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Mar 30, 2011 Fat Stigma Spreads Around the Globe

QUOTE: Negative perceptions about people who are overweight may soon become the cultural norm in some countries, including places where plumper, larger bodies traditionally have been viewed as attractive. “We know in developed countries that obese people are less successful, less likely to get married, less likely to get promoted…” “The fundamental message we’re putting into the world is that fat people deserve shame for their own health…”

New York Times
Feb 15, 2011 Where there's smoke, there's ire: Condo conflict lights up in Hessian Hills

QUOTE: Residents feeling tarred and nicotined by smoking neighbors are not anti-tobacco video from California shows how smoke can seep through apartment complexes.

Oct 16, 2009 Wellness Incentives Could Create Health-Care Loophole: Workers Who Fail Medical Tests Could Pay More

QUOTE: By more than doubling the maximum penalties that companies can apply to employees who flunk medical evaluations, the [new healthcare] legislation could put workers under intense financial pressure to lose weight, stop smoking or even lower their cholesterol,

Washington Post
Aug 10, 2009 Scientist Tackles Ethical Questions of Space Travel: A Conversation With Paul Root Wolpe

QUOTE: NASA does hundreds of research studies. Every astronaut who goes into space is, essentially, a human research subject... One of the things I [bioethicist Paul Root Wolpe] do is look over the research protocols and make sure they are in compliance with earth-bound regulations about informed consent and health and safety.

New York Times
Jul 30, 2009 Hepatitis Group Is Harassed in China

QUOTE: The raid on Mr. Lu’s [Jun] organization, the Yi Ren Ping Center, comes at a precarious time for China’s nongovernmental organizations, many of which operate in a kind of legal gray zone.

New York Times
Jul 30, 2009 Does your child need ADHD drugs? (Empowered Patient)

QUOTE: Does my child really need drugs for ADHD, and if so, is there a point when he or she should stop taking them?...Because drug companies tend to give samples for only the most expensive drugs, once the samples run out, you'll end up paying more than if your child had been prescribed a generic drug.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jul 26, 2009 Tests for California's 'pot economy': Medical marijuana booms in cities such as L.A., with some eyeing its revenue potential. But there's pushback, too.

QUOTE: as [medical marijuana] dispensaries have sprouted across this and other California cities, they face pushback from local residents unhappy with their new neighbors and officials concerned about inadequate oversight of a novel business.

Christian Science Monitor
Jul 24, 2009 Buying a Hearing Aid? You’ve Got a Lot to Learn (Patient Money)

QUOTE: “Unfortunately, hearing aids are seen as one of those medical costs, like vision and dental, that doesn’t deserve full coverage,” said Gyl A. Kasewurm, an audiologist in St. Joseph, Mich.

New York Times
Jul 13, 2009 Portable hyperbaric chambers: An expensive folly? (The Healthy Skeptic)

QUOTE: They can alleviate altitude sickness, but there's no evidence they [hyperbaric chambers]live up to claims of slowing or reversing aging and treating severe autism and cerebral palsy.

Los Angeles Times
Jul 13, 2009 Illnesses Afflict Homes With a Criminal Past

QUOTE: With meth lab seizures on the rise nationally for the first time since 2003, similar cases are playing out in several states, drawing attention to the problem of meth contamination, which can permeate drywall, carpets, insulation and air ducts, causing respiratory ailments and other health problems.

New York Times
Jun 26, 2009 Farrah's Fictions: What stories like Fawcett's can teach us about cancer.

QUOTE: Diagnoses of cancer routinely generate periods of what we might call "ritualized optimism." This phenomenon is especially true when the patients in question are celebrities. ...such optimistic statements may be profoundly misleading to the public and, of more concern, to patients with the same or similar diseases.

May 18, 2009 What You Don't Know Might Kill You: SUPPLEMENTS Would-be experts and untested products feed a $20 billion obsession with better performance across all levels of sports

QUOTE: Despite the move into the mainstream the [sports-supplement] industry remains fertile ground for kitchen chemists with little or no formal education in science or nutrition—and in some notorious cases former steroid users and dealers...

Sports Illustrated (SI)
May 07, 2009 10 Things Your Nutritionist Won't Tell You

QUOTE: "Take your vitamins with a spoonful of skepticism....I can't cure your stress eating...but the obesity epidemic is sure fattening my wallet"

Smart Money
May 06, 2009 Government Reports Criticize Health Care System

QUOTE: Two annual government reports released Wednesday show that progress in improving the quality of health care and narrowing health disparities among ethnic groups remains agonizingly slow, and that patient safety may actually be declining.

New York Times
Mar 19, 2009 Is access to clean water a basic human right?

QUOTE: A growing movement thinks so [that having access to clean water is a human right], saying it will guarantee that the poor have water. But at a water conference in Turkey, officials voice concern about implementing such a right.

Christian Science Monitor
Mar 06, 2009 Sniffle While You Work: Why doctors go to work sick

QUOTE: there's another reason [why people become infected in a hospital], which no one who works in a hospital likes to talk about: Doctors tend to show up to work sick.

Nov 15, 2007 How the World Thinks About AIDS

QUOTE: The [MAC AIDS Fund] survey also suggests an enduring stigma surrounding HIV. Nearly half of the people surveyed reported being uncomfortable working with those who are HIV positive, while slightly more than half of the respondents did not want to live in the same home as someone infected with HIV.

Time Magazine
Nov 09, 2007 Former star blames health issues on steroids, lifestyle of wrestler

QUOTE: Billington blames his wrestling life for doing this to him -- wrestling and the fact that he ignored doctors who told him to stop the punishment to his body.

CNN (Cable News Network)
Jul 25, 2007 English, Math Time Up in 'No Child' Era: 44% of Schools Polled Reduce Other Topics

QUOTE: The survey provides grist for critics who say the federal testing mandate has led educators to a radical restructuring of the public school curriculum in a quest to teach to new state tests. But backers of the law... say that without mastery of reading and math, students will be hampered in other areas.

Washington Post
Jul 15, 2007 How racism hurts -- literally

QUOTE: More than 100 studies -- most published since 2000 -- now document the effects of racial discrimination on physical health .... Most striking, researchers note, is how consistent the findings have been across a wide range of studies. The task now, they say, is to discover why.

Boston Globe
Jan 30, 2007 Reviewing the School Cupcake Ban

QUOTE: "The controversy over contraband foods is the result of a federal law requiring every school system in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast programs to write a "wellness policy" by July of last year. D.C.'s Board of Education still has not adopted final rules codifying its wellness policy, although officials insist that many of the programs are already taking place in the schools."

Washington Post
Jan 15, 2007 Essay: Diet Supplements and Safety: Some Disquieting Data

QUOTE: "But hiding in plain sight, then as now, a national database was steadily accumulating strong evidence that some supplements carry risks of injury and death, and that children may be particularly vulnerable."

New York Times
Aug 01, 2006 A 10-Year Checkup: A Decade Into the E-Health Era, Online Medical Resources Pass a Real-Life Test

QUOTE: This is about the quality of health information on the Internet, all that stuff buzzing around between Web servers and computer screens intended to help people manage their health.

Washington Post
Jul 04, 2006 Invitation to Harm: Some Minors Find a Hospitable Home for Traffic in Illegal Pills and Promotion of Self-Destructive Behaviors

QUOTE: ...thousands of groups on MySpace...glorify harmful conditions and behaviors such as anorexia, bulimia and self-mutilation, and advocate the use...of steroids...prescription pills or street drugs to get high. " space where impressionable young minds can get the wrong advice or wrong messages"...groups with content that parents might find objectionable...are not restricted.

Washington Post
Jun 12, 2006 States' Changes Reshape Medicaid: New Restrictions Aim to Save Money

QUOTE: The emerging shape of Medicaid represents a victory for governors...who argued for years that states deserved more control over the program so it would place less strain on their budgets. Some patients advocates, however, warn that the vulnerable patients Medicaid was designed to help will be less certain to get the health care they need.

Washington Post
Feb 27, 2006 The Sleep Racket: Who's Making Big Bucks Off Your Insomnia?

QUOTE: Sleep is also the new snake oil--the promise of a good snooze from a book or a bed or a bottle. It’s easy pickings. Who isn’t somewhat slumber-deprived?

Jun 26, 2005 The hidden big business behind your doctor's diagnosis

QUOTE: You are suddenly sick, simply because the definitions of disease have changed. And behind those changes, a Seattle Times examination has found, are the companies that make all those newly prescribed pills.

Seattle Times
Feb 22, 2004 Incubating Germs -- and Anxiety

QUOTE: The office is the perfect place to catch and pass on whatever sickness happens to come our way. Which is what turns so many sick folks into the pariahs of the office, if they decide they have to come in no matter what.

Washington Post
Apr 20, 2003 A Special Kind of Poverty: The poor get used to going without. But going without a baby is hard to get used to

QUOTE: Patients at a high-end fertility center are offered long, sit-down consultations and painstakingly designed, obsessively monitored medical regimens that often cost around $1,000 a month; patients on Medicaid, the federal insurance program for the very poor, are offered a spectacular variety of contraceptive devices, but no fertility treatment.

Washington Post
May 25, 2001 Wal-mart Sued By Safety Agency

QUOTE: Federal regulators yesterday sued the nation's largest retailer, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., for failing to report serious safety hazards associated with home exercise equipment sold in its stores.

Washington Post
May 01, 2001 10 Things Your Spa Won't Tell You

QUOTE: With so many new spas opening, finding enough trained masseurs, facialists and personal trainers has become a challenge...And they get away with it, because the rules are lax at best.

Smart Money
Jan 01, 1111 The Family and Medical Leave Act

QUOTE: [The Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA] passed by Congress in 1993, requires certain employers to give their workers up to 12 weeks off per year to care for a seriously ill family member, recuperate from their own serious illness or take care of a newborn or newly adopted child.

Nolo Press (
Jan 01, 1111 In sickness and in health

QUOTE: Where do you stand if you're unable to perform adequately at work because of illness or injury? We give you the lowdown on both your and your employer's rights in this area.