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Mar 14, 2008 The Dark Side of 'Corking Up': Minstrelsy may be dead, but white actors playing people of color is still a thorny issue.

QUOTE: Armisen's Obama does provide us an opportunity to revisit the thorny subject of whether or not it's OK for actors to darken their skin in order to play minority characters...Why are some "blackface" performances pounced on while others skate by?

Oct 01, 2006 ‘Chorus Line’ Returns, as Do Regrets Over Life Stories Signed Away

QUOTE: For the next 12 hours they spoke about their lives, telling stories of divorce, child abuse and the plight of the professional dancer. These tales, shaped by the choreographer Michael Bennett, would become the foundation of “A Chorus Line,” one of the most successful musicals of all time. The dancers who told their stories that night sold them to Mr. Bennett for $1 each. And though Mr. Bennett later arranged for them to receive royalties from the show — at times up to $10,000 a year — they have always questioned whether they have been fairly compensated and acknowledged.

New York Times
Aug 01, 2006 An Image Popular in Films Raises Some Eyebrows in Ads

QUOTE: despite the popularity of such characters among blacks, the use of the image of big black women as the target of so many jokes is troublesome to some marketers and media scholars.

New York Times
Apr 10, 2006 Wal-Mart Resists Pressure in 'Brokeback' DVD Sales

QUOTE: Randy Sharp, the director of special projects for the American Family Association, is leading the charge against "Brokeback Mountain" with an e-mail petition urging Wal-Mart customers to shun the store in protest.

New York Times
Jun 18, 2004 That Invisible Hand Guides the Game of Ticket Hunting

QUOTE: StubHub, which sells tickets to events all over the United States, does not buy tickets. Instead, it creates a regulated arena in which people who have bought tickets can sell them, and people looking for tickets can buy them...

New York Times
Oct 02, 2003 Filmmakers Criticize Move to Curb Piracy

QUOTE: Independent filmmakers strongly criticized...a decision by the Motion Picture Association of America to stop sending out copies of new movies in advance of the awards season in an effort to halt piracy.

New York Times
Jul 15, 2003 Grease shows why actors' union matters

QUOTE: So if the producers of Grease are demanding the same price that they would for a union cast, you might assume they're paying said cast at the union're paying the same...

Oct 26, 2001 For the Asking, {$480} a Seat for 'The Producers'

QUOTE: Saying they want to cut into the lucrative market dominated by ticket scalpers, the producers of "The Producers" are preparing to set aside at least 50 seats every performance and charge the unprecedented amount of $480 a ticket.

New York Times
Sep 07, 2001 Thumbs Down? Re-edit the Flick Yourself

QUOTE: Lucasfilm has been supportive of such fan-created derivative works as the "Star Wars"-meets-"Cops" parody "Troops," but it views remakes of its own releases differently. "We always appreciate fans' enthusiasm and love of 'Star Wars,' but we can't allow them to duplicate and distribute our films for profit,"...

Washington Post
Aug 22, 2001 Actors' Equity Urges Boycott of Nonunion Road Show

QUOTE: Officials at Actors' Equity, upset by a plan to use nonunion actors in the first national tour of the Broadway production of "The Music Man," are urging audiences nationwide to boycott the tour.

New York Times