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May 27, 2014 Will ‘Evidence’ Show Google Stole Money From Publishers?

QUOTE: There are a lot of claims by AdSense publishers who say Google has not paid them what they’re owed. Recently, a person claiming to be an ex-Google employee described (at length) a plot by the company to keep from having to pay publishers, and shutting down their accounts ahead of payment dates. Since then, a lot of people have said this happened to them, and a class action suit has been launched against the company.

Mar 04, 2013 List Price = Joke Price: 4 Examples of How Original Prices Are Meaningless

QUOTE: ...JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson came clean about how the store’s original prices were fake prices cooked up mainly to make the inevitable markdowns seem more impressive and tempting to shoppers. The strategy is known as “price anchoring,” and it’s standard practice....While the new system sounded great to many consumer advocates, it proved to be a failure with shoppers...

Time Magazine
Feb 25, 2013 Why I'm quitting Facebook

QUOTE: In my upcoming book "Present Shock," I chronicle some of what happens when we can no longer manage our many online presences. I have always argued for engaging with technology as conscious human beings and dispensing with technologies that take that agency away. Facebook is just such a technology. It does things on our behalf when we're not even there. It actively misrepresents us to our friends, and worse misrepresents those who have befriended us to still others.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Feb 29, 2012 Stop the ‘Do Not Track’ Madness

QUOTE: There are certainly aspects of our lives where genuinely intrusive practices can have serious detrimental impacts. But with so much in our world that needs attention, a misguided focus on web advertising personalization is not only irrational, but could ultimately undermine the “free services” basis of the web in ways that we could very soon come to severely regret.

Nov 26, 2011 Sure, Post a Review. But the Last Word Won’t Be Yours (The Haggler)

QUOTE: All the revenue comes from transport companies! With that in mind, should anyone trust the reviews on the site?

New York Times
May 07, 2011 In Rarity, a Player Speaks Out for Gay Rights

QUOTE: (Sean Avery) recently recorded a video, becoming one of only a few active athletes in American team sports to voice support for gay rights, and is believed to be the first in New York to publicly advocate for same-sex marriage... Homosexual slurs remain in use to insult opponents and officials.

New York Times
Dec 01, 2010 F.T.C. Backs Plan to Honor Privacy of Online Users

QUOTE: Saying that online companies have failed to protect the privacy of Internet users, the Federal Trade Commission recommended a broad framework for commercial use of Web consumer data, including a simple and universal “do not track” mechanism that would essentially give consumers the type of control they gained over marketers with the national “do not call” registry.

New York Times
Oct 28, 2010 Will the lawyers shut down the Web over privacy?

QUOTE: A class-action lawsuit accuses Google of leaking personal data to advertisers -- but would the Web survive if search engines and social networks really had to preserve your privacy?

Jun 09, 2010 Rise of the Richies

QUOTE: For career politicians, the worst nightmare would be a businessperson from the real world with a billion dollars and an open checkbook. Freddy Krueger is Michael Bloomberg.

New York Times
Apr 30, 2010 Google Gets Favorable Ruling In Rosetta Stone Case: Rosetta Stone loses case against Google

QUOTE: ...Rosetta Stone alleged that Google allowed third parties including individuals involved in software piracy to purchase the right to use Rosetta Stone trademarks or other terms confusingly similar in Google's Adwords advertising program.

Apr 16, 2010 Web Coupons Know a Lot About You, and They Tell

QUOTE: A new breed of coupon, printed from the Internet or sent to mobile phones, is packed with information about the customer who uses it. While the coupons look standard, their bar codes can be loaded with a startling amount of data, including identification about the customer, Internet address, Facebook page information and even the search terms the customer used to find the coupon in the first place.

New York Times
Feb 17, 2010 Google's Annual Rev. From Typosquatting Put At $497m: Search giant criticized over "ill-gotten" traffic, money

QUOTE: "Google's payments put the system in motion; squatters register domains exactly in anticipation of getting paid by Google."

Aug 04, 2009 CNN Calls on Cable Operators to Block Ad Critical of Lou Dobbs (Media Decoder)

QUOTE: A commercial critiquing CNN’s Lou Dobbs is being shown on Fox News and MSNBC this week — but not CNN.

New York Times
Jun 18, 2009 Internet Marketing: Is Regulation Coming?

QUOTE: Up to now the government has had a hands-off policy toward online marketing, giving companies relatively free rein in how they use tools that track what people do online and then use that data to deliver tailored marketing messages....Advocates of regulation say Internet companies need to be more up-front about their use of so-called behavioral targeting.

Jun 15, 2009 Advertising: Microsoft Sues Three in Click-Fraud Scheme

QUOTE: Microsoft said it found a pattern of click fraud on its search pages...Advertisers bid on what they will pay to appear in the paid-search results for certain keywords. The more an advertiser pays, the higher they are in that list, and advertisers usually pay for each click on their ad.

New York Times
May 18, 2009 City Room: American Apparel Settles Lawsuit With Woody Allen

QUOTE: Mr. Allen’s lawyers had asserted that the ads violated his longstanding policy of not making commercial endorsements, and damaged his reputation. Mr. Charney’s lawyers had maintained that the use of Mr. Allen’s image in a satirical or social context was protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution.

New York Times
Nov 28, 2008 Baidu Vows to Overhaul After Search Scandal

QUOTE: China's Internet search leader Baidu said on Friday it will overhaul operations after state media said it allowed unlicensed medical services to buy high search rankings to win more customers.

PC Magazine
Nov 15, 2008 Online Age Verification for Children Brings Privacy Worries

QUOTE: performing so-called age verification for children is fraught with challenges....Child-safety activists charge that some of the age-verification firms want to help Internet companies tailor ads for children. They say these firms are substituting one exaggerated threat — the menace of online sex predators — with a far more pervasive danger from online marketers like junk food and toy companies...

New York Times
Sep 30, 2008 Privacy 2.0: No Privacy at All

QUOTE: Google's limiting the length of time it keeps records on people? Big deal. Why the public puts up with any tracking whatsoever is a mystery to me.

PC Magazine
Aug 15, 2008 Google Privacy Practices Worse Than ISP Snooping, AT&T Charges

QUOTE: Online advertising networks -- particularly Google's -- are more dangerous than the fledgling plans and dreams of ISPs to install eavesdropping equipment inside their internet pipes to serve tailored ads to their customers, AT&T says...AT&T denies that it currently digs deep into the net habits of its users "for the purpose [of] developing a profile of a particular consumer's online behavior."

Jun 23, 2008 What Privacy Policy?

QUOTE: In response to a survey answered by 500 privacy and 900 marketing executives in industries ranging from health care to financial services, more than a third of marketing execs said they don't place any limits on the data they share with third parties, such as e-mail marketing agencies or online advertisers.

Jun 18, 2008 Report: NebuAd Forges Packets, Violates Net Standards

QUOTE: An online advertising firm called NebuAd that pays ISPs to let it eavesdrop on web users doesn't just passively record traffic, but actively injects fake packets into responses from other websites in order to deliver cookies to users, according to a technical report released by the advocacy groups Free Press and Public Knowledge on Wednesday.

May 27, 2008 Google Says You Can't Buy The Top Ad Spot: The ad clicker should benefit the most

QUOTE: Wealthy businesses and smaller operations all compete fairly when it comes to testing ad quality... Google plans to subject advertisers to landing page load time assessments.

Mar 20, 2008 A Push to Limit the Tracking of Web Surfers’ Clicks

QUOTE: [A new bill] would make it a crime — punishable by a fine to be determined — for certain Web companies to use personal information about consumers for advertising without their consent...“Should these companies be able to sell or use what’s essentially private data without permission? The easy answer is absolutely not,” said the assemblyman who sponsored the bill...

New York Times
Mar 18, 2008 Google’s Thin-Skinned Lawyers

QUOTE: Freedom of expression can be defined by what happens to the person with the most repugnant expression. Google may well find itself in a fight with someone printing information about the company or one of its executives that it strongly objects to. At that moment, in the middle of some drawn out battle, someone may be tempted to cut off the AdSense money to the offending site. At that moment, it could hold up the legal agreement as justification for that action.

New York Times
Feb 05, 2008 Dell suit reveals lucrative trade in domain names

QUOTE: Dell has accused the typosquatter defendants in its lawsuit of typosquatting and domain tasting and is claiming their profits as well as $100,000 per infringing domain used

Feb 01, 2008 Now showing: 'Hillary: The Movie' and election-law gripes: The film's creators dispute a finding that election rules apply to their promotional ads. Next stop: the Supreme Court.

QUOTE: In an appeal to the US Supreme Court, [a lawyer for Citizens United] argues that the three ads [for a documentary on Hillary Clinton] are not "electioneering communications" advocating the election or defeat of a particular candidate...For the FEC to impose disclosure and disclaimer requirements is an unconstitutional infringement of free speech, Mr. Bopp says.

Christian Science Monitor
Jan 09, 2008 Hey, Isn't That . . . People Are Doing Double-Takes, And Taking Action, As Web Snapshots Are Nabbed for Commercial Uses

QUOTE: Under the banner of "intellectual property," record labels warn you not to bootleg their songs. Hollywood studios warn you not to download their movies. Intellectual property has lately seemed the concern of corporations trying to protect the artist from the grabby public. But in an increasingly user-generated world where the public is the artist, sometimes it's the big boys who get grabby.

Washington Post
Sep 05, 2007 Neighbors hope to pull plug on digital billboards

QUOTE: Digital billboards are the latest trend in outdoor advertising, say billboard companies. They are taking hold in cities across the country, even as sign companies, federal regulators and opponents debate the legal status of the technology that makes them possible.

May 30, 2007 Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be E-mail Copywriters

QUOTE: most clients will pay $1,200 to $2,000 for a one-page printed direct mail letter of 350 words. Yet they expect the same message in an e-mail to cost $200 to $500, $700 at the most. The same thought process goes behind the writing, the same words are produced, but the creative fee is substantially less. Am I missing something?
Nov 04, 2006 Nielsen Puts Off New Way Of Tallying: Networks, Ad Firms Debate TiVo Factor

QUOTE: "Stuck in a squabble between the television networks and big ad agencies, Nielsen Media Research is postponing the rollout of an upgraded service that would more accurately measure how many people watch commercials, the company said yesterday."

Washington Post
Oct 20, 2006 Will Money Change Everything?

QUOTE: World of Warcraft (WoW) wants users to create :30 videos related to in-game products and events. What do winners get in return?....there's a small but growing trend toward monetizing user-generated content.
Sep 07, 2006 A White House Drug Deal Gone Bad: Sitting on the negative results of a study of anti-marijuana ads.

QUOTE: Five years and $43 million to show that a billion-dollar ad campaign doesn't work? That's bad. But perhaps worse, and as yet unreported, NIDA and the White House drug office sat on the Westat report for a year and a half beginning in early 2005—while spending $220 million on the anti-marijuana ads in fiscal years 2005 and 2006.

Aug 21, 2006 Targeting Likely Advocates With Web Ads

QUOTE: To trade groups hunting for legislative supporters, C.P.A. means Cost Per Advocate, and it refers to the amount they have to spend to sign up a single citizen-activist for their causes...Some people...see these efforts as manipulative, the kind of powerful tool that only wealthy interests can afford.

Washington Post
Jul 13, 2006 Google's Click-Fraud Crackdown

QUOTE: Click fraud has become a classic security arms race....How do you tell if there's an actual person sitting in front of a computer screen? How do you tell that the person is paying attention, hasn't automated his responses, and isn't being assisted by friends?

Jun 26, 2006 Marketers Say They Pay for Play in News Media

QUOTE: is generally accepted that magazine and newspaper articles, and television and radio news programs, do not accept payment for naming products. A recent survey, however, challenges that understanding.

New York Times
May 25, 2006 The Rich Get Richer: Google Needs Some Ad Sense

QUOTE: Google attracts advertisers like Luis with the idea that their ads will be cheaper because, frankly, they are selling something that is only thinly traded. The dream is that the system scales and scales fairly, only it isn't fair at all because if Amazon wants to advertise an equation editor USING EXACTLY THE SAME AD TEXT AND FORMATTING AS LUIS -- their words will cost 100 times less than the same words bought by Luis. It's not that Amazon (or any other big Google advertiser) has better copy writers, it is just that they sell a broader range of things.

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)
Mar 16, 2006 In Game of Click and Mouse, Advertisers Come Up Empty

QUOTE: pays only when people click on the links. After analyzing where and when each click came from, auditing firm ClickFacts Inc. estimated that 35 percent of the referrals that Radiator paid Google for stemmed from bogus traffic. Likewise, 17 percent of the leads that came from Yahoo search results were illegitimate.

Washington Post
Nov 09, 2005 Sarkozy Googles as Paris Riots: Ads on Google that direct Web surfers to a petition supporting hard-line Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy have ignited a political storm

QUOTE: ...Internet users who entered the French equivalents for such words as "riots," "burned cars," and "violence" into the French home page for search giant Google (GOOG ) got the usual list of free links. They also got a small advertisement, tucked into the upper right-hand corner of the page, directing them to a special Web site for the ruling French political party, the Union pour un Movement Populaire, or UMP. There, surfers were presented with an electronic petition expressing support for Sarkozy and his tough stance toward the rioters.

Sep 16, 2005 What's that billboard you're driving?

QUOTE: A company gives you a free car...The car has been transformed into a moving billboard...It might be a great deal. Or it could be a scam.
Aug 15, 2005 Spyware Heats Up the Debate Over Cookies

QUOTE: INTERNET users are taking back control of their computers, and online marketers and publishers are not pleased with the results...with the proliferation of antispyware programs that can delete unwanted cookies, they often cannot tell who has been to their Web site before or what they have seen.

New York Times
Jan 25, 2005 New Study Criticizes Painkiller Marketing: Arthritis Drug Ads A Factor in Overuse

QUOTE: A majority of the patients who were persuaded to use prescription arthritis drugs such as Celebrex and Vioxx would have done just as well on...cheaper medications and ...avoided the potential risks of heart attack and stroke...

Washington Post
Dec 14, 2004 Geico Wants To Restrict Google Ads: Company Criticizes Link to Searches

QUOTE: Geico Corp. yesterday urged a federal judge in Alexandria to issue an injunction prohibiting Internet giant Google Inc. from selling ads based on searches using the Washington insurance giant's name...

Washington Post
Oct 13, 2004 Click Fraud Threatens Web

QUOTE: fraud -- the practice of skewing pay-per-click advertising data by generating illegitimate hits....the FTC should take action.

Aug 29, 2004 Is the Food Industry the Problem or the Solution?

QUOTE: A new obsession of America's food, beverage and restaurant companies is thwarting childhood obesity.

New York Times
Apr 16, 2003 Security Biz Thrives on Fear

QUOTE: "...If no one harps on risk, no one will spend money on new worm-detection software, authentication systems, next-generation smartcards and consultants trained to detect the holes in corporate security systems."

Apr 02, 2003 Tobacco companies sue to stop California anti-smoking ads

QUOTE: Such [anti-smoking] ads, the suit argues, violate the rules established when voters approved the ballot measure, called Proposition 99...According to the lawsuit, the Department of Health Services ads "portray tobacco company employees and executives as loathsome persons motivated by cynicism, greed and malevolence..."

Philadelphia Inquirer
Mar 13, 2003 MTV Refuses Antiwar Commercial

QUOTE: MTV has refused to accept a commercial opposing a war in Iraq, citing a policy against advocacy spots that it says protects the channel from having to run ads from any cash-rich interest group whose cause may be loathsome.

New York Times
Jul 10, 2000 It Pays to Cheat, Not Surf

QUOTE: With the proliferation of "pay-to-surf" sites comes a growing number of users who are cheating the system.

Oct 20, 1999 A Whole Other Type of E-trade: Internet Firms Swap Ad Space, Then Count It As Revenue

QUOTE: In few cases do investors have any idea how big barter has become. Most companies that include barter deals in their reported revenue, like Sportsline, do not mention the practice in their earnings news releases. Only by reading far into a company's quarterly report to the Securities and Exchange Commission would an investor find disclosures about such transactions.

New York Times