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Jul 23, 2015 Uber wins, liberals lose

QUOTE: The model for these big new disruptors, like Uber (for rides) and Airbnb (for rooms), in the so-called sharing economy is simple: 1) Make markets, while treating workers as independent contractors or eliminating them altogether, 2) Build scale quickly and then negotiate from strength with would-be regulators, 3) Use the money they're raking in to sway if possible and crush if not any politician who tries to interfere with (1) or (2).

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jun 05, 2014 G.M. Inquiry Cites Years of Neglect Over Fatal Defect

QUOTE: A sweeping internal investigation of General Motors released on Thursday condemned the company for its decade-long failure to fix a deadly safety defect, one that led to “devastating consequences,” including at least 13 deaths....The report offered an extraordinary window into a company where employees avoided responsibility...

New York Times
Jan 09, 2014 Bridge scandal: Chris Christie, in me-me-me mode, is very sad. Very.

QUOTE: Not once in nearly 120 minutes did Christie describe the damage that was caused when his deputy chief of staff and his appointee to the Port Authority of New York decided to take revenge on the Democratic mayor who did not endorse their boss for reelection by closing off lanes to the bridge, causing three days of massive gridlock.

Los Angeles Times
Dec 16, 2013 Customers Out in the Cold Balk at Uber Surge Pricing

QUOTE: On New Year’s Eve 2011, Uber, a company that connects passengers and drivers of luxury vehicles, had a bit of a falling-out with its customers.....Uber had put “surge pricing” into effect, which increases the price of rides as more people request them.

New York Times
Jul 30, 2013 Car hacking scientists agree to delay paper that could unlock Porsches University of Birmingham and Dutch university say they will respect injunction from High Court to stop paper that could detail ho

QUOTE: The University of Birmingham says it will defer any publication of an academic paper which reveals secret codes to bypass the security on top-end cars including Porsches and Bentleys following a high court injunction....The Guardian's article has prompted a massive debate about the balancing interests of industry and those of scientists, a debate that has infected all sectors ranging from medicine to car manufacturing.

Guardian Unlimited
Mar 15, 2012 A Meter So Expensive, It Creates Parking Spots

QUOTE: ...San Francisco is trying to shorten the hunt with an ambitious experiment that aims to make sure that there is always at least one empty parking spot available on every block that has meters. The program, which uses new technology and the law of supply and demand, raises the price of parking on the city’s most crowded blocks and lowers it on its emptiest blocks....acknowledged that the program was “complicated on the social equity level.”

New York Times
Nov 29, 2011 In Chapter 11, a Bid to Cut Costs at American Airlines

QUOTE: After resisting for a decade, the parent company of American Airlines announced Tuesday that it would now follow a strategy that the rest of the industry chose long ago: filing for bankruptcy protection so it can shed debt, cut labor costs and find a way back to profitability.

New York Times
Nov 26, 2011 Sure, Post a Review. But the Last Word Won’t Be Yours (The Haggler)

QUOTE: All the revenue comes from transport companies! With that in mind, should anyone trust the reviews on the site?

New York Times
Sep 09, 2011 Pipeline Spills Put Safeguards Under Scrutiny

QUOTE: The little-known federal agency charged with monitoring the system and enforcing safety measures — the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration — is chronically short of inspectors and lacks the resources needed to hire more, leaving too much of the regulatory control in the hands of pipeline operators themselves...

New York Times
Jul 25, 2011 A Bonanza for Airlines as Taxes End

QUOTE: the agency no longer had the authority to impose the various federal taxes that airlines add to the price of each ticket. So as of 12:01 a.m. Saturday, the federal government began losing an estimated $25 million a day in tax revenue. But did airlines simply pass on this savings to customers? No, they did not.

New York Times
May 23, 2011 Saudis Arrest Woman Leading Right-to-Drive Campaign

QUOTE: The government of Saudi Arabia moved swiftly to extinguish a budding protest movement of women claiming the right to drive, a campaign inspired by uprisings across the Arab world demanding new freedoms but at risk Monday of foundering.

New York Times
Apr 24, 2011 Flying the Flag, Fleeing the State

QUOTE: Thanks to a system of ship registration called “flags of convenience,” it is all too easy for unscrupulous ship owners to get away with criminal behavior. They have evaded prosecution for environmental damage like oil spills, as well as poor labor conditions, forcing crews to work like slaves without adequate pay or rest.

New York Times
Jan 30, 2011 How to Fight Back When Your Flight is Cancelled

QUOTE: While flight delays and cancellations are unavoidable during bad weather, some of the related service issues are not.... It’s not just enough to know your rights. You need to be persistent and use everything at your disposal, from social media to the fine print in ticket rules.

New York Times
Jan 15, 2011 Renault Fires 2 Men Accused of Selling Corporate Secrets About Electric Vehicles

QUOTE: Renault has formally fired two of the men it has accused of espionage....While French officials have confirmed on background that investigators are following a lead related to China...

New York Times
May 20, 2010 Groups spar over car black boxes as Congress mulls auto safety bill

QUOTE: A proposal to equip all new cars with "black boxes" to record crash data...But automakers and safety advocates disagree over the extent of the data the devices should collect and over the extent they should be able to survive the worst of crashes.

Washington Post
May 14, 2010 City Seeks to Revoke Licenses for Cab Overcharges

QUOTE: New York City moved on Friday to revoke the cab licenses of 633 taxi drivers who it said routinely charged customers higher out-of-town rates for trips within the five boroughs. The city said some of the overcharging was so egregious that it had asked prosecutors to investigate.

New York Times
Apr 28, 2010 The fight over FedEx and the right to organize

QUOTE: In 1996, as the Senate considered reauthorization for the Federal Aviation Administration, a few words were slipped in allowing FedEx alone to be classed as an express carrier under the jurisdiction of the RLA. This gave FedEx a cost advantage over unionized rivals UPS and DHL and, for that matter, any start-up that might come along. It has also enabled FedEx not only to keep its drivers from unionizing...

Washington Post
Apr 03, 2010 Cautious praise for travel screening change

QUOTE: Lawmakers, civil liberties groups and security experts cautiously praised the Obama administration's decision to abandon using nationality alone as a basis for deciding which U.S.-bound international air travelers to subject to additional screening, but they warned that too little is known to conclude that the revised policy will be effective and not discriminatory.

Washington Post
Feb 04, 2010 Revolving Door: From US Safety Agency to Toyota Representative: Federal Investigations of Runaway Toyotas Excluded Most Serious Cases After NHTSA Official Is Hired by Car Company

QUOTE: Federal safety investigators agreed to exclude reports of the most serious cases of alleged "runaway Toyotas" after the intervention of a former safety official hired to be a Washington, D.C. representative of Toyota...

ABC News
Sep 27, 2009 No Rest for the Airport Security Weary : Practical Traveler

QUOTE: As rule upon rule has been added, [airline] passengers have learned to cope with the long lines, bag checks, physical pat-downs and carry-on restrictions that border on the absurd.

New York Times
Sep 27, 2009 Truckers Insist on Keeping Computers in the Cab: Driven to Distraction

QUOTE: The issues raised by truckers [on in-cab computers] show the challenges facing advocates for tougher distracted-driving laws, given that so many Americans have grown accustomed to talking and texting behind the wheel.

New York Times
Sep 19, 2009 Planes to nowhere? Congress plans to increase small-town airline subsidies

QUOTE: opponents call the program [Essential Air Service] wasteful spending, noting that much of the money provides service to areas with fewer than 30 passengers a day.

Los Angeles Times
Sep 08, 2009 Airlines & Recycling: The Not-So-Green Skies: New calls for the U.S. airline industry to take recycling seriously

QUOTE: Unlike other aspects of the travel business, the airline industry has moved at a snail’s pace to get onboard the green revolution. ...the airline industry has little economic incentive and even less government pressure to go green.

Scientific American
Sep 06, 2009 Administration Seeks to Keep Terror Watch-List Data Secret

QUOTE: The Obama administration wants to maintain the secrecy of terrorist watch-list information it routinely shares with federal, state and local agencies, a move that rights groups say would make it difficult for people who have been improperly included on such lists to challenge the government.

Washington Post
Sep 04, 2009 W.T.O. Says Aid to Airbus for A380 Was Illegal

QUOTE: A preliminary report by the World Trade Organization has found that Airbus received illegal subsidies for the $13 billion A380 superjumbo jet and several other airplanes, hurting Boeing in the battle for sales...

New York Times
Aug 26, 2009 Debate on lithium batteries reignites

QUOTE: Pilots are calling for a ban on all lithium-based battery shipments on passenger and cargo jets.

Aug 24, 2009 Are aging ships still a toxic export? Environmental groups worry that the practice of reflagging US commercial ships that may have PCBs so they can be scrapped abroad is beginning again.

QUOTE: By first selling a US vessel [unable to be scrapped as a U.S. ship due to PCB contamination] to a new foreign owner... the former US ship now a foreign ship can then be scrapped abroad quite legally.

Christian Science Monitor
Aug 21, 2009 The Deadly Cost of Swooping In to Save a Life (Fatal Flights A Perilous Rush to Profit

QUOTE: Yet as crashes and deaths have mounted [in medical helicopter accidents], top executives at the Federal Aviation Administration and its parent agency, the U.S. Transportation Department, have acted as partners with the industry, issuing reams of voluntary safety advisories with little follow-up. The FAA has sent poorly trained inspectors to monitor operators and used fines and penalties as only a last resort.

Washington Post
Aug 20, 2009 Splashing, and clashing, in murky waters: Piracy and private enterprise

QUOTE: for strategists grappling with the diminished safety of the world’s seas... figuring out a sensible and workable division of labour between navies and private firms is not easy.

Aug 17, 2009 Scientists analyze blood to test for toxic airplane air exposure

QUOTE: Results of [Clement] Furlong's research could expand recognition of what a select group of researchers believes is a largely unrecognized risk of flying: the chance that poisonous fumes enter the cabin.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Aug 10, 2009 Subway Safety Panel Foiled by Constraints: 12-Year-Old Oversight Committee Has Little Influence on Metro Operations

QUOTE: Before June's deadly subway crash, no federal agency stepped in to ensure that [the Washington, D.C.] Metro found and fixed the electrical circuits now suspected of contributing to the worst accident in the system's history. That's because none is authorized to.

Washington Post
Aug 09, 2009 Airspace Above Hudson a Highway With Few Signs

QUOTE: Over the years, the air above the Hudson River, from the estuary’s surface to an altitude of 1,100 feet, and the business at the heart of it — helicopters conducting tours — has not escaped calls for greater government control.

New York Times
Aug 07, 2009 UPS Employees Say They Were Forced to Lobby Against FedEx

QUOTE: In an increasingly bitter Washington battle between the nation's two largest shipping companies, some unionized UPS workers say they are being forced to write letters to their lawmakers in support of more stringent labor rules for arch rival FedEx.

Washington Post
Aug 04, 2009 What Happens to the Clunkers Traded In? ( If You Must Know)

QUOTE: while the ["cash-for-clunkers"] initiative has proved highly popular with consumers, critics are raising concerns about the economic and environmental hazards inherent in the process of ruining so many cars beyond repair.

Time Magazine
Jul 22, 2009 Slow, Costly and Often Dangerous Road to Wind Power

QUOTE: As demand for clean energy grows, towns around the country are finding their traffic patterns roiled as convoys carrying disassembled towers that will reach more than 250 feet in height, as well as motors, blades and other parts roll through.

New York Times
Jul 18, 2009 Drivers and Legislators Dismiss Cellphone Risks (Driven to Distraction Part 2 of 3)

QUOTE: [Americans] increasingly use phones, navigation devices and even laptops to turn their cars into mobile offices, chat rooms and entertainment centers, making roads more dangerous. A disconnect between perception and reality worsens the problem. New studies show that drivers overestimate their own ability to safely multitask, even as they worry about the dangers of others doing it.

New York Times
Jul 17, 2009 Pay-as-you-drive insurance, privacy, and government mandates

QUOTE: California's new pay-as-you-drive plan has all kinds of consumer and environmental benefits, but privacy advocates like the EFF are concerned that drivers will end up forced into allowing Orwellian tracking of location and driving styles. What kind of balance should be struck between privacy and efficiency?

Ars Technica
Jul 16, 2009 United plan could put huge costs on passengers

QUOTE: United notified a small number of travel agents that starting July 20 they would be required to buy tickets for their customers with cash rather than through the airline's credit-card system... Industry analysts and travel agents soon cried foul, saying the move could shift hundreds of millions of dollars in costs from the airline to its passengers and travel agencies.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 15, 2009 Amtrak accused of hindering stimulus oversight

QUOTE: Amtrak managers have improperly interfered with oversight of the railroad's $1.3 billion in economic stimulus funding, according to an independent report by a former federal prosecutor.

Jun 08, 2009 FedEx's Anti-Union Drive: FedEx tries to tap taxpayer resentment by portraying proposed labor law changes as a "bailout" for rival UPS

QUOTE: FedEx (FDX) hopes to harness taxpayer ire sparked by the word "bailout" to kill legislation in Congress that would help nearly 100,000 of its workers to unionize more easily. FedEx argues the bill would hobble it with higher costs and less reliability across its network and represents unfair government aid for its chief rival, UPS.

Jun 03, 2009 Inspector Predicted Problems a Year Before Buffalo Crash

ABSTRACT: [Inspector] Mr. Monteleon said his supervisors [FAA] were too “cozy” with Colgan [Airline]...

New York Times
Apr 03, 2009 Airline passengers revolt against hours spent on the tarmac

QUOTE: If you're stranded on a plane for more than three hours, should the airline be required to make sure you have food, water, and clean bathrooms? Or should it take you back to the terminal?

Christian Science Monitor
Nov 06, 2008 National ID cards compulsory for U.K. airport staff

QUOTE: A pilot program of the U.K.'s national identity card plan will be compulsory at one of the two participating airports....despite repeated assurances from the Home Office that U.K. citizens will not be compelled to have an ID card or enter their biometric details onto the National Identity Register.

Oct 31, 2008 Borderline Security RFID chips in U.S. passport cards and some driver's licenses are at risk of being counterfeited or tracked, researchers say.

QUOTE: The cards are issued with a protective sleeve intended to block unauthorized access, but the researchers found that Washington's cards could still be read through the sleeve. In addition, EPC tags can be disabled by sending a "kill" command to them. While the passport cards were protected from this attack...

Technology Review
Aug 25, 2008 Road Tolls Hacked: A researcher claims that toll transponders can be cloned, allowing drivers to pass for free.

ABSTRACT: In many cities, commuting requires the use of digital technology to verify the commuter's identification as a paying user of a given transportation system. These digitally integrated systems have become vulnerable to fraud, and manufacturers of the systems have not addressed the security issues.

Technology Review
Aug 19, 2008 Airline captain, lawyer, child on terror 'watch list'

QUOTE: The TSA has said the problem lies with the airlines and threatened to fine airlines that tell passengers they are on the watch list. That didn't sit well with the airlines, who through the Air Transport Association said they have been waiting for four years for the TSA to come up with a fix.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Aug 14, 2008 How (Not) to Fix a Flaw Experts say disclosing bugs prevents security flaws from festering.

QUOTE: argues that researchers need to be protected as they investigate these types of flaws. "It's extremely rare for a court to bar anyone from speaking before that person has even had a chance to speak," she says. "We think this sets a terrible precedent that's very dangerous for security research."

Technology Review
Jun 13, 2008 Like American, More Airlines Add Fees for Checking Luggage

QUOTE: Airlines are attributing new fees and surcharges to high fuel prices, up 91.5 percent from this time last year, according to the International Air Transport Association. “With record-breaking fuel prices, we must pursue new revenue opportunities, while continuing to offer competitive fares, by tailoring our products and services around what our customers value most and are willing to pay for,” United’s chief operating officer, John P. Tague, said in a statement.

New York Times
May 28, 2008 M.T.A. Board Will Fight for Its Free E-ZPass Tags (City Room)

QUOTE: For years, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has given its board members free passes to drive across its bridges and tunnels...the authority said it will go to court to defend the practice in the face of a challenge by Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo, who said that giving E-ZPass tags to board members violates a law that they must serve without compensation.

New York Times
May 28, 2008 Traffic Stops Over Gas Prices: As Fuel Costs Soar in Europe, Angry Truckers, Fishermen Set Up Blockades

QUOTE: Hundreds of truckers shut down a central London highway Tuesday, French fishermen blockaded ports and French President Nicolas Sarkozy proposed cutting European fuel taxes as already high gasoline prices soared even higher.

Washington Post

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