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Dec 03, 2013 The Wedding Fix Is In

QUOTE: Wedding vendors seemed to be trying to size me up to figure out how much I’m willing to pay; consumer advocates say this is a common practice, as is charging more for a given service for a wedding than for a “family function” or “corporate event.”...forms of what economists call price discrimination; it sounds unfair, but it’s perfectly legal, and it’s easier to get away with in markets where there’s little price transparency and consumers are relatively uninformed.

New York Times
Nov 06, 2012 Study Looks at Bias in Celebration Penalty Calls

QUOTE: a study published in July in The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology by two researchers in psychology at Northwestern University tested the question of bias in unsportsmanlike conduct penalties called after touchdowns....“The same pattern of blacks being punished more than whites seems to hold true both in the N.F.L. and in this experiment,” Livingston said. “I would conclude that the results are generalizable to N.F.L. referees.”

New York Times
Jun 19, 2011 Miss Manners: Musician’s admirers are sometimes out of line

QUOTE: It never fails that at least one individual (or couple, and sometimes more), usually louder and more aggressive, will “break in line,” very quickly, to say something to me while I’m talking to or signing the CD of the person who’s been waiting in line. It seems impossible to ignore these interlopers, but I always feel guilty giving them this attention, because it extends even more the wait period for those still in line.

Washington Post
May 21, 2011 Not Going to the Chapel

QUOTE: I’m boycotting all heterosexual weddings. How utterly absurd to celebrate an institution that I am banned from in most of the country...Do devout evangelicals crash couple-swapping parties? Do undocumented immigrants march in Minuteman rallies?

New York Times
Mar 31, 2010 Imaginary Chats and Texts When a Quick Getaway Is in Order

QUOTE: As a group, these [iPhone] apps are puerile at worst, clever at best, and generally worth right around the buck or two you spend for a few minutes of fun. But in social situations where you are actually trying to shake someone, some of these apps may be worth far more.

New York Times
Dec 01, 2006 Fa-la-la-la-lawsuit. Fa-la-la-la-lawsuit.

QUOTE: most Americans are woefully unaware of the legal liability they assume when they agree to host a holiday gathering.

May 18, 2006 On the Web, College Athletes Acting Badly

QUOTE: plucked and collated the often disturbing photos from, a site where students post and share thousands of pictures covering a variety of persuade universities to enforce their antihazing policies.

New York Times
Feb 01, 2006 Splitting the Bill: A Great Divide

QUOTE: No matter how often Miss Manners points out that the decorous method is to take turns being the host (this had to be done coyly under the old system -- the lady offered a home-cooked meal or claimed to have been given theater tickets -- but it was done), some ladies insist on splitting every cost, while others never reciprocate. And some married couples never merge financially.

Washington Post
Dec 18, 2005 Ho Ho No!

QUOTE: Today's office party may feel just as compulsory, but is unlikely to be free...[Miss Manners's] only hope is to rescue people who are not having fun.

Washington Post
Nov 21, 2005 Beer, Boorishness in Stands Spoil Games for Some Fans

QUOTE: stadiums throughout the National Football League, some fans are disgusted with the obnoxious behavior in the stands, particularly by alcohol-fueled spectators. It has become so bad that some are turning to television as a safer, less harrowing way to watch the game.

Washington Post
Nov 19, 2005 Yale Alumni Strike Back at Tailgating Limits

QUOTE: And there was the rule that has caused the uproar among alumni: tailgate parties would have to shut down by the end of halftime...."There are enough people with deep pockets and positions of power that it won't happen."

New York Times
Oct 26, 2005 Faint Praise

QUOTE: Are you suggesting that since she has waited 10 years for a husband and children already, she might as well wait another year so that you can have the spotlight all to yourself?

Washington Post
May 10, 2005 10 Things Your Caterer Won't Tell You

QUOTE: Anyone can call himself a caterer, and that means a huge disparity in the level of service, skill, cleanliness and general professionalism you might find out there.

Smart Money
Jan 29, 2005 Nazi Costumes Spark VMI Investigation

QUOTE: Virginia Military Institute has asked a student governing body to investigate and recommend discipline against cadets who attended a Halloween party wearing costumes that parodied Nazis, Africans and homosexuals.

Washington Post
Sep 15, 2004 Stores' Closure Jilts Brides: Many in Md., Elsewhere Left Without Gowns

QUOTE: Ski buff Ashleigh Strobel envisioned an early winter wonderland for her wedding next month...Imagine her chagrin when word came last week that the Frederick shop that sold her the dress in March had abruptly gone out of business.

Washington Post
Jul 18, 2002 Ravers Against the Machine: Partiers and ACLU Take On 'Ecstasy' Legislation

QUOTE: Legislation in Congress could hold promoters responsible if people attending the events use illegal drugs such as Ecstasy, the party drug frequently associated with raves.

Washington Post
Jul 31, 2001 RSVP, If You Would, Please!: Ways Busy People Can Let Hosts Be Hosts

QUOTE: ...a lot of potential headaches for the hosts if they don't hear back soon from the people they invited.

Washington Post
Jun 01, 2000 Ten Things the Wedding Industry Won't Tell You

ABSTRACT: Weddings are planned meticulously for months — if not years — but all too often, the people hired to help carry out the plans are oblivious to the needs of the concerned parties.

Smart Money