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Dec 27, 2010 Cheaters Find an Adversary in Technology

QUOTE: As tests are increasingly important in education — used to determine graduation, graduate school admission and, the latest, merit pay and tenure for teachers — business has been good for Caveon, a company that uses “data forensics” to catch cheats, billing itself as the only independent test security outfit in the country.

New York Times
Oct 23, 2009 Are Teacher Colleges Turning out Mediocrity?

QUOTE: while "Who's teaching my kid?" is an important question for parents to ask, there may be an equally essential (and rarely remarked upon) question — "Who's teaching my kid's teachers?"

Time Magazine
Jul 10, 2009 Efforts at Regulation Have Yoga Teachers Bent Out of Shape

QUOTE: Citing laws that govern vocational schools, like those for hairdressers, chiropractors and truck drivers, regulators have begun to require licenses for yoga schools that train instructors, with all the fees, inspections and paperwork that entails.

New York Times
Jun 22, 2009 Education Chief to Warn Advocates That Inferior Charter Schools Harm the Effort

QUOTE: The Obama administration has made opening more charter schools a big part of its plans for improving the nation’s education system, but Education Secretary Arne Duncan will warn advocates of the schools on Monday that low-quality institutions are giving their movement a black eye.

New York Times
Apr 17, 2007 Adult Education: Are You Getting What You Pay For?

QUOTE: Many schools are pushing certificate programs, groups of related courses packaged together — but quality can vary widely. We spoke with academic experts to find out how you can tell the A-list programs from the duds.

Smart Money
May 11, 2006 Scores on New SAT Expected to Decline

QUOTE: College Board officials say they are expecting as much as a five-point average decline...on the new SAT, leading many high school counselors to conclude that the longer test is wearing out test takers and hurting their performance.

Washington Post
Dec 04, 2005 Are Lawyers Being Overbilled for Their Test Preparation?

QUOTE: But now BAR/BRI could use a few lawyers itself....lawsuit charging that the company that helped them to become lawyers has operated an illegal monopoly and has overcharged hundreds of thousands of students by an average of $1,000 each - or, collectively, by hundreds of millions of dollars.

New York Times
Oct 09, 2005 Government Can't Explain Increase in 2002 TSA Contract: Homeland Security Office Says It Lacks Documentation on $343 Million Change

QUOTE: The modification to the contract involved switching the interview sites for tens of thousands of airline passenger screener jobs ... The change added hundreds of millions of dollars to a contract that increased from $104 million to $741 million in nine months.

Washington Post
Mar 07, 2005 New SAT, Big Business: Expensive Coaching Debated as Students Prepare for Revised Exam

QUOTE: The scientific jury is still out on whether the test-preparation companies deliver on their claims to significantly improve SAT scores.

Washington Post
Jan 16, 2005 Scorers of New SAT Get Ready for Essays

QUOTE: The team uses a technique known as "holistic scoring," a euphemism for reading an essay very quickly (a minute or so per paper) and making a snap judgment.

Washington Post
Jun 23, 2003 New Law May Leave Many Rural Teachers Behind

QUOTE: "And that's our concern - this law is one size fits all. Why is Washington telling Montana how to certify teachers?"

New York Times

QUOTE: Despite its stellar reputation, a few mediocre and even lousy instructors end up at Stuyvesant because hiring is based on the union contract that values seniority more than competence.

New York Post
Aug 08, 2002 Officials Link Foreign Web Sites to Cheating on Graduate Admission Exams

QUOTE: An undetermined number of students in China, Taiwan and South Korea were able to raise their scores substantially last year on the verbal part of the most widely used entrance exam to American graduate schools by logging on to Web sites in those countries that post questions and answers memorized by previous test takers...

New York Times
Aug 08, 2002 NCAA Could Alter Eligibility Standards: Test Score Emphasis Might Be Played Down

QUOTE: ...the NCAA is likely to begin emphasizing high school grade-point averages instead of the exams.

Washington Post
May 01, 2002 Bye-Bye S.A.T.

QUOTE: The academic establishment...has declared war on the Scholastic Assessment Test.
Aug 28, 2001 IT paper chase: As layoffs loom, ITers look to upgrade and certify their skills

QUOTE: it's getting harder for IT professionals and hiring managers to tell which certificates have real value and which are merely paper...

May 20, 2001 Right Answer, Wrong Score: Test Flaws Take Toll

QUOTE: The testing industry is coming off its three most problem-plagued years....the industry cannot guarantee the kind of error-free, high-speed testing that parents, educators and politicians seem to take for granted.

New York Times