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Aug 09, 2001 Not Long Ago, Married Women Had No Property Rights

QUOTE: is all the more remarkable how much the economic lives of women have changed over a longer span. A mere century and a half ago, a married American woman like Ms. Mulcahy could not normally own and control property...

New York Times
Aug 09, 2001 Lawless Redress

QUOTE: ...International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia convicted the 53-year-old Bosnian Serb commander of "genocide" and sentenced him to 46 years in prison for his role in Europe's worst atrocity since the Second World War.

Washington Post
Aug 09, 2001 The Violence of Development

QUOTE: "Ethnic cleansing"...-- is an outlawed practice. Individuals who are accused of ethnic cleansing are subjected to indictment by international criminal tribunals...

Washington Post
Aug 08, 2001 Rebels in Black Robes Recoil At Surveillance of Computers

QUOTE: We are concerned about the propriety and even the legality of monitoring Internet usage," she wrote. Her memorandum said that the judiciary could be liable to lawsuits and damages because the software might have violated the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986, which imposes civil and criminal liability on any person who intentionally intercepts "any wire, oral or electronic communication."

New York Times
Aug 08, 2001 New Ulster Setback: Protestant Chief Rejects I.r.a. Offer

QUOTE: Northern Ireland's leading Protestant politician rejected as inadequate today a disarmament proposal from the Irish Republican Army that the British and Irish governments had championed...

New York Times
Aug 05, 2001 As Tuition Rises, So Do Subsidies : Grants, Scholarships, Jobs Pay a Hefty Part of the College Bill

QUOTE: Unless there is a price revolt by students and their families, costs seem likely to continue rising, especially at the elite colleges

Washington Post
Aug 04, 2001 Kidnap Victim's Family Awarded {$314.6} Million

QUOTE: A federal judge has ordered the government of Iran to pay $314.6 million to the family of the Rev. Lawrence M. Jenco, ruling that Iran was behind the kidnapping of the Roman Catholic priest who was held hostage for 564 days...

Washington Post
Jul 29, 2001 Dispelling the Myth That Options Help Shareholders

QUOTE: ...Stock options are a boon to shareholders because they motivate management and align the interests of investors with those of executives.

New York Times
Jul 08, 2001 How Many Poor Children is Too Many?

QUOTE: ...after nearly a decade of unprecedented economic growth and well into the latest overhaul of the nation's welfare system, one in six American children — over 12 million youngsters — lived in poverty... Is this the best the United States can do? Must so many children in the nation grow up poor?

New York Times
Jun 05, 2001 Minneapolis library case creates unusual alliances

QUOTE: ..."Minneapolis 12"...library workers who complained about the hard-core porn sites that they see on public Internet terminals. The year-old case has created strange bedfellows of family-values groups and civil-rights advocates.

Star Tribune (Minneapolis/St. Paul)
Feb 24, 2001 Online Battleground--has Your Home Page Been Hijacked?

QUOTE: Web surfers are in a tug-of-war for control of their home page settings, fighting off increasingly aggressive tactics by Net businesses and online marketers...

Feb 19, 2001 Farewell, Inkspot! From Dream to Nightmare

QUOTE: ...Debbie Ohi Ridpath, announced that her site, which was founded in 1995, would shut down as a result of severe cutbacks by Xlibris, a digital vanity press publisher that purchased Inkspot outright from Ridpath last year.
Feb 12, 2001 Privacy Coalition Backs New Pledge

QUOTE: The Privacy Coalition is asking members of federal and state legislatures to back the pledge and a four-part privacy framework. The framework includes the right to notice, consent, security, access, use limitations, and redress when information is improperly used.

Feb 08, 2001 Would You Like Ground Spinal Cord with That?: Author Eric Schlosser Says You Don't Want to Know What the Burger Giants Are Serving.

QUOTE: ...charges the fast-food industry with a litany of sins, from spreading sprawl to pushing unhealthy food on kids to exploiting teenage workers to relying on taxpayer dollars to underwrite the whole multibillion-dollar business.

Jan 24, 2001 The Perfect High

QUOTE: An Illinois public school admits the gifted, offers Prozac and achieves stunning it fair?

Jan 19, 2001 Jackson Retreats

QUOTE: ...Rev. Jesse Jackson fathered a child out of wedlock with an aide, Karin Stanford, and used money from his nonprofit Rainbow/PUSH Coalition to pay the woman $40,000 in "moving expenses," broke in the National Enquirer...

Jan 18, 2001 Dear Steve: Don't Stop Me From Copying My MS Office!

QUOTE: Having earned your market dominance atop illegal copies, and then having used that position to quash competitors, it strikes me as a tad disingenuous for Microsoft to bring on copy protection at such a late date.

Jan 11, 2001 The Art of Asking for a Favor

QUOTE: recent TechRepublic poll showed that over 70 percent of you have had to cancel or reschedule a vacation due to work demands.

Jan 08, 2001 No Thanks for the Memories

QUOTE: It dates from the earliest days of personal computer operating systems....the report was invisibly turned into slag and randomly attached to other files, perhaps including those transmitted to god knows where....

Industry Standard
Jun 22, 2000 When a Child is Accused of Killing and a Law Stays Firm

QUOTE: charged with a murder that demands harsh punishment at an age that would seem to beg for some leniency, but in a state where there is no middle ground.

New York Times
Mar 10, 2000 Silicon Valley Wealth Brings New Stresses On Children

QUOTE: sort of American childhood is being forged in the land where each day brings the dawn of an estimated 60 new millionaires.

New York Times
Feb 19, 2000 Some Charities Suspected of Terrorist Role

QUOTE: ...investigating a decade of international terrorist attacks say they have found a common thread, Islamic charities and relief organizations that they suspect are being used to move men, money and weapons across borders.

New York Times
Feb 16, 2000 Genetic Researchers Cite Specter of Profits

QUOTE: ...genetic-research pioneers who 25 years ago warned of public-health and environmental catastrophes if their science went awry are debating a new threat: rampant commercialization and carelessness.

San Jose Mercury News
Feb 10, 2000 E-communities Build New Ties, but Ties That Bind

QUOTE: ...current primitive virtual communities are stronger in several ways than the real thing: if you are lonely or down, you can go online any time, find out which of your buddies is around and visit.

New York Times
Jan 24, 2000 An Accord On Child Soldiers

QUOTE: From Colombia and Chechnya to Congo and Sierra Leone, some 300,000 child soldiers...are killing, raping and maiming in today's conflict zones.

New York Times
Jan 23, 2000 In a Time of Plenty, the Poor Are Still Poor

QUOTE: ...nation might be excused for taking its prosperity for granted. The United States enjoys the lowest unemployment rate in a generation, stratospheric stock markets, stable prices...

New York Times
Jan 22, 2000 Deal is Reached to Bar Use of Child Soldiers

QUOTE: international agreement prohibiting the use of child soldiers in war after the United States dropped its opposition to establishing 18 as the minimum age for sending soldiers into combat.

New York Times
Dec 28, 1999 Probe: Givers Beware Online: Fake Charities On Net Can Elude What Little Scrutiny They Face, Report Finds

QUOTE: Opportunities to give to charity via the Internet are growing are a donor's chances of getting ripped off.

San Jose Mercury News
Dec 11, 1999 Is Complexity Interlinked with Disaster? Ask On Jan. 1: a Theory of Risk and Technology is Facing a Millennial Test

QUOTE: change, which could disable computers around the world that have been programmed to read the year as two digits rather than four.

New York Times
Nov 20, 1999 Who Doesn't Want to Be a Millionaire?

QUOTE: Not only is the "Millionaire" viewership huge, but in an era of "niche" audiences, when every fractionalized demographic in the nation is pandered to by its own cable channel...gathering Americans from all walks of life...

New York Times
Aug 12, 1999 Stopping Extremism Before the Crime

QUOTE: ...urged the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to place the skinheads on the F.B.I. watch list -- to monitor their activities and vigorously apply the law. The Attorney General did just that...

New York Times
Aug 06, 1999 A Battlefield of Dreams for Iowa Farmers

QUOTE: ...what is striking is how people can get nostalgic over make-believe these days, steered by the emotional pull of a vivid Hollywood invention.

New York Times
Aug 01, 1999 On Line, Relief for Essay Angst

QUOTE: ...a nascent on-line industry is dedicating itself to the proposition that anyone can write a better admissions essay, with help.

New York Times
Jul 28, 1999 Kind, Yet Tough


New York Times
Jul 21, 1999 A Mother's Place is ...

QUOTE: ... a growing majority of working mothers tell pollsters that they'd prefer to be home if they could. They feel, simply, that they have no choice but to work full time...

New York Times
Jul 08, 1999 High-speed Lines Leave Door Ajar for Hackers

QUOTE: ...along with the delights of a 24-hour connection and high-speed Internet access came the potential for big trouble.

New York Times
Jun 20, 1999 For Shame: Arab Honor's Price: a Woman's Blood

QUOTE: ...female chastity is seen in the Arab world as an indelible line, the boundary between respect and shame. An unchaste woman, it is sometimes said, is worse than a murderer...

New York Times
Jun 17, 1999 Clinton Pushes for Treaty to Ban the Worst Child Labor Practices

QUOTE: Appealing for a "human face" on the global economy, President Clinton urged the International Labor Organization on Wednesday to adopt a treaty that would ban the most abusive child labor practices...

New York Times
Jun 09, 1999 Anti-spammers Nuke E-commerce

QUOTE: An anti-spam boycott disrupted credit-card transactions for as many as 16,000 Internet businesses for a four-day period...

Jun 08, 1999 ISP Reveals Scientology Critic

QUOTE: ...AT&T on Monday released the identity of a WorldNet subscriber to Bridge Publications, a corporate arm of the Church of Scientology.

Jun 07, 1999 Software Ad Blockers Challenge Web Industry

QUOTE: ... programs work by blocking ads before they appear on the user's screen. For Web users, ad-blocking software can mean faster performance...

New York Times
Jun 01, 1999 Teaching Values Without Taking a Page From the Bible

QUOTE: The nation's public schools...are under growing pressure to offer ethics instruction to provide safe learning free of harassment.

New York Times
May 28, 1999 Whitney Gives Up a Gift and Competitors Blanch


New York Times
May 28, 1999 In Intel E-mail Case, Property Rights Vs. Free Speech

QUOTE: ...Ken Hamidi, a former employee of Intel Corp...trying to uphold what he believes is his right to send Intel workers unsolicited mass e-mail criticizing the giant semiconductor company.

New York Times
May 01, 1999 For Those Who Dress Differently, An Increase in Being Viewed As Abnormal

QUOTE: ...reports of students being expelled or suspended from school for "antisocial" behavior or sent home to change clothes similar to what the killers wore....and of more hostility from other students.

New York Times
Dec 31, 1998 The Spam Wars

QUOTE: ...vigilantes and network service providers are deciding fundamental policy questions about how the Net will work - each group from its own perspective.

Industry Standard
Jul 08, 1998 Rotten Banana

QUOTE: in fact the "Chiquita Secrets Revealed" series presents a damning, carefully documented array of charges...largely based on old-fashioned reportorial legwork: land records in Central America, interviews with environmental scientists and trade unions, lawsuit records, leaked corporate memoranda and the reporters' own visits to workers' villages and camps.

Feb 23, 1998 Corporate Spy Wars: the Secrets of American Business Are Being Targeted Like Never Before. Can Companies and Law Enforcement Agencies Fight Back?

QUOTE: ...the search for secrets crosses the line of legality when a firm pays someone to steal confidential information or break into a rival's computer system.

Jan 01, 1111 Philanthropy the Smart Way

QUOTE: Carnegie devoutly believed that businessmen should repay their debt to involvement, not just a fistful of checks.

New York Times
Jan 01, 1111 The Immorality of Lesser Evilism

QUOTE: ... a substantial part of the population expresses dismay at the major candidates, feels closer to Nader in terms of the issues he raises, but fears that a vote for him might increase the chances for a Bush presidency.


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