mice From Skin Cells in China: Development May Offer an Alternative to Controversial Embryonic Stem Cells

QUOTE: Chinese scientists have bred mice from cells that might offer an alternative to embryonic stem cells, producing the most definitive evidence yet that the technique could help sidestep many of the explosive ethical issues engulfing the controversial field but raising alarm that the advance could lead to human cloning and designer babies.

Washington Post
Jul 21, 2009 Baseball’s Use of DNA Raises Questions

QUOTE: Confronted with cases of identity and age falsification by Latin American baseball prospects, Major League Baseball is conducting genetic testing on some promising young players and their parents.

New York Times
Jul 09, 2009 Plan to restore rare trout sparks protests

QUOTE: The [trout restoration] plan calls for the poison rotenone to be used along 11 miles of Silver King Creek, its tributaries and Tamarack Lake Creek.

Jun 29, 2009 Saving Species No Longer a Beauty Contest: Homely Creatures Receiving More Help

QUOTE: [endangered species] funding is supposed to be parceled out to those [endangered species] most at risk, and species at the center of legal fights. But budget data show the beautiful and the edible are still coming out on top. The top 50 best-funded species include salmon, trout, sea turtles, eagles, bears -- and just one insect and no plants.

Washington Post
Jun 27, 2009 Grant System Leads Cancer Researchers to Play It Safe

QUOTE: One major impediment, scientists agree, is the grant system itself. It has become a sort of jobs program, a way to keep research laboratories going year after year with the understanding that the focus will be on small projects unlikely to take significant steps toward curing cancer.

New York Times
May 28, 2009 Glowing Green Monkeys Illustrate Important but Controversial Advance

QUOTE: Japanese researchers added genes that caused the animals to glow green under an ultraviolet light....But because the work marks the first time members of a species so closely related to humans have had their genetic makeup permanently altered, the research set off alarms that it marked a troubling step toward applying such techniques to people...

Washington Post
Dec 23, 2008 A Highly Evolved Propensity for Deceit

QUOTE: Deceitful behavior has a long and storied history in the evolution of social life, and the more sophisticated the animal, it seems, the more commonplace the con games, the more cunning their contours. In a comparative survey of primate behavior, Richard Byrne and Nadia Corp of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland found a direct relationship between sneakiness and brain size.

New York Times
Sep 19, 2008 McCain Equates Embryos and Fetuses in Stem Cell Statement

QUOTE: though the bill was unanimously approved in the House and Senate, its sponsors were criticized for failing to make clear that "fetal farming" doesn't exist....For McCain to revive the language of "fetal farming," say bioethicists, was misleading.

Aug 22, 2008 Fish Tale Has DNA Hook: Students Find Bad Labels

QUOTE: a freelance science project in which they checked 60 samples of seafood using a simplified genetic fingerprinting technique to see whether the fish New Yorkers buy is what they think they are getting. They found that one-fourth of the fish samples with identifiable DNA were mislabeled.

New York Times
May 20, 2008 Hybrid Embryo Research Endorsed

QUOTE: Hundreds of British scientists and medical organizations support the process and say it is necessary because of a shortage of human eggs and embryos for research. Cardinal Keith O'Brien, a leading figure in the Catholic Church, had described the research as a "monstrous attack on human rights, human dignity and human life." He said the bill would allow experiments of "Frankenstein proportion."

Washington Post
May 19, 2008 World Aid Agencies Faulted in Food Crisis: Failure to Support Agriculture Cited

QUOTE: Wade's broadside is part of a backlash against multilateral organizations that were created after World War II -- including the FAO, the World Bank and the World Food Program -- tasked with weaving together a safety net for the world's poorest. The recent spike in food prices has ripped a massive tear in that net, triggering riots around the world and threatening to plunge more than 100 million people into extreme poverty.

Washington Post
May 16, 2008 Cleared by DNA, man tries to reclaim his life

QUOTE: Woodard was convicted of raping and murdering his girlfriend in 1981 and sentenced to life in prison. He was released on April 29, the 17th Dallas County inmate to be exonerated by DNA testing.

CNN (Cable News Network)
May 09, 2008 Debate on analyzing 'cold hit' DNA matches swirls in case before California Supreme Court

QUOTE: A long-time scientific controversy centers on how to calculate the probability that such a match would be the result of coincidence.

Los Angeles Times
Apr 23, 2008 Congress Near Deal on Genetic Test Bias Bill

QUOTE: Congress reached an agreement clearing the way for a bill to prohibit discrimination by employers and health insurers on the basis of genetic tests.

New York Times
Mar 25, 2008 Genetic Testing Gets Personal: Firms Sell Answers On Health, Even Love

QUOTE: This is the world of direct-to-consumer genetic testing, a peculiar mix of modern science, old-fashioned narcissism and innovative entrepreneurialism, all made possible by the government-sponsored Human Genome Project...The trend has critics warning that the market is becoming rife with hype. The field is effectively free of regulatory oversight, watchdogs note, and much of the science behind the results is still sketchy.

Washington Post
Feb 25, 2008 Insurance Fears Lead Many to Shun DNA Tests

QUOTE: The first, much-anticipated benefits of personalized medicine are being lost or diluted for many Americans who are too afraid that genetic information may be used against them to take advantage of its growing availability.

New York Times
Jan 30, 2008 Questioning the Allure of Putting Cells in the Bank

QUOTE: ...some experts say consumers should think twice before spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on [banking stem sells]...because it is not clear how useful such cells will be. “In the stem cell area, we have a problem with truth in advertising,” said [one expert]. “Some of these companies are skirting right on the edge of what’s truthful and what’s vaporware.”

New York Times
Jan 18, 2008 Growth of Genetic Tests Concerns Federal Panel

QUOTE: The science of genetic tests is marching ahead...What is not keeping up is regulation and oversight, according to a federal advisory panel. The panel concluded that a growing number of the tests are being marketed with claims that are unproved, ambiguous, false or misleading.

New York Times
Nov 20, 2007 Scientists Bypass Need for Embryo to Get Stem Cells

QUOTE: Researchers and ethicists not involved in the findings say the work should reshape the stem cell field. At some time in the near future, they said, today’s debate over whether it is morally acceptable to create and destroy human embryos to obtain stem cells should be moot.

New York Times
Nov 20, 2007 Are Scientists Playing God? It Depends on Your Religion

QUOTE: Asia offers researchers new labs, fewer restrictions and a different view of divinity and the afterlife. In South Korea, when Hwang Woo Suk reported creating human embryonic stem cells through cloning, he did not apologize for offending religious taboos. He justified cloning by citing his Buddhist belief in recycling life through reincarnation.

New York Times
Nov 07, 2007 New Jersey Voters Defeat Stem Cell Measure

QUOTE: Supporters had argued that the borrowing would help pay for research that could help deliver New Jersey from financial distress by bringing additional tax revenue and tens of thousands of jobs to the state. Critics, by contrast, said that New Jersey could not afford to add to the state’s surging debt load of $30 billion.

New York Times
Oct 11, 2007 Proposal in France to Test Some Immigrants’ DNA

QUOTE: Instead, the initiative has been vilified for contradicting France’s protective family and privacy laws and for stirring up memories of the ugliest period of modern French history, the collaborationist Vichy government during the Nazi occupation.

New York Times
Oct 01, 2007 Exoneration Using DNA Brings Change in Legal System

QUOTE: But some law enforcement officials oppose some of the changes, saying they create legal minefields for the police and prosecutors. Any deviation from the new standards, no matter how minor, could be taken up by defense lawyers in an appeal, the critics say.

New York Times
Sep 11, 2007 A Genetic Test That Very Few Need, Marketed to the Masses

QUOTE: Critics say that advertising such a complex screening test to the general population might create unnecessary anxiety among women and lead to overuse of the test, which costs $3,120.

New York Times
Sep 06, 2007 Despite DNA Test, Prosecutor Is Retrying Case

QUOTE: This is the first time prosecutors have sought a new capital murder trial after a conviction was overturned by DNA evidence, said Peter Neufeld, director of the Innocence Project, a legal aid group based in New York that has used DNA testing to exonerate the wrongly convicted since 1992. Usually such cases are simply dropped.

New York Times
Jul 31, 2007 In Games, an Insight Into the Rules of Evolution

QUOTE: When biologists speak of cooperation, they speak more broadly than the rest of us. Cooperation is what happens when someone or something gets a benefit because someone or something else pays a cost. The benefit can take many forms, like money or reproductive success....In recent papers, Dr. Nowak has argued that cooperation is one of the three basic principles of evolution.

New York Times
Jul 15, 2007 Your Gamete, Myself

QUOTE: With egg donation, science has succeeded in, if not extending women’s fertility, at least making an end run around it .... Still, many question the morality of egg donation.

New York Times
Apr 08, 2007 Re: Framing: How to Confine the Plants of the Future?

QUOTE: As in past debates over genetically modified crops, biotech developers say that the benefits outweigh the risks, and that the risks are manageable. Critics question the benefits, and say the risk of a contaminated and potentially toxic food supply is untenable.

New York Times
Mar 09, 2007 The Brain on the Stand

QUOTE: The influence of what some call neurolaw is clearly growing. Neuroscientific evidence has persuaded jurors to sentence defendants to life imprisonment rather than to death; .... Should courts be in the business of deciding when to mitigate someone’s criminal responsibility because his brain functions improperly, whether because of age, in-born defects or trauma? As we learn more about criminals’ brains, will we have to redefine our most basic ideas of justice?

New York Times
Mar 05, 2007 The Dangers of DNA Testing: Its increasing use opens a Pandora's Box of privacy issues and is unfairly skewed toward certain groups

QUOTE: As Hamlet said, "Aye, there's the rub." Once DNA is collected and stored, future technologies can be retroactively applied against the genetic material, causing unforeseen privacy problems for many years to come.


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