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Jan 23, 2003 Taken for a ride: loopholes for lemons and the secret history of salvaged cars

QUOTE: Title-washing is a used car industry practice that rips off (and endangers) consumers. Third party companies take cars so badly damaged that an insurance company deems them a total loss ("salvage" grade), repairs them, and then sells them to unsuspecting consumers. The cars are usually damaged in collisions, but sometimes from flooding, fire, theft, etc. The car is then rebuilt and issued a clear title (title-washing) that doesn't mention the car's history of damage and repair (repairs which leave the car much less solid and safe than it was before the damage).

Nov 14, 2002 R.J. Reynolds Accused Of Money Laundering: Suit Also Alleges Smuggling of Cigarettes to Iraq

QUOTE: The new EU lawsuit goes far beyond any previous allegations, accusing RJR of direct complicity in facilitating not only money laundering schemes but also other criminal enterprises.

Washington Post
Oct 30, 2002 Europe Fines Nintendo $147 Million for Price Fixing

QUOTE: The European Commission fined Nintendo, the Japanese video game maker, $147 million today for colluding with seven European distributors to fix prices on its products.

New York Times
Oct 21, 2002 Patent Troubles Pending

QUOTE: ...fight the PanIP litigation, possibly even challenging the validity of the patents in court....pointing out that many small companies doing business on the Web are potential targets.

Aug 05, 2002 Dish Marketing Practices Probed

QUOTE: Los Angeles city officials...are looking into allegations that sellers of Dish Network satellite television systems have made false claims about bankrupt cable TV operator Adelphia Communications Corp. in order to sell more Dish systems.

CNN/Money Magazine
Jul 22, 2002 How Can You Judge a Company's Ethics?

QUOTE: Is there some way to tell in a job interview whether an employer is principled and encourages honesty, or do you just have to take your chances?

Jun 27, 2002 Software Subscriptions: A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Come

QUOTE: ...what incentive does Microsoft have to improve the software?....You might pay for three years of coverage and not get any new versions at all.

New York Times
May 22, 2002 The Ethical Divide: Keeping 'Business' and 'Life' Separate

QUOTE: Is it possible… that other people have different rules for "business" and "life"? Or is it even possible that some people act that way, but say they don't?

Mar 24, 2002 Home Selling Is No Longer 'One Size Fits All'

QUOTE: But how to find the right service, or know what price is right? The answers generally depend on how involved you want to become in the home-selling process.

New York Times
Jan 08, 2002 The Rise and Fall of Michael Saylor: Once Defiant, Microstrategy Chief Contritely Faces SEC (Part 3)

QUOTE: He told friends that his company had been the victim of "bean-counter sophistry" from its auditors, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and from the "jackals" in the press. But there was something Saylor feared – the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Washington Post
Sep 08, 2001 Lasik Surgery Sales Tactics Raise Eyebrows: 'Patient Counselors' Earn Bonuses for Each Customer

QUOTE: One of the largest national chains of laser eye surgery clinics pays sales commissions to at least some of its "patient counselors," who seek to collect nonrefundable deposits from customers before they have been briefed on all possible risks...

Washington Post
Sep 06, 2001 Precluding Plausible Deniability

QUOTE: really can't get upset with media vendors for trying to drum up business by going directly to clients.
Jan 01, 1111 The Problem With Music

QUOTE: The band members have each earned about 1/3 as much as they would working at a 7-11, but they got to ride in a tour bus for a month.

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