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May 31, 2016 At Strawberry Fields, Feuding Musicians Give Peace a ChanceAt Strawberry Fields, Feuding Musicians Give Peace a Chance

QUOTE: for the past few years peace itself was elusive among the musicians. The idyllic mood had been marred by altercations, vitriolic screaming and performers dueling to sing over one another....Recently, however, something surprising has happened in Strawberry Fields. The musicians have found themselves in an unfamiliar state of near-civility...In essence, the musicians realized that their bad behavior was not only tarnishing their image, but, perhaps more important, threatening their livelihood.

New York Times
Dec 28, 2012 Creativity Springs From Careful Copying (Part 2)

QUOTE: Record companies, book publishers, movie studios and other media corporations are caught up in efforts to equate all copying of their works with theft. In fact, if we genuinely want to promote creativity, we must encourage copying. The idea that people copy because they lack creativity is powerfully harmful, and it runs counter to the history of copyright.

Bloomberg News
Dec 25, 2012 On Web, 'Time Has Come' for '60s singer

QUOTE: decades later, what does Lester Chambers have to show for "Time Has Come Today"?....It's a story of bad contracts -- and record company executives refusing to even honor those, he said. The contract for "Time Has Come Today" promised a small percentage of sales, but the record company kept finding expenses that came out of the band's share before they saw any of it.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Sep 03, 2011 O.K., Downloaders, Let’s Try This Song Again

QUOTE: Qtrax’s ambitions may seem quixotic, but it does offer something distinct in the current market: free and legal music downloa

New York Times
Aug 28, 2011 Legislator Calls for Clarifying Copyright Law

QUOTE: When copyright law was revised in 1976, recording artists and songwriters were granted “termination rights,” which enable them to regain control of their work after 35 years. But with musicians and songwriters now moving to assert that control, the provision threatens to leave the four major record companies, which have made billions of dollars from such recordings and songs, out in the cold. As a result the major record labels — Universal, Sony, EMI and Warner — are now fighting the efforts of recording artists and songwriters to invoke those rights.

New York Times
Jun 29, 2011 Tom Petty wants Michele Bachmann to quit using his song. Can he make her?

QUOTE: Like thousands of other songs, "American Girl" is distributed by the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers, meaning that any entity that is licensed with ASCAP can play a song without getting the artist's explicit permission.

May 16, 2011 Orchestras on Tour: Names Strike a False Note

QUOTE: A close look at these groups shows a pattern of creative marketing — even truth shading — concerning credentials and identities. At the least, audiences often do not know what they are getting, even though visa regulations require the groups to be “recognized internationally as outstanding” and to have had three-quarters of the same players for at least a year. Many of these groups are in fact pickup ensembles or have little reputation, even in their home countries.

New York Times
Feb 22, 2011 Free Trove of Music Scores on Web Hits Sensitive Copyright Note

QUOTE: The site, the International Music Score Library Project, has trod in the footsteps of Google Books and Project Gutenberg and grown to be one of the largest sources of scores anywhere... That is a worrisome pace for traditional music publishers, whose bread and butter comes from renting and selling scores in expensive editions backed by the latest scholarship. More than a business threat, the site has raised messy copyright issues and drawn the ire of established publishers.

New York Times
May 09, 2010 Lyrics Sites at Center of Fight Over Royalties

QUOTE: For songwriters and their publishers, though, the ubiquity of lyrics on Web sites presents both opportunities and problems — especially when it comes to getting some of the sites to pay royalties for use of the lyrics.

New York Times
Apr 08, 2010 Copyright and wrong: Why the rules on copyright need to return to their roots

QUOTE: The notion that lengthening copyright increases creativity is questionable, however. Authors and artists do not generally consult the statute books before deciding whether or not to pick up pen or paintbrush.

Mar 02, 2010 Bogus Copyright Claim Silences Yet Another Larry Lessig YouTube Presentation

QUOTE: Nearly a year ago, we wrote about how a YouTube presentation done by well known law professor (and strong believer in fair use and fixing copyright law), Larry Lessig, had been taken down, because his video, in explaining copyright and fair use and other such things, used a snippet of a Warner Music song to demonstrate a point...Amazingly enough, it appears that almost the exact same thing has happened again.

Jul 28, 2009 Senator Urges Scrutiny of Ticketmaster Deal

QUOTE: A key lawmaker [Sen. Herb Kohl] on Monday urged more scrutiny by regulators over a proposed merger between concert ticketing giant Ticketmaster and producer Live Nation, saying it presented "serious competition concerns."

Washington Post
Oct 15, 2008 McCain seeks special 'fair use' copyright rules for VIPs

QUOTE: McCain is calling for VIP treatment for the remixes made by political campaigns. All claims of fair use are equal--yet some claims are more equal than others.

Sep 30, 2008 Why has it been so long since a black band ruled rock? With their passionate new album, "Dear Science," TV on the Radio stake their claim as a great American rock band.

QUOTE: Let's refresh our collective memory: Black Americans invented rock 'n' roll. So it's frustrating to contemplate the nearly total segregation among bands who have played rock music since the early '70s.

Sep 15, 2008 Universal Cancels Metallica Interview over Torrent Mention

QUOTE: '"The reviewer explains exactly where one should go in order to download the file that totally infringes on a copyright. It's not only an illegal file, but an altered file. The reviewer also writes that this is how the album should have sounded."'

Apr 24, 2008 Singing Falsetto (The Ethicist)

QUOTE: [1] I produced a recording for a singing student’s application to a college’s professional music program. Her singing was passable but not great...Computer technology enables me to make even the worst singer sound professional, but if I employ it, do I defraud the college? [2] I am a 61-year-old male about to resume dating after a long hiatus...Does integrity require me to divulge this experience of 40 years ago (whether asked or not) to a potential sex partner?

New York Times
Nov 27, 2007 New Orleans' musical traditions changing

QUOTE: Hurricane Katrina altered many of New Orleans' most culturally rich neighborhoods and exasperated the plight of local musicians. Some living in low-income rental units returned to find unaffordable rents and new neighbors.

Oct 24, 2007 The Sound, Not of Music, but of Control

QUOTE: Fu Guoyong, an independent cultural critic in Hangzhou, likened today’s pop music culture to the politically enforced conformity of the Cultural Revolution, when only eight highly idealized Socialist “model operas” could be performed in China.

New York Times
Oct 20, 2007 Strict Visa Regulations Discourage Visiting Artists: Post-9/11 Process Adds Costs and Red Tape

QUOTE: To perform in this country, foreign artists of all stripes -- punk rockers, ballet dancers, folk musicians, acrobats -- are funneled through a one-size-fits-all "nonimmigrant" visa process whose costs and complications have become prohibitive, according to booking agents, managers and presenters, such as the Kennedy Center, who program and market the performers.

Washington Post
Sep 03, 2007 Colorado Police Link Rise in Violence to Music

QUOTE: After a spate of shootings, and with a rising murder rate, the police here are saying gangsta rap is contributing to the violence, luring gang members and criminal activity to nightclubs. The police publicly condemned the music in a news release after a killing in July and are warning nightclub owners that their places might not be safe if they play gangsta rap.

New York Times
Jul 25, 2007 OK, who REALLY wrote that song?

QUOTE: many artists will only allow songwriters to work on an album in return for song credit, and "if they do write, they ask for more publishing than they honestly contributed ... it is the way it is." The practice has been prevalent for decades.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jul 09, 2007 How Green Was Live Earth, Anyway? The environment was the message at the Live Earth concert in New Jersey. But how eco-friendly was the show?

QUOTE: all of the activity was supposed to be in service of building global awareness of climate change and what to do about it. Just how Green was Live Earth, really?

Feb 22, 2007 Harmony, in the Extreme: How Technology Fostered, and Detected, a Pianist's Alleged Plagiarism

QUOTE: The alleged hoax, in which the recorded works of pianist Joyce Hatto have been called into question, was uncovered using database software that automatically identifies CDs so that fans don't have to manually enter artist and track information when they load the music onto their computers. Technology helped enable the alleged trickery; a newer technology uncovered it.

Washington Post
Oct 01, 2006 ‘Chorus Line’ Returns, as Do Regrets Over Life Stories Signed Away

QUOTE: For the next 12 hours they spoke about their lives, telling stories of divorce, child abuse and the plight of the professional dancer. These tales, shaped by the choreographer Michael Bennett, would become the foundation of “A Chorus Line,” one of the most successful musicals of all time. The dancers who told their stories that night sold them to Mr. Bennett for $1 each. And though Mr. Bennett later arranged for them to receive royalties from the show — at times up to $10,000 a year — they have always questioned whether they have been fairly compensated and acknowledged.

New York Times
Sep 22, 2006 Scalped DMB tickets may be nixed

QUOTE: Musictoday’s ticket reselling policy is outlined in its “ticket user agreement” that all who purchase tickets on the JPJ site agree to comply with. It reads: “We strictly prohibit the resale of any tickets obtained through this site for more than the purchase price. If you are found to be or we in good faith believe you are reselling, trading or brokering tickets for profit that you purchased through this site, we may at our sole discretion cancel all or part of your ticket order...'

Daily Progress
Aug 21, 2006 Screwed for Sure

QUOTE: The rumor mill is still buzzing about Microsoft's new Zune digital music player....the revelation that Microsoft's own Zune player will not support their stores despite this longstanding partnership...must feel like a serious betrayal of trust..

Jun 15, 2006 When is a song too religious - even in after-school show?

QUOTE: an 8-year-old student in Frenchtown, N.J., was told that the song she'd selected to perform in the show was too religious....School officials defend the action, saying they don't oppose religious songs but that the lyrics of "Awesome God" cross the line into proselytizing...

Christian Science Monitor
Jun 12, 2006 Body Suit: She Grew in Her Career as a Dancer, Maybe Too Much. Cue the Lawyers.

QUOTE: Allegedly getting fired for the prudish-sounding sin of busting out of one's costume is even more surprising... But the dance world doesn't necessarily view such firing decisions as hypocritical; they are merely business as usual.

Washington Post
May 25, 2006 Votes Come In, And Conspiracy Theories Come Out

QUOTE: Cynicism seems to be an "American Idol" tradition. As one "Idol"-bashing Web site recently framed the question: "American Idol 5: Is it Fixed? Do the Votes Really Count?"

Washington Post
Feb 13, 2006 Plays For Sure, Unless It Doesn't

QUOTE: A big headache for customers in the era of convergence is that it's very hard to know for sure what media will play on what device. One reader recently discovered that's the case even when you buy a player that has the Microsoft "PlaysForSure" logo.

Dec 12, 2005 Pared lyrics

QUOTE: The Music Publishers’ Association has said it wants to crack down on lyrics sites. MPA President Lauren Keiser recently told the BBC that he wants to do more than just shut down those sites; he thinks that, if the people who run them were facing “some jail time, I think we’ll be a little more effective.”

Nov 30, 2005 Deadheads Outraged Over Web Crackdown

QUOTE: The Grateful Dead, the business, is testing the loyalty of longtime fans of the Grateful Dead, the pioneering jam band, by cracking down on an independently run Web site that made thousands of recordings of its live concerts available for free downloading.

New York Times
Nov 03, 2005 Peer-to-Peer Goes Legit

QUOTE: The old-school peer-to-peer network iMesh has left the murky world of illegal file swapping behind with the launch of a new service that enables users to share up to 2 million tracks from the four major record labels.

Aug 28, 2005 The Web and the law

QUOTE: ...the right way to protect copyrights is to focus on people who are violating them, not on the public at large....Second, the suits drive home the point that paying $40 a month for high-speed Internet access does not entitle users to free copies of everything they might want.

Los Angeles Times
Aug 27, 2005 Apple, Digital Music's Angel, Earns Record Industry's Scorn

QUOTE: Apple started its iTunes service in Japan without songs from the two major companies... leaving artists like Avril Lavigne, Beyoncé and Rob Thomas out of the catalog because the companies refused to license their music to iTunes... That gap in the Japanese music market... is considered a harbinger of what may await American consumers...

New York Times
Aug 02, 2005 Sweet Streams: How to listen to new music for free.

QUOTE: When the Supreme Court smacked down Grokster last month for enabling copyright infringement, downloaders everywhere winced. But there's still hope for those of us who love to check out music for free but don't want to risk prosecution.

Jul 28, 2005 ABC Defends 'Dancing' Show's Judging

QUOTE: ABC and the show's judges strenuously denied that the result had been rigged in any way... But all those involved agreed that the scoring system was fraught with problems...

New York Times
Jul 20, 2005 Baltimore Makes Musical History By Choosing Female Conductor

QUOTE: Marin Alsop was confirmed as the 12th music director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra ... despite widespread opposition from the orchestra's musicians. The decision will make her the first female conductor in history to assume the artistic leadership of a full-time, full-size, world-quality orchestra.

Washington Post
May 25, 2005 Mötley Crüe Files Suit Against NBC for Banning It Because of an Expletive

QUOTE: "...time and again the Supreme Court has upheld the rights of broadcasters, newspapers and the other media to decide who it wants to give priority to. That includes the right to ban anyone they want to."

New York Times
Feb 16, 2005 Are Bullies After Our Culture?

QUOTE: Should the Girl Scouts have to fork over a fee to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers every time its young members want to sing "Happy Birthday" to one another?

Feb 03, 2005 In Detroit, Case of Rosa Parks Against Record Firms Wages On: Lawyers for Ailing Activist Press Suit Over OutKast Song Title

QUOTE: By using her name without her permission, Parks's many lawyers contend, the producers and marketers broke federal rules designed to prevent people from profiting through misrepresentation.

Washington Post
Nov 22, 2004 D'oh! An egregious abuse of Fair Use

QUOTE: Why is it that I can quote hundreds and hundreds of words from academic authors who have the same copyright protections as the music industry, and yet I have to pay nothing? Why does a few dozen words of lyrics require payment?

Ars Technica
Jul 16, 2004 Just One Request: Going to A Concert? Don't Play The Fool.

QUOTE: The Concert Fool is either unglued by music, or drunk, or unaware of the invisible line that separates civilization from anarchy.... He believes that the rules of courtesy have been suspended during showtime, which isn't exactly true.

Washington Post
Apr 23, 2004 A Vote Fix at Fox, Or Just 'Idol' Gossip?

QUOTE: Viewers stunned by voting results on "American Idol" this week began tossing the "c" word around again. That's "c" as in "conspiracy."

Washington Post
Feb 03, 2004 FCC Is Investigating Super Bowl Show; Halftime Performance Faces Indecency Standards Test

QUOTE: "I am outraged at what I saw during the halftime show of the Super Bowl," the FCC chairman said...a classless, crass and deplorable stunt."

Washington Post
Oct 17, 2003 Studios, Actors, and Digital Cloning: Legal Issues in the Battle over Personal Identity

QUOTE: ...corporations are fighting a little-publicized battle over control of personal identity. The battleground is the realm of "digital clones," sometimes referred to as "digital replicas"---the digital recordings of a person's voice, appearance, and actions that can be manipulated and re-used in other projects and applications.
Oct 10, 2003 Cuban Troupe Cancels 'Sylphides'

QUOTE: The Ballet Nacional de Cuba has announced the cancellation of "Les Sylphides," response to an accusation of copyright infringement by the Fokine Estate in London.

New York Times
Sep 29, 2003 CD Price Cuts Could Mean New Artists Will Suffer

QUOTE: Initially delighted by the promise of lower CD prices...will hurt independent music stores and developing artists. The plan squeezes stores' profit margins on each CD and ends promotional subsidies to retailers to push new albums...

New York Times
Sep 17, 2003 Bolshoi Decides It's Over Before 'Fat' Lady Dances

QUOTE: of Russia's most famous ballerinas, was fired by Moscow's Bolshoi Theater because they claimed she was too fat to dance in their ballet troop.

New York Times
Jul 07, 2003 No Hairdo, No Dance: Four-Year-Old Dancer With Corn Rows Is Removed From Recital

QUOTE: ...corn rows in her hair did not satisfy the Backstage Dance Academy's handbook requirements that all recital performers' hair be pulled back straight in a low, tight, bun...

ABC News

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