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Jun 15, 2010 Evidence of Plans for Kyrgyz Violence

QUOTE: Violence ebbed on Tuesday and people began emerging from their barricaded homes in Kyrgyzstan’s ethnically torn south, as evidence mounted that days of brutal bloodletting had been deliberately organized to ignite long-running tensions between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks.

New York Times
May 27, 2010 South Korea’s Collective Shrug

QUOTE: Most people now accept North Korea’s responsibility for the sinking that killed Mr. Mun and 45 other sailors....[South Koreans'] urge to give the North Koreans the benefit of the doubt is in marked contrast to the public fury that erupted after the killings of two South Korean schoolgirls by an American military vehicle in 2002...

New York Times
Oct 23, 2009 Why Angry British Voters Are Tuning In to Bigots (Viewpoint)

QUOTE: the sense of grievance... is widely held, and is especially potent among white, working-class Britons, who believe they are in competition with immigrants and minorities for limited jobs and resources, and that the political classes give preferential treatment to those groups.

Time Magazine
Sep 18, 2009 Frustrations Grow Among Slovakia's Hungarian Minority

QUOTE: fully five years after Hungary and Slovakia joined the European Union, Bratislava and Budapest suddenly find themselves squabbling over the ethnic Hungarian minority [in Slovakia].

Der Spiegel
Jul 15, 2009 Why some Israeli soldiers are disillusioned by Gaza tactics

QUOTE: Israeli combatants in the Gaza war against Hamas were told by commanders to minimize their own casualties even if it meant risking the lives of Palestinian civilians, a group of Israeli soldiers have alleged.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 11, 2009 China's flood of fortune seekers unsettles Xinjiang: Opportunities found by one group -- the Han -- and lost by another -- the Uighurs -- are behind the violence in China's far west.

QUOTE: The Uighurs, a Turkic people whose majority here [Xinjiang] has been slipping away, complain that the outsiders are gobbling up the best jobs. Many employers here refuse to hire Uighurs for even the most menial positions, whether picking cotton or working in mines.

Los Angeles Times
Jun 25, 2009 The Voting Rights Act: Sacred, or outdated

QUOTE: Critics raise two objections. Draconian federal control of local electoral rules was justified in 1965, they say, but not now. Also, the Voting Rights Act has been interpreted to require states to cobble together majority-black voting districts wherever possible.

Sep 02, 2008 City Room: Solidarity for Korean Grocers

QUOTE: ...Korean produce merchants in New York City have often found themselves in conflict with white wholesale distributors, black customers and labor unions representing Hispanic employees, according to a new book by a Queens College sociologist....Among the most interesting insights in the book are Dr. Min’s explanation for why “Korean-black conflicts, which peaked in the later 1980s and early 1990s, have almost disappeared since the mid-1990s,” and his descriptions of how Korean grocers organized themselves to gain more leverage in their dealings with white wholesalers at the Hunts Point Market in the Bronx.

New York Times
Mar 31, 2008 Who Are We? New Dialogue on Mixed Race

QUOTE: Being accepted. Proving loyalty. Navigating the tight space between racial divides. Americans of mixed race say these are issues they have long confronted, and when Senator Barack Obama recently delivered a speech about race in Philadelphia, it rang with a special significance in their ears.

New York Times
Mar 05, 2008 Ban on Using Nationality to Exclude Jurors Is Upheld

QUOTE: Affirming a magistrate’s ruling, [a federal] judge concluded last week that prosecutors cannot exclude prospective jurors solely on the basis of their national origin.

New York Times
Aug 10, 2006 Kyrgyz Deportations Draw U.N. Rebuke: Five Who Fled 2005 Uzbek Crackdown Could Face Abuse, Refugee Official Says

QUOTE: Five people who fled the Uzbek city of Andijan to neighboring Kyrgyzstan last year during a deadly government crackdown were turned over to Uzbekistan on Wednesday. The decision drew swift condemnation from the United Nations and human rights groups...their deportation violated international law.

Washington Post
May 15, 2006 Israelis Kill Islamic Jihad Leader in Arrest Attempt

QUOTE: Israel's high court, meanwhile, upheld a law that sharply restricts the rights of Palestinians married to Israelis to live in Israel....Critics of the law contend it is designed in part to limit the Arab population of the Jewish state.

Washington Post
May 03, 2006 Va. Principal Issues Apology for Remarks: Linking Ethnicity and Cheating Was Wrong, Fairfax Leader Says

QUOTE: The outgoing principal of Fairfax County's elite Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology has apologized to students, parents and teachers for linking ethnicity to stealing and cheating by some students.

Washington Post
May 26, 2005 TV Stations Worry 'People Meters' Miss Minorities: Nielsen Asked to Delay New System

QUOTE: The parent companies...argue that preliminary results of the new Local People Meter system are not counting a disproportionate number of black and Hispanic households, as well as younger viewers and larger families.

Washington Post
Feb 23, 2005 High Court Rules Against Segregation in Prison: Calif. Policy Targeted Racial Violence

QUOTE: The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that California must abandon its policy of assigning inmates to racially segregated cells for as long as 60 days when they arrive at new prisons -- unless the state can prove it has no race-neutral way to prevent interracial violence.

Washington Post
Aug 29, 2004 'African-American' Becomes a Term for Debate

QUOTE: ...the growing number of foreign-born blacks in this Washington suburb and elsewhere inspires a quiet debate over who can claim the term "African-American," which has rapidly replaced "black" in much of the nation's political and cultural discourse.

New York Times
Jun 15, 2003 Affirmative Action Debate Forces Brazil to Take Look in the Mirror

QUOTE: Legal challenges to the State University of Rio's race-conscious admissions policy raise essentially the same fundamental question that is being raised in a Supreme Court case that challenges the University of Michigan's law school admissions standards: Who, ultimately, gets ahead?

Apr 06, 2003 Is This Really an All-Volunteer Army?

QUOTE: A small band of critics continues to maintain that the all-volunteer force — which is 30 years old this year — is all-volunteer in name only.

New York Times