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Jun 14, 2005 Playing God With Birth Defects in the Nursery

QUOTE: What is best for babies born with a severe neurological condition? Two doctors thought they knew. At a series of medical meetings in the 1970's, Dr. John Lorber argued that they should be left to die. Dr. John M. Freeman said they should be saved.

New York Times
Jun 14, 2005 The View from the ICU: The alternative to doing everything for a dying patient

QUOTE: "It goes without saying that the billions of dollars spent on aggressive but futile end-of-life care would be more wisely directed toward education, food programs, medical outreach, and housing—all of which we know lead to longer, healthier, happier lives."

Jun 14, 2005 Cultural issues spawn distrust of doctoring

QUOTE: His doctor believed that chemotherapy was the best chance that Afghan immigrant Mohammed Kochi had...But Kochi incorrectly understood that the pump was the only way he could get chemotherapy, and he refused...Language barriers and religious beliefs are the two most common problems in doctor-patient communication...

San Francisco Chronicle
Jun 13, 2005 Eli Lilly to Pay About $700M in Zyprexa Settlement

QUOTE: "Drug maker Eli Lilly and Co. on Thursday agreed to pay about $700 million to settle a series of lawsuits that the company says are without merit. The 7,000 or so suits claimed that the anti-psychotic drug Zyprexa caused a range of serious health problems, most notably diabetes."
Jun 13, 2005 U.S. to Review Heart Drug Intended for One Race

QUOTE: "The drug's maker, NitroMed Inc., says its decision to test and market BiDil as a drug for African-Americans is based on solid science. But BiDil's application has engendered controversy, with many scientists convinced that race is too broad and ill-defined a category to be relevant in determining a drug's approval, especially since geneticists have failed to identify a biological divide separating one race from another."

New York Times
Jun 12, 2005 Incendiary Device

QUOTE: "...Filligent's filter appeared to substantially reduce the mutagenic activity caused by cigarette smoke. Compared with a typical cigarette, those reductions (as measured per milligram of nicotine, an essential way to evaluate how many chemicals a smoker is ingesting) generally ranged between 40 and 75 percent."

New York Times
Jun 10, 2005 Lucrative Drug, Danger Signals and the F.D.A.

QUOTE: "Documents from lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson show that the company did not conduct safety studies urged by federal regulators and their own consultants that could have revealed Propulsid's danger early on. The F.D.A., moreover, did not disclose company research that cast doubt on Propulsid's effectiveness against digestive disorders it was being used to treat, since the studies are considered trade secrets."

New York Times
Jun 10, 2005 Lawnmower Smog Rule Delayed: Compromise Calls for EPA To Conduct 6-Month Study

QUOTE: "A Senate spending panel approved language yesterday delaying a long-awaited federal rule aimed at curbing air pollution from lawnmowers and other small-engine machines."

Washington Post
Jun 10, 2005 Whitman-Walker in Line for $500,000: Head of CareFirst Proposes Gift to Cash-Strapped AIDS Clinic

QUOTE: "CareFirst has been criticized for failing to contribute what its detractors say is its fair share of support to address public health problems."

Washington Post
Jun 10, 2005 U.S. Won't Ask Firms to Help Current Smokers Quit

QUOTE: "The government announced yesterday that it will further scale back its demands for penalties on the tobacco industry in a landmark civil racketeering case, saying it is no longer seeking to help 45 million American smokers quit their habit."

Washington Post
Jun 08, 2005 Montevideo: Unprepared

QUOTE: But who will provide adequate long-term care to this population as it grows older, frailer and more dependent remains an open question.

Jun 07, 2005 Can a patient be a lover?

QUOTE: An appeal of the zero tolerance rule on doctor-patient relatioships fails A case in point is whether a current patient is ever "allowed" to be the doctor's sexual partner. The answer has been "no,"... This rule was bound to be legally challenged. It has now been unsuccessfully challenged by Dr. Anil Mussani.

Jun 06, 2005 Fetal Cells Nix Rules, Fix Hearts

QUOTE: "The treatments, which took place in Ecuador, have raised sharp ethical questions over the mere use of fetal stem cells, which some oppose on principle. But the case has also raised new concerns over rushing forward with unproven stem cell treatments."

Jun 05, 2005 'No Child Left Behind,' But Physical Activity May Suffer

QUOTE: Ever since the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 took effect, some health officials have worried about an unintended side effect...Their fear: Less and less time will be allotted for physical activity and even recess, in turn fueling the obesity epidemic in American children and teens.

Jun 03, 2005 Leave No Embryo Behind: The coming war over in vitro fertilization

QUOTE: ...they have no death wish to confront the millions of Americans whose families have tried IVF. Promoting embryo adoption — finding somebody to rescue surplus embryos so IVF couples can go on making them and leaving them behind — is an attempt to avoid that confrontation.

Jun 01, 2005 Pay for Performance Not Ready for Prime Time

QUOTE: Doctors and institutions that provide better care should earn more money... No one knows the best way to implement such a program, and if different health care payers implement different programs, the effects will be diluted.

May 31, 2005 Spin Doctored: How drug companies keep tabs on physicians

QUOTE: ...the weekly prescriber reports can show the names of the doctors in a rep's territory and what each doctor prescribed and how much of it. Reports provide reps with up-to-date feedback on just how effective they've been in persuading their doctors to prescribe the two or three drugs each rep pitches.

May 18, 2005 U.S. Backs Off Stipulation on AIDS Funds: Plan Had Called for Overseas Groups to Publicly Denounce Sex Trafficking

QUOTE: The Bush administration pulled back yesterday from a plan that would have required thousands of grass-roots AIDS organizations working overseas and partly funded by U.S. money to publicly declare their opposition to prostitution and sex trafficking.

Washington Post
May 18, 2005 Taking stock of your smoking habit

QUOTE: article in USA Today described a disturbing trend among some U.S. companies to clamp down on the smoking behavior among their employees.

Mar 08, 2005 Report Says Medicaid Overpays for Drugs

QUOTE: Federal health officials are not enforcing a law that requires drug companies to cut their prices on drugs bought for poor people under Medicaid...

New York Times
Nov 17, 2004 Mental Health Care Emergency Looms, N.Va. Officials Warn

QUOTE: Four psychiatric wards in Northern Virginia have closed recently or will be shut down soon...the fallout could mean longer waits in emergency rooms, more mentally ill patients in jails and fewer options for very troubled...

Washington Post
Nov 13, 2004 Scientist Who Cited Drug's Risks Is Barred From F.D.A. Panel

QUOTE: The Food and Drug Administration has told a researcher that he cannot be part of an advisory panel that will meet early next year to review the safety of a class of drugs...The he publicly stated that he thought one of these drugs caused heart problems...

New York Times
Nov 05, 2004 FDA Unveils New Rules For Supplement Labels

QUOTE: Responding to criticism that the government has reacted too slowly to the dangers posed by popular supplements...supplement makers will have to show "competent and reliable scientific evidence" to back up their claims...

Washington Post
Oct 12, 2004 10 Things Your Orthodontist Won't Tell You

QUOTE: Indeed, there is no law that prevents any old dentist from practicing orthodontics, and more and more dentists have been taking on orthodontics as a way to increase their business and client base.

Smart Money
Oct 10, 2004 These Two Make Quite a Team

QUOTE: So the pharmaceutical industry, ever inventive, is recruiting and funding a potent new marketing force: our nation's doctors...While sometimes off-label uses of drugs are appropriate...other times doctors behave in ways that blur the lines between medicine and marketing.

Washington Post
Sep 28, 2004 Higher Costs, Less Care: Data Show Crisis In Health Insurance

QUOTE: In the past four years, Americans have spent an ever-growing portion of their paychecks on health care and for the most part gotten less for their money, forcing millions into the ranks of the uninsured or personal bankruptcy...

Washington Post
Sep 12, 2004 A Pitch That Wasn't Pretty: How a Dermatologist Got Under My Skin

QUOTE: These days, you may think you're in the middle of a medical encounter, getting medical advice from a physician, but suddenly what you're in the middle of is an infomercial...When did it happen that medical people started hawking beauty products?

Washington Post
Sep 10, 2004 FDA Urged Withholding Data on Antidepressants: Makers Were Dissuaded From Labeling Drugs as Ineffective in Children

QUOTE: he Food and Drug Administration has repeatedly urged antidepressant manufacturers not to disclose to physicians and the public that some clinical trials of the medications in children found the drugs were no better than sugar pills...

Washington Post
Aug 01, 2004 Why Should We Swallow What These Studies Say?

QUOTE: Physicians and scientists with financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry should not just have to disclose conflicts -- they shouldn't be permitted to issue guidelines at all. But they are permitted, and they do so routinely.

Washington Post
Jul 21, 2004 As Gene Test Menu Grows, Who Gets to Choose?

QUOTE: Too many health care providers...have not educated themselves about the genetic tests that could benefit their patients. Some critics also blame the professional societies that set policy for specialists, which they say are reluctant to endorse scientifically valid tests for fear of exposing their members to lawsuits.

New York Times
Feb 05, 2004 Gouging the Poor

QUOTE: Hospitals are increasingly resorting to brass knuckle tactics to collect overdue bills from indigent patients.

Aug 18, 2003 Who'll Pay For The Doc You Want?

QUOTE: Health insurance companies frequently refuse to pay for you to see the doctor you want to see.

Aug 18, 2003 Don't Get Killed By Bills

QUOTE: Healthcare financial systems are set with medical providers and insurance companies in mind, not patients...

Jul 16, 2003 Waiting Period For Medicare Leaves More Than 1.2 Million Seriously Disabled Americans Without Secure Health Insurance

QUOTE: Currently, 1.26 million seriously disabled Americans are in the waiting period for Medicare coverage, and as many as one-third of them (400,000) have no health insurance...

Mar 14, 2003 States Sue Drug Companies, Claiming Price Gouging

QUOTE: Seven drug manufacturers have bilked patients and state drug programs of tens of millions of dollars in a complicated price-gouging scheme, the state attorney general and consumer protection commissioner charged Thursday.

Mar 04, 2003 Seeking to Shed Fat, She Lost Her Liver

QUOTE: The supplement industry, with sales of more than $17 billion a year, is so loosely regulated that products can be marketed without the proof of safety and efficacy required for drugs by the food and drug agency, which cannot take a supplement off the market unless there is proof that consumers have been harmed.

Mar 04, 2003 Healthcare tabs hit the wealthier

QUOTE: Health insurance has leapt to the top of the public's concerns. In a tracking poll released last week by the Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly 4 in 10 Americans say they are worried that their healthcare costs will continue to rise and that they may not be able to afford them in the future.

Feb 20, 2003 Despite the Danger Warnings, Ephedra Sells

QUOTE: The researchers...say that 64 percent of all reports of adverse reactions to herbal supplements in the United States involve ephedra.

Jan 22, 2003 In Abortion Rights Fight, A Pause for Celebration: Backers Mark 1973 Victory With a Warning on Future

QUOTE: ...for 30 years, abortion rights advocates have been on the defensive..."We won the right of women to choose, and we've been defending that right ever since against those who want to take it away."

Jun 18, 2002 Ten Things Your Hospital Won't Tell You

QUOTE: ...The surgeon operated on the wrong side of her brain....'Most patients don't expect the hospital to pay him to make decisions that may not be in their best interest.'

Smart Money
May 28, 2002 Healers Go for the Well-Heeled: 'Concierge' Care Sparks a Debate On HMOs, Medicine and Morals

QUOTE: ...shone a light on the widening gap between rich and poor and triggered an emotional debate over the medical, financial and moral implications of luxury care for the nation's elite.

Washington Post
Mar 28, 2002 No excuse for blood donor bias

QUOTE: The policy of forever excluding people who have ever had male to male sex should have been changed years ago. Now there’s no excuse. (Because of new technology that can test the blood.)

Jan 20, 2002 Lack of Oversight in Tissue Donation Raising Concerns

QUOTE: Though an industry group sets voluntary guidelines, most tissue banks are not members and many set their own guidelines...tissue may be obtained by poorly trained technicians who may not keep it germ-free.

New York Times
Jan 18, 2002 Drug Firms Still Lavish Pricey Gifts On Doctors: Ethics Debated As Freebies Flow

QUOTE: Drugmakers have been wining and dining physicians for years, and the practice has been controversial enough to prompt periodic reviews by Congress and the American Medical Association.

Washington Post
Dec 30, 2001 Informed Consent: Alan Milstein says he wants to rescue us from unscrupulous doctors, undisclosed risks and greedy institutions. But is he a shining knight,or an enemy of medical progress?

QUOTE: ...the reason that many of those around the table had enrolled in the clinical trial. They didn't have health insurance, they were terminally ill, and here was a prestigious university offering them treatment for free. But what most interested him were the things his clients had not been told. They weren't told the test vaccine had been manufactured by untrained staff in a small, cramped room at the university without proper sterility testing or quality controls. They weren't informed that the study was unlikely to cure its subjects.

Jun 01, 1999 Ten Things Your Hospital Won't Tell You

QUOTE: ...the average length of stay in a hospital has dropped 16 percent since 1993, to 5.3 days. And some procedures, like mastectomies, that used to require a stay of six or more days are now sometimes done on an outpatient basis. "There's no question that patient care has gotten slimmer,...

Apr 01, 1999 Ten Things Your Alternative Healer Won't Tell You

QUOTE: When used as an adjunct to conventional medicine, alternative health care has its benefits, but too many patients view healers as highly trained medical professionals.

Smart Money
Nov 01, 1998 Ten Things Drug Companies Won't Tell You

QUOTE: While some doctors still do their research the old-fashioned way, many get the bulk of their information from drug reps, essentially door-to-door peddlers who push doctors to prescribe specific medicines.

Smart Money
Sep 01, 1998 Ten Things Your Therapist Won't Tell You

QUOTE: In many states, including New York, anyone can simply hang out a shingle and call himself a psychotherapist. You may think you're too smart to be fooled by some quack, but it happens every day. How can you be sure someone is qualified?

Jan 01, 1111 Lifting the Curtain On a Shameful Era

QUOTE: For more than 40 years North Carolina ran one of the nation's largest and most aggressive sterilization programs...Contrary to common belief, many of the thousands marked for sterilization were ordinary citizens, many of them young women guilty of nothing worse than engaging in premarital sex.

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