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Jun 13, 2011 Scientists Measure the Accuracy of a Racism Claim

QUOTE: physical anthropologists at the University of Pennsylvania, which owns Morton’s collection, have remeasured the skulls, and in an article that does little to burnish Dr

New York Times
Apr 22, 2011 In a Data-Heavy Society, Being Defined by the Numbers

QUOTE: Metrics to evaluate employee potential, teamwork and salesmanship can’t and shouldn’t replace hands-on interpersonal skills and instinct… We also lose a sense of ourselves as anything but a number and a rank, and start feeling bad if our numbers don’t measure up to others.

New York Times
Apr 21, 2010 Tribe Wins Fight to Limit Research of Its DNA

QUOTE: Seven years ago, the Havasupai Indians, who live amid the turquoise waterfalls and red cliffs miles deep in the Grand Canyon, issued a “banishment order” to keep Arizona State University employees from setting foot on their reservation — an ancient punishment for what they regarded as a genetic-era betrayal....their blood samples had been used to study many other things, including mental illness and theories of the tribe’s geographical origins that contradict their traditional stories.

New York Times
Aug 06, 2009 Tomgram: John Feffer, Their Martyrs and Our Heroes

QUOTE: Given the plethora of suicide missions in the Western tradition, it should be difficult to argue that the tactic is unique to Islam or to fundamentalists.

Jul 23, 2009 Chinese-American Children Sent to Live With Kin Abroad Face a Tough Return

QUOTE: The phenomenon of American-born children who spend their infancy in China has been known for years to social workers, who say it is widespread and worrying....Their repeatedly disrupted attachments to family members “could potentially add up to a mental health crisis for some immigrant communities,” Dr. Bohr wrote in an article in May in The Infant Mental Health Journal.

New York Times
Jul 15, 2009 Continental divide separates Africans, African-Americans (Black in America 2)

QUOTE: African immigrants to the United States say cartoonish caricatures and a Western media penchant for reporting on Africa's disease, hunger and war -- rather than the continent's successes -- trivialize their cultures.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jun 10, 2008 After 100 Years, Tribe’s Ancestors Head Home

QUOTE: T“Our people are humans; we aren’t tokens,” said Chief Vern Jacks, who heads the Tseycum First Nation, a tiny native tribe from northern Vancouver Island, in British Columbia. With the museum’s full consent, the Tseycum tribe will be repatriating the remains of 55 of their ancestors to Canada this week.

New York Times
May 03, 2005 Ugly Children May Get Parental Short Shrift

QUOTE: Parents would certainly deny it, but Canadian researchers have made a startling assertion: parents take better care of pretty children than they do ugly ones.

New York Times
Apr 01, 2005 How Animals Do Business

QUOTE: Humans and other animals share a heritage of economic tendencies--including cooperation, repayment of favors and resentment at being shortchanged

Scientific American
Sep 19, 2004 A Particular Kind of Truth: As the Culture Wars Rage, a Rare Victory Over Routes of Knowledge

QUOTE: The National Endowment for the Humanities has evolved into a kind of remedial history organization, championing the presumably safe ideal of basic cultural literacy. Conservative Christianity, which led the fight in numerous culture war battles (against offensive art, especially), has shaped the ascendant political language of our time.

Washington Post