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Jul 14, 2003 Asbestos Bill Could Be Windfall for Business

QUOTE: The Senate has taken a major step toward setting up a national fund to compensate people whose health has been ruined by asbestos, but the first and biggest beneficiaries of the plan may be companies such as Halliburton...

Los Angeles Times
Jun 20, 2003 A Washington Bouquet: Hire a Lawmaker's Kid

QUOTE: These days, when a corporation or interest group wants support from a key member of Congress, it often hires a member of the lawmaker's family.

Los Angeles Times
May 04, 2003 Gun Firms On Verge Of Winning New Shield

QUOTE: The gun industry, demonstrating its resurgent influence over Washington politics, is on the cusp of convincing President Bush and Congress to protect it from pending and future lawsuits.

Washington Post
Apr 23, 2003 U.S. Sugar Industry Targets New Study

QUOTE: The sugar industry has launched a vigorous campaign to discredit a World Health Organization report on healthful diets, questioning why the Geneva-based group would urge people to derive no more than 10 percent of their daily caloric intake from sugar additives.

Washington Post
Mar 13, 2003 House votes to limit medical malpractice awards

QUOTE: Democrats said insurance companies have not promised to lower premiums for coverage if award limits (on medical malpractices) are enacted. They said the limits would deny patients adequate compensation and limit their ability to get a lawyer to press their claim.

Feb 21, 2003 Few Cheers for New FCC Rules

QUOTE: A Federal Communications Commission decision to let states regulate competition among the regional Bell telephone companies drew sharp criticism on Thursday from lawmakers, some members of the telecom industry and consumer advocacy groups.

Feb 17, 2003 Prison Company's Courtship Provokes New York's Scrutiny

QUOTE: Company records have been turned over to state prosecutors in Albany and Manhattan, executives have been subpoenaed, and the state lobbying commission is determining whether favors for lawmakers were properly disclosed.

New York Times
Jan 23, 2003 Tech firms fight copy-protection laws

QUOTE: Technology groups are going on the offensive against Hollywood in a bitter dispute over a call for government-mandated copy protection.

Jan 18, 2003 Protecting Mickey Mouse at Art's Expense

QUOTE: The Supreme Court decided this week that the Constitution grants Congress an essentially unreviewable discretion to set the lengths of copyright protections however long it wants, and even to extend them.

New York Times
Dec 26, 2002 Drug Makers Battle Plan to Curb Rewards for Doctors

QUOTE: ...Bush administration plan to restrict gifts and other rewards that pharmaceutical manufacturers give doctors and insurers to encourage the prescribing of particular drugs....looked like illegal kickbacks.

New York Times
Dec 09, 2002 New Vaccine Clause Angers Parents of Autistic: Amendment Buried in Homeland Security Law Restricts Right to Sue Makers of Drug Preservative

QUOTE: ...Congress had quietly restricted her right to sue...The change came in two paragraphs tacked onto the massive Homeland Security Act just days before Congress approved the legislation...

Washington Post
Dec 04, 2002 Study Suggests Mercury in Vaccine Was Not Harmful

QUOTE: ...the issue (of mercury in vaccines) is important to parents of children who did receive thimerosal-containing vaccines as infants and are now autistic.

New York Times
Nov 21, 2002 Drug Industry Seeks Ways to Capitalize on Election Success

QUOTE: Having spent more than $30 million to help elect their allies to Congress, the major drug companies are devising ways to capitalize on their electoral success by securing favorable new legislation and countering the pressure that lawmakers in both parties feel to lower the cost of prescription drugs, industry officials say.

New York Times
Sep 27, 2002 Religious, Charitable Groups Get Exemption on Campaign Finance

QUOTE: ...FEC adopted rules governing the most controversial section of the new law, a ban on the use of soft finance radio and television ads that "promote, attack, support or oppose" candidates for federal office...

Washington Post
Sep 15, 2002 Corporate Scandals Tainting Donations

QUOTE: ...a moral dilemma for universities, museums, charities and politicians wondering whether they have been the inadvertent beneficiaries of ill-gotten dollars....Under law, gifts traceable to the proceeds of a crime are in most cases subject to forfeiture.

Washington Post
Aug 19, 2002 U.S. Ignored Appraisers In Land Deal With Utah: BLM Experts Called Swap A $100 Million Giveaway

QUOTE: The Bush administration recently agreed to a massive land swap with Utah even though the federal government's own experts had warned that the deal amounted to a $100 million giveaway by U.S. taxpayers...

Washington Post
Aug 12, 2002 FDIC Case Against Texas Businessman Hurwitz Moves Forward With Approval of Subpoena

QUOTE: U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson...has given the go-ahead for a subpoena of the lobbying activities of the Patton Boggs LLP law firm on behalf of Texas businessman Charles Hurwitz.

Washington Post
Aug 07, 2002 Ethics Probes Decline On Hill

QUOTE: In contrast to their campaign to crack down on crooked businessmen, lawmakers are increasingly choosing to overlook alleged transgressions by their own colleagues.

Washington Post
Aug 02, 2002 GOP Plan to Limit Lobbyists Targeted

QUOTE: The Senate ethics committee...plans to warn senators today not to use political affiliation as a basis for deciding who gets access to them or their staffs...

Washington Post
Aug 01, 2002 The Internet Power Grab

QUOTE: The great transition that is taking place on the Internet -- from free to fee -- is now gathering speed.

Fast Company
Jul 10, 2002 House Panel Targets U.S. Firms Using Foreign Tax Havens

QUOTE: The House Appropriations Committee...voted to bar the federal government from awarding contracts to U.S. companies that use foreign tax havens.

Washington Post
Jul 07, 2002 Credit Firm Gave Moran Favorable Loan

QUOTE: Four days after his MBNA home loan was final, Moran raised his profile in the bankruptcy debate, becoming lead Democratic co-sponsor of an even broader bill.

Washington Post
Jun 23, 2002 New Routes To Channel 'Soft Money' On Horizon: FEC Puts Exemption In Finance Rules

QUOTE: The Federal Election Commission yesterday approved a major exemption to the new campaign finance law that will facilitate plans by strategists for both major parties to create new ways to channel large, unregulated "soft money" contributions into federal elections.

Washington Post
Jun 18, 2002 A Wall St. Push to Water Down Securities Laws

QUOTE: Some members of the securities industry are pushing Congress to prevent states from pursuing those who violate securities laws, including Wall Street firms now under investigation...

New York Times
Jun 14, 2002 EPA Proposes To Ease Rules On Clean Air

QUOTE: ...a major relaxation of clean air enforcement rules governing older coal-fired power plants and refineries that would effectively preclude future government legal action in all but the most flagrant cases of pollution.

Climate Ark
May 27, 2002 'This is War'

QUOTE: Hollywood executives... accuse their Silicon Valley counterparts of ignoring Internet piracy because it helps them sell gadgets.

May 21, 2002 Enemies of Reform

QUOTE: Honesty in corporate accounting isn't a left-right issue; it's about protecting all investors from exploitation by insiders. By blocking reform of a broken system, the Bush administration is favoring the interests of a tiny corporate oligarchy...

New York Times
Apr 26, 2002 Bad Air Days

QUOTE: ...the administration's "clean skies" initiative is pie in the sky: no legislation has been introduced, and there doesn't seem to be any urgency. Meanwhile, the administration is moving rapidly to scuttle new source review...

New York Times
Apr 10, 2002 Critics Charge Pension Bill Favors Highly Paid Workers

QUOTE: But critics say the first of the post-Enron pension measures to reach the House floor actually opens up fresh loopholes.

New York Times
Mar 21, 2002 Campaign Reform Wins Final Approval: Senate Votes 60-40; Bush Says He Will Sign 'Flawed' Bill

QUOTE: The bill, approved 60 to 40, would end political parties' ability to collect "soft money" donations, which totaled nearly $500 million in 2000. In an effort to curb thinly veiled attack ads by outside groups, it also would limit "issue ads"...

Washington Post
Mar 01, 2002 Top G.O.P. Donors in Energy Industry Met Cheney Panel

QUOTE: Eighteen of the energy industry's top 25 financial contributors to the Republican Party advised Vice President Dick Cheney's national energy task force last year...

New York Times
Feb 27, 2002 Energy Dept. Ordered To Release Documents: 500 Pages Involve Work of Cheney Panel

QUOTE: A federal court ordered the Bush administration's Energy Department to turn over 7,500 pages of documents related to Vice President Cheney's energy task force...

Washington Post
Feb 12, 2002 Business Versus Biznes

QUOTE: ...the term "biznesmen" (pronounced "beeznessmen") refers to the class of sudden new rich who emerged after the fall of Communism — and who generally got rich by using their connections to strip away the assets of public enterprises.

New York Times
Jan 30, 2002 Agency Will Sue White House to Obtain Cheney Panel Records

QUOTE: The General Accounting Office said today it would sue the White House to attempt to force Vice President Dick Cheney to release documents detailing contacts between corporate executives and the administration's energy task force.

New York Times
Jan 29, 2002 Access Vs. Success?Enron's Policy Clout Tough to Measure

QUOTE: As Congress probes Enron Corp.'s influence in developing the Bush administration's energy proposals, lawmakers face a difficult task: separating actions taken to please a major campaign contributor from the bona fide policy views of a market-oriented administration.

Washington Post
Jan 23, 2002 Doing a Number On Reforms: Accountants Thwarted Change With Lobbying, Stall-and-Study Tactics

QUOTE: For decades, as one financial calamity after another focused anger and blame on the auditors, the nation's big accounting firms effectively resisted efforts to impose stricter federal oversight.

Washington Post
Jan 12, 2002 When a Gift Isn't Right

QUOTE: Thus it appears that a businessman looking for assistance in gaining a contract with a foreign government can give a senator thousands of dollars in cash and other gifts in hopes that he will get a friendly hearing when he comes to visit. He just has to be careful not to say he wants a specific action in return for the gifts.

New York Times
Dec 20, 2001 The GOP's New Lobbyist in Chief

QUOTE: Forget those quaint notions that political parties exist to elect candidates. Parties and their chairmen raise hundreds of millions of dollars each election cycle from various special interests that often want something from government.

Washington Post
Dec 14, 2001 American Airlines Requests Antitrust Immunity in Deal

QUOTE: American Airlines Inc. is seeking antitrust immunity for a marketing alliance with British Airways PLC, provoking a pitched battle with three competitors who see the Dallas-based airline capitalizing on strong fundraising ties to the Bush administration...

Washington Post
Nov 16, 2001 Security Bill Is Criticized by Those It Would Displace

QUOTE: ...some members of the industry do not plan to sit quietly and allow the government to take over their contracts, which have been valued at $330 million. Mr. Quinn said some companies were considering seeking compensation from the government for federalizing their work force.

New York Times
Nov 16, 2001 Small Vote for Universal Care Is Seen as Carrying a Lot of Weight

QUOTE: ...a vote this month in Portland on whether Maine should become the first state with universal health care....The state's primary health insurer spent hundreds of thousands of dollars — more than some Congressional candidates here spend — to try to defeat the referendum...

New York Times
Nov 04, 2001 Hands Out, Even in a Time of Crisis

ABSTRACT: Where corporations acted patriotically during World War II, today they are scrambling for undeserved tax breaks following the September terrorist attacks.

New York Times
Oct 31, 2001 The One-Eyed Man

ABSTRACT: The huge tax breaks given certain Texas energy companies make Krugman wonder whether George W. Bush is either a moderate nor a traditional conservative Republican, versus just a pawn of Dick Cheney and his corporate backers.

New York Times
Oct 29, 2001 Shame in the House

QUOTE: The Republicans who control the House thumbed their noses at the ordinary Americans who will absorb the brunt of the economic downturn and shamelessly gift-wrapped yet another bundle of tax cuts for the very well-to-do.

New York Times
Oct 28, 2001 Reckonings: Taking Care of Business

QUOTE: [House of Representatives Republican leaders] refused to allow an airline security bill to come to a vote unless it leaves baggage screening in private hands....huge lump sum payments from the government, totaling around $25 billion, with no incentive effect at all....pandering to special interests at a time like this.

New York Times
Oct 23, 2001 No Apologies? The RIAA Says It's Misunderstood

ABSTRACT: The recording industry denies it lobbied Congress to add anti-piracy technology measures into the anti-terrorism bill.

Oct 21, 2001 The Right Thing: The 'Me, Too' Mind-Set of Disaster Aid

QUOTE: .... Regardless of the criteria set forth [for federal disaster money], Ms. Owens said, ineligible businesses sought relief funds because they felt entitled to the same financial help received by others.

New York Times
Oct 21, 2001 Do All Airlines Deserve a Taxpayer Rescue?

QUOTE: Lawmakers insisted that taxpayers should not prop up airlines already destined to fail. But that is extremely difficult to determine in an industry where airlines can fly through multiple bankruptcies...

New York Times
Oct 15, 2001 Online Music Wars Inspire New Weaponry

QUOTE: The recording industry is experimenting with new technology it hopes can smother online song swapping by targeting music traders' computers directly.

Sep 03, 2001 House to Focus On Net Access and Competition

QUOTE: ...Internet service to consumers, what is the ideal number of competitors? And should the government make that decision?

New York Times

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